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The Rca & Arista Album Collection

CD, 14.10.2016

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Disc 1
1I Can't Stand It02:37
2Going Down02:55
3Walk and talk it03:41
4Lisa says05:32
6I Love You02:20
7Wild child (Remastered)04:43
8Love Makes You Feel03:13
9Ride Into The Sun03:13
Disc 2
2Andy's Chest03:17
3Perfect day03:45
4Hangin' 'round03:32
5Walk on the wild side04:13
6Make Up02:56
7Satellite of love03:39
8Wagon Wheel03:19
9New York Telephone Conversation01:32
10I'm So Free03:08
11Goodnight Ladies04:20
Disc 3
1Berlin (1973 Version)03:23
2Lady Day03:38
3Men of good fortune04:36
4Caroline Says [Part I]03:57
5How Do You Think It Feels03:42
6Oh Jim05:09
7Caroline Says [Part II]04:13
8The kids07:49
9The bed05:51
10Sad Song06:56
Disc 4
1Intro / Sweet Jane (Live) (1973 Version)07:57
1Intro (Live)
1Sweet Jane - Live -Medley Segment
2Heroin (Live)12:58
3White Light / White Heat (Live)05:15
4Lady Day (Live)03:54
5Rock 'n' Roll (Live)10:17
Disc 5
1Ride Sally Ride04:00
2Animal Language03:00
3Baby Face05:01
4N.Y. Stars03:59
5Kill Your Sons03:35
7Sally can't dance04:07
Disc 6
1Metal Machine Music [Part 1]16:03
2Metal Machine Music [Part 2]15:50
3Metal Machine Music [Part 3]16:07
4Metal Machine Music [Part 4]15:56
Disc 7
1Crazy feeling02:50
2Charley's girl02:35
3She's my best friend05:59
5A Gift03:45
6Ooohhh baby03:45
7Nobody's business03:45
8Coney island baby06:35
Disc 8
1I Believe In Love02:42
2Banging On My Drum02:03
3Follow The Leader02:08
4You Wear It So Well04:50
5Ladies Pay04:17
6Rock and roll heart03:02
7Chooser And The Chosen One02:44
8Senselessly Cruel02:04
9Claim To Fame02:48
10Vicious circle02:52
11A Sheltered Life02:17
12Temporary Thing05:14
Disc 9
1Gimme Some Good Times03:15
3Street hassle10:57
3Waltzing Matilda - Medley Segment10:57
3Street Hassle - Medley Segment10:57
3Slipaway - Medley Segment10:57
4I wanna be black02:56
5Real good time together03:19
6Shooting star03:10
7Leave Me Alone04:44
Disc 10
1Sweet Jane (Live)10:44
2I wanna be black (Live)06:27
3Satellite of love (Live)07:06
4Pale blue eyes (Live)07:36
5Berlin (Live)06:13
6I'm waiting for the man (Live)13:59
Disc 11
1Coney island baby (Live)08:37
2Street hassle (Live)13:15
3Walk on the wild side (Live)16:54
4Leave Me Alone (Live)07:29
Disc 12
1Stupid Man02:30
2Disco Mystic04:28
3I want to boogie with you03:53
4With You02:22
5Looking For Love03:27
6City Lights03:18
7All Through The Night04:56