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This Is Trojan Ska

CD, 23.02.2018

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Disc 1
1I'm in the mood for ska02:31
2Bonanza ska03:03
3Carry go bring come02:51
4Mount zion02:43
5What a good woodman03:15
6Song for my father03:04
7A rockin' good way02:49
8Reach out I'll be there03:08
9Samm no dead01:48
10(Swing low) sweet chariot02:59
11Bongo man03:11
12Seed you sow02:32
13Vat 702:56
14I don't want to cry02:35
15Ten penny nail02:37
16Do you keep on dreaming02:36
17The teaser02:46
18Monkey Ska02:15
19A day will come02:47
20Hi life (High life)02:27
23Garden of love03:01
24Forward march02:50
25Dance crasher02:38
Disc 2
1Get up Adinah (Aka get up Edina)02:39
2Taller than you are02:25
3Storm warning02:28
4Housewives' choice02:42
5Rough & tough03:00
6Man to man02:27
7Eastern standard time03:14
8Suffer me not02:43
9I don't need your love02:50
10I want to know03:02
11Fly right02:57
12I found a love02:56
13Hoochy-koochy kai-po02:42
14Living soul03:52
15Fine, fine, fine02:30
16I want to take a chance02:47
17Women of the world02:32
18You promised love03:22
19Country girl02:36
20Honky tonk ska02:54
22Spiritual Mambo02:50
23Guns fever02:53
24Let's jump02:12
25007 (Shanty town)02:32