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YAC Protocols

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It is now 10 years since the first edition of YAC Protocols was published in 1996. YAC Protocols was first produced to address the... Weiterlesen
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It is now 10 years since the first edition of YAC Protocols was published in 1996. YAC Protocols was first produced to address the huge demand within the research community for a lab-based text that described in detail the wide range of uses for large insert yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) DNA clones. In doing this, the original editor, David Markie, and the many different contri- tors who provided descriptions of the protocols they used and developed, did a magnificent job. Indeed many of the techniques described within the first e- tion require little change and have stood up admirably to the test of time. Since the first edition, the use of YACs has proved invaluable for addressing a wide range of new biological problems ranging from those of basic biochemistry to assisting in the mapping and sequencing of the human genome. The requirement for a second edition of YAC Protocols was prompted by a number of major advances in biology since the publication of the first edition. These advances have included the sequencing of the human genome, and the genomes of a wide variety of other organisms, and the increased use of transgenic animals for understanding the molecular basis of human and animal disease.

Markers, Selection, and Media in Yeast Artificial Chromosome Cloning David Markie Construction of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Libraries From Pathogens and Nonmodel Organisms Cecilia P. Sanchez and Michael Lanzer Analysis and Screening of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Libraries by Filter Hybridization Cecilia P. Sanchez and Michael Lanzer Analysis of Yeast Artificial Chromosome DNA by Restriction Digestion, Southern Blotting Nucleic Acid Hybridization, and Polymerase Chain Reaction Sylvia Vasiliou and John Peter Quinn Postgenomic Bioinformatic Analysis of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Sequence Kerry Miller, Scott Davidson, and Alasdair MacKenzie Transformation of Yeast Using Bioactive Beads With Surface-Immobilized Yeast Artificial Chromosomes Shigeki Kawakami, Satoshi Harashima, Akio Kobayashi, and Kiichi Fukui Modification and Amplification of Yeast Artificial Chromosomes Sanbing Shen, Anthony Harmar, and Nick Hastie Modifying Yeast Artificial Chromosomes to Generate Cre/LoxP and FLP/FRT Site-Specific Deletions and Inversions Gabriela G. Loots Selective Isolation of Large Chromosomal Regions by Transformation-Associated Recombination Cloning for Structural and Functional Analysis of Mammalian Genomes Natalay Kouprina, Vladimir N. Noskov, and Vladimir Larionov A Polymerase Chain Reaction-Mediated Yeast Artificial Chromosome-Splitting Technology for Generating Targeted Yeast Artificial Chromosomes Subclones Yeon-Hee Kim, Minetaka Sugiyama, Yoshinobu Kaneko, Kiichi Fukui, Akio Kobayashi, and Satoshi Harashima Genomic Reconstruction by Serial Mitotic Recombination of Yeast Artificial Chromosomes David Markie, Emma Jones, and Jiannis Ragoussis Targeting Vector Construction by Yeast Artificial Chromosome Modification Peter J. Murray Production of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Transgenic Mice by Pronuclear Injection of One-Cell Embryos Alasdair MacKenzie Generation of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Transgenic Mice by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Pedro N. Moreira, Julio Pozueta, Patricia Giraldo, Alfonso Gutiérrez-Adán, and Lluís Montoliu Establishment of Cell Lines That Exhibit Correct Ontogenic Stage-Specific Gene Expression Profiles From Tissues of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Transgenic Mice Using Chemically Induced Growth Signals C. Anthony Blau and Kenneth R. Peterson Application of Yeast Artificial Chromosomes in Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Thomas Liehr Contribution of Yeast Artificial Chromosome-Based Physical Maps to the Final Assembly of the Trypanosoma cruzi Genome Márcia R. M. Santos, Roberto R. M. Barros, Patrício E. Porcile, Mariano J. Levin, and José Franco da Silveira Index


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