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The Sun and the Heliosphere in Three Dimensions

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Proceedings of the XIXth ESLAB Symposium, held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, June 4-6, 1985The 19th ESLAB Symposium on 'The Sun ... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the XIXth ESLAB Symposium, held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, June 4-6, 1985

The 19th ESLAB Symposium on 'The Sun and the Heliosphere in Three Dimensions' was held in Les Diablerets (Switzerland) on 4-6 June 1985. Organised almost exactly ten years after the Goddard Space Fl i ght Center Sympos i um dea 1 i ng with the Sun and the i nterp 1 anetary medium in three dimensions, the aim of this Symposium was not only to review the progress made in understanding the three-dimensional structure and dynamics of the heliosphere, but also to look ahead to the scientific return to be expected from the Ulysses mission. Scheduled for launch in May 1986, the scientific instrumentation on board Ulysses will shed light on the conditions and processes occurring away from the ecliptic plane, thereby adding literally a new dimension to our understanding of the only stellar plasmasphere to which we have direct access. The scientific programme of the Symposium was built around a series of invited review papers dealing with aspects of the corona and its influence on the interplanetary medium via transient ejecta, the solar wind, energetic solar particles and galactic cosmic rays, interplanetary dust and neutral gas. These invited talks were supplemented by a number of contributed and poster papers. With the exception of three contributed talks and Wibberenz' review of coronal and acceleration of energetic particles, all papers propagation presented at the Symposium are included in this volume.


Proceedings of the XIXth ESLAB Symposium, held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, June 4-6, 1985

Section I: The Corona.- Coronal Magnetic Fields a Mini Survey.- Origins of the Solar Wind in the Corona.- The Heliospheric Energy Source.- Coronal Spectroscopy and Imaging from Spartan during the Polar Passage of Ulysses.- The Structure and Rotation of the Solar Corona: Implications for the Heliosphere.- OVI Diagnostics of Solar Wind Generation.- Solar Wind Observations Near the Sun.- Three-Dimensional Reconnection after a Prominence Eruption.- Section II: Solar Hard X-Rays.- Stereoscopic Measurements of Hard Solar X-Rays and Related Topics.- Temporal Evolution of an Energetic Electron Population in an Inhomogeneous Medium. Application to X-Ray Bursts.- Influence of Solar Flares on the X-Ray Corona.- Section III: Coronal Transients and Mass Ejections.- Coronal Transients at High Heliographic Latitudes.- The Solar Cycle Dependence of Coronal Mass Ejections.- Helios Images of Coronal Mass Ejections.- Relationship of Coronal Transients to Interplanetary Shocks: 3-D Aspects.- 3-Dimensional Configurations of Interplanetary Disturbances Associated with Coronal Mass Ejections.- The 3-Dimensional Extent at 1 AU of Interplanetary Disturbances Associated with Disappearing Solar Filaments.- 3-Dimensional, Time-Dependent, MHD Model of a Solar Flare-Generated Interplanetary Shock Wave.- Section IV: Solar Wind.- Interplanetary Scintillation Observations of the Solar Wind at High Latitudes.- Exploration of Heliosphere by Interplanetary Scintillation.- Evolution of Turbulence and Waves in the Solar Wind in Radius and Latitude.- A Computer Simulation Study of the Microscopic Structure of a Typical Current Sheet in the Solar Wind.- Solar Wind Composition and What We Expect to Learn from Out-of-Ecliptic Measurements.- Comets and Three-Dimensional Solar Wind Structure.- Structure and Dynamics of Corotating and Transient Streams in Three Dimensions.- Propagation of Solar Wind Features: A Model Comparison Using Voyager Data.- Section V: Heliospheric Structure.- 3-D Coronal and Heliospheric Structure from Radio Observations.- Latitude Distribution of Interplanetary Magnetic Field Lines Rooted in Active Regions.- Heliospheric Structure and Multispacecraft Observations of Type III Radio Bursts.- The Relationship of the Large-Scale Solar Field to the Interplanetary Magnetic Field: What Will Ulysses Find ?.- The Large-Scale Structure of the Heliospheric Magnetic Field.- The Heliospheric Current Sheet: 3-Dimensional Structure and Solar Cycle Changes.- Solar Wind Speed Azimuthal Variation Along the Heliospheric Current Sheet.- 3-Dimensional Structure of the Heliosphere as Inferred from Observations with a Japanese Halley Spacecraft.- 3-Dimensional Structure of the Heliospheric Current Sheet.- Section VI: Energetic Particles.- Separation and Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variations in the 10 April 1969 Solar Flare Particle Event.- Acceleration of Energetic Particles at Solar Wind Shocks.- Shock Acceleration of Nucleons at ?16° Solar Latitude Associated with Interplanetary Corotating Interaction Regions.- Latitude Dependence of Co-Rotating Shock Acceleration in the Outer Heliosphere.- Three-Dimensional Gradients of Solar Particles Inside 5 AU.- A Spatially Confined, Long-Lived Stream of Solar Particles.- Super-Events in the Inner Solar System and Their Relation to the Solar Cycle.- The Maximum Entropy Principle in Cosmic Ray Transport Theory.- Section VII: Cosmic Rays.- Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere.- Effects of 3-Dimensional Heliospheric Structures on Cosmic-Ray Modulation.- Measurement of Radial and Latitudinal Gradients of Cosmic Ray Intensity During the Decreasing Phase of Sunspot Cycle 21.- North/South Asymmetry in Solar Activity and its Effects on the High Energy Cosmic Ray Diurnal Variation.- The Anomalous Component, Its Variation With Latitude and Related Aspects of Modulation.- Pick-Up Ions in the Solar Wind as a Source of Suprathermal Particles.- Section VIII: Interstellar Gas and Interplanetary Dust.- Neutral Interstellar Gases in the Heliosphere: New Aspects of the Problem.- Interstellar Gas Parameters and Solar Wind Anisotropies Deduced from H and HE Observations in the Solar System.- The 3-Dimensional Structure of the Interplanetary Dust Cloud.- The Interaction of Solid Particles with the Interplanetary Medium.- Section IX: Ulysses.- The Ulysses Mission.- Section X: Summary.- Summary Remarks.- List of Participants.


Titel: The Sun and the Heliosphere in Three Dimensions
Untertitel: Proceedings of the XIXth ESLAB Symposium, held in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 4 6 June 1985
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