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Visual Information and Information Systems

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Visual Information Systems, VISUAL'99, hel... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Visual Information Systems, VISUAL'99, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in June 1999.
The 100 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The book is divided into topical sections on visual information systems, interactive visual query, Internet search engines, video parsing, spatial data, visual languages, features and indexes for image retrieval, object retrieval, ranking and performance, shape retrieval, retrieval systems, image compression, virtual environments, recognition systems, and visualization systems.

Visual Information Systems.- Supporting Image-Retrieval by Database Driven Interactive 3D Information-Visualization.- Video Libraries: From Ingest to Distribution.- Querying Multimedia Data Sources and Databases.- General Image Database Model.- System for Medical Image Retrieval The MIMS Model.- An Agent-Based Visualisation Architecture.- Error-Tolerant Database for Structured Images.- Interactive Visual Query.- Query Processing and Optimization for Pictorial Query Trees.- Similarity Search Using Multiple Examples in MARS.- Excluding Specified Colors from Image Queries Using a Multidimensional Query Space.- Generic Viewer Interaction Semantics for Dynamic Virtual Video Synthesis.- Category Oriented Analysis for Visual Data Mining.- User Interaction in Region-Based Color Image Segmentation.- Using a Relevance Feedback Mechanism to Improve Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Region Queries without Segmentation for Image Retrieval by Content.- Content-Based Image Retrieval over the Web Using Query by Sketch and Relevance Feedback.- Visual Learning of Simple Semantics in ImageScape.- Browsing Information Space.- Task Analysis for Information Visualization.- Filter Image Browsing.- Visualization of Information Spaces to Retrieve and Browse Image Data.- Mandala: An Architecture for Using Images to Access and Organize Web Information.- A Compact and Retrieval-Oriented Video Representation Using Mosaics.- Internet Search Engines.- Crawling, Indexing and Retrieval of Three-Dimensional Data on the Web in the Framework of MPEG-7.- A Visual Search Engine for Distributed Image and Video Database Retrieval Applications.- Indexing Multimedia for the Internet.- Crawling for Images on the WWW.- A Dynamic JAVA-Based Intelligent Interface for Online Image Database Searches.- Video Parsing.- Motion-Based Feature Extraction and Ascendant Hierarchical Classification for Video Indexing and Retrieval.- Automatically Segmenting Movies into Logical Story Units.- Local Color Analysis for Scene Break Detection Applied to TV Commercials Recognition.- Scene Segmentation and Image Feature Extraction for Video Indexing and Retrieval.- Automatic Recognition of Camera Zooms.- A Region Tracking Method with Failure Detection for an Interactive Video Indexing Environment.- Integrated Parsing of Compressed Video.- Improvement of Shot Detection Using Illumination Invariant Metric and Dynamic Threshold Selection.- Temporal Segmentation of MPEG Video Sequences.- Detecting Abrupt Scene Change Using Neural Network.- Multi-modal Feature-Map: An Approach to Represent Digital Video Sequences.- Robust Tracking of Video Objects through Topological Constraint on Homogeneous Motion.- Spatial Data.- The Spatial Spreadsheet.- A High Level Visual Language for Spatial Data Management.- A Global Graph Model of Image Registration.- A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Image Database Retrieval.- Motion Capture of Arm from a Monocular Image Sequence.- Visual Languages.- Comparing Dictionaries for the Automatic Generation of Hypertextual Links: A Case Study.- Categorizing Visual Contents by Matching Visual Keywords.- Design of the Presentation Language for Distributed Hypermedia System.- A Generic Annotation Model for Video Databases.- Design and Implementation of COIRS (A COncept-Based Image Retrieval System).- Automatic Index Expansion for Concept-Based Image Query.- Features and Indexes for Image Retrieval.- Structured High-Level Indexing of Visual Data Content.- Feature Extraction: Issues, New Features, and Symbolic Representation.- Detection of Interest Points for Image Indexation.- Highly Discriminative Invariant Features for Image Matching.- Image Retrieval Using Schwarz Representation of One-Dimensional Feature.- Invariant Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Maxima Moment.- Detecting Regular Structures for Invariant Retrieval.- Color Image Texture Indexing.- Improving Image Classification Using Extended Run Length Features.- Feature Extraction Using Fractal Codes.- Object Retrieval.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Local Affinely Invariant Regions.- A Framework for Object-Based Image Retrieval at the Semantic Level.- Blobworld: A System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval.- A Physics-Based Approach to Interactive Segmentation.- Ranking and Performance.- Assessment of Effectiveness of Content Based Image Retrieval Systems.- Adapting k-d Trees to Visual Retrieval.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Self-Organizing Maps.- Relevance Feedback and Term Weighting Schemes for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Genetic Algorithm for Weights Assignment in Dissimilarity Function for Trademark Retrieval.- Shape Retrieval.- Retrieval of Similar Shapes under Affine Transform.- Efficient Image Retrieval through Vantage Objects.- Using Pen-Based Outlines for Object-Based Annotation and Image-Based Queries.- Interactive Query Formulation for Object Search.- Automatic Deformable Shape Segmentation for Image Database Search Applications.- A Multiscale Turning Angle Representation of Object Shapes for Image Retrieval.- Contour-Based Shape Similarity.- Computing Dissimilarity between Hand-Drawn Sketches and Digitized Images.- Retrieval Systems.- Document Generation and Picture Retrieval.- FLORES: A JAVA Based Image Database for Ornamentals.- Pictorial Portrait Indexing Using View-Based Eigen-Eyes.- Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Triples.- Image Compression.- Variable-Bit-Length Coding: An Effective Coding Method.- Block-Constrained Fractal Coding Scheme for Image Retrieval.- Efficient Algorithms for Lossless Compression of 2D/3D Images.- Virtual Environments.- LucentVision™: A System for Enhanced Sports Viewing.- Building 3D Models of Vehicles for Computer Vision.- Integrating Applications into Interactive Virtual Environments.- Recognition Systems.- Structural Sensitivity for Large-Scale Line-Pattern Recognition.- Complex Visual Activity Recognition Using a Temporally Ordered Database.- Image Database Assisted Classification.- A Visual Processing System for Facial Prediction.- Semi-interactive Structure and Fault Analysis of (111)7×7 Silicon Micrographs.- Using Wavelet Transforms to Match Photographs of Individual Sperm Whales Identified by the Contour of the Trailing Edge of the Fluke.- From Gaze to Focus of Attention.- Automatic Interpretation Based on Robust Segmentation and Shape-Extraction.- A Pre-filter Enabling Fast Frontal Face Detection.- Visualization Systems.- A Technique for Generating Graphical Abstractions of Program Data Structures.- Visual Presentations in Multimedia Learning: Conditions that Overload Visual Working Memory.- Visualization of Spatial Neuroanatomical Data.- Visualization of the Cortical Potential Field by Medical Imaging Data Fusion.- Applying Visualization Research Towards Design.


Titel: Visual Information and Information Systems
Untertitel: Third International Conference, VISUAL'99, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2-4, 1999, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540660798
ISBN: 3540660798
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Anwendungs-Software
Anzahl Seiten: 852
Gewicht: 1264g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T45mm
Jahr: 1999
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1999

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