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Technologies for E-Learning and Digital Entertainment

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Edutainment 2006 is an international conference on research and development on e-learning and digital entertainment. The main purp... Weiterlesen
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Edutainment 2006 is an international conference on research and development on e-learning and digital entertainment. The main purpose of the conference is the d- cussion, information and opinions exchange on the development and use of such s- tems. It provides a very interesting opportunity for researchers who want to attend or present communications at these events. The conference includes plenary invited talks, workshops, tutorials, paper presentation tracks and panel discussions. "Edutainment" is a recently coined term that expresses the union between education and entertainment in a television program, game or website. Today, the world of multimedia games and activities is a place where education and entertainment meet. Edutainment has evolved as a prospering research topic banding together formerly disjoined disciplines stemming from education, entertainment as well as computer s- ence. Thus, with this conference, we can bring people from different fields together to discuss techniques for e-learning and digital entertainment as well as about the future of edutainment. This conference developed from the previous EuropeChina Workshop on E-learning and Games called Edutainment 2005 (April 28-March 2, 2005), which was originally based on the ELVIS project, an EUAsia link project (Prof. Ruth Alyett was the project coordinator and Prof. Zhigeng Pan was the project leader). It was also a sub-event for celebrating the 30th Anniversary of EU China Diplomatic Relations. During this workshop, experts from home and abroad were invited to give keynote speeches, and about 90 people attended the workshop.

Proceedings of the First International Conference on E-learning and Games, Edutainment 2006

Includes 121 revised full papers and 52 short papers presented together with the abstracts of 3 invited papers and those of the keynote speeches

Topics include e-learning platforms and tools, learning resource management, practice and experience sharing, e-learning standards, and much more

Keynote Speeches.- Abstracts.- Invited Papers.- VR-Enabled Bio Edutainment.- Learning Abstract Concepts Through Interactive Playing.- Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality for Virtual Learning Environments.- E-Learning Platforms and Tools.- Intelligent Tutorial Planning Based on Extended Knowledge Structure Graph.- Perceptual Evaluation of Pronunciation Quality for Computer Assisted Language Learning.- Designing Social Navigation for a Virtual Community of Practice.- Applying the Adaptive Learning Material Producing Strategy to Group Learning.- Comparison of Two Learning Models for Collaborative e-Learning.- On Demand E-Learning with Service Grid Technologies.- Architecture of an Authoring System to Support Interactive Contents Creation for Games/E-Learning.- Trans-disciplinary Avenues in Education: Computing and Art.- Enhanced SCORM Sequencing Rule for e-Learning System.- Research on Intelligent Mutual Decision-Making in Virtual Learning Environments.- Monitoring the Experiment Process and Diagnosing the Experiment Mistakes Made by Students with Petri Net Modeling.- The Research on a Kind of Knowledge Network for Self-learning.- Research on Personalized Knowledge Service System in Community E-Learning.- Using Instruction Strategy for a Web-Based Intelligent Tutoring System.- E-Learning Resource Management Knowledge.- Visual Tools and Examples to Support Active E-Learning and Motivation with Performance Evaluation.- Research and Application of Stereoscopic Video Based e-Learning System.- Fusion Education by Humanities and Sciences in the Case of e-Learning and Hands-On.- Knowledge Representing and Clustering in e-Learning.- Programming of Informatized Instructional Design Platform for Physics.- A New Method for Testing Embedded Software with Scenario Pattern.- The Construction of Fuzzy Set and Fuzzy Rule for Mixed Approach in Adaptive Hypermedia Learning System.- Knowledge Management System Based on Semantic Web in e-Learning Community.- A Platform for Interactive VR Storytelling.- E-Learning System and Graphics Education.- Reviewing the Potential of Virtual Learning Environments in Schools.- Designing a Virtual Learning Environment to Support the Study of Crime and Its Prevention for Teenagers.- Mental Vision: A Computer Graphics Teaching Platform.- 3-D Graphical Hypermedia Meets Interactive E-Books: A New Paradigm for Experiential Learning.- e-Calculus at IZTECH.- SKIT: A Computer-Assisted Sketch Instruction Tool.- Exploring the Fourth Dimension: The Design of a Multimedia Learning System for Generalization.- Curriculum Development for the Gifted Elementary School Students in Computer.- Computer-Assisted Teaching in Class Situation: A High-School Math Lab on Vectors.- Interactive Multimedia System for Distance Learning of Higher Education.- A Multimedia Contents Development and Implementation Model Based on Computer Graphics Courseware.- Study on the Long-Range Marine Cruise System of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.- An Extendable System for the Specification and Generation of Interactive Self-tests.- A Wireless LAN-Based Robust and Scalable Virtual Laboratory for E-Learning.- Component Based E-Learning System Using Item Analysis.- Collaborative GIS Environment for Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Based on Hybrid P2P Network.- Storytelling, Intelligent Agents and Affective Interaction.- Storytelling in Virtual Reality for Training.- Supporting the Development of Interactive Storytelling Skills in Teenagers.- 700 Years Later: Using Multimedia to Bring the Stories of Medieval Asian Scrolls to Today's Students.- Developments in Affect Detection from Text in Open-Ended Improvisational E-Drama.- Theoretical Framework for Construction of Representation Through Interactive Narrative.- Edutainment Aspects in Hypermedia Storytelling.- A Theatre of Ethics and Interaction? Bertolt Brecht and Learning to Behave in First-Person Shooter Environments.- Using Cognitive Affective Interaction Model to Construct On-Line Game for Creativity.- Story Pacing in Interactive Storytelling.- Narrative Structure Analysis of Lecture Video with Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model for E-Learning.- 4-Dimensional Context Management for Interactive Virtual Storytelling.- Integration of Game and Education.- PS-DA Model of Game Addiction: Theoretical Hypothesis and Case Analysis.- A Case Study of Game Design for E-Learning.- Static and Dynamic Difficulty Level Design for Edutainment Game Using Artificial Neural Networks.- Study of Dance Entertainment Using Robots.- Smart Ambience Games for Children with Learning Difficulties.- Teaching an Undergraduate AI Course with Games and Simulation.- Experimental Approach to Affective Interaction in Games.- A Framework to Help Designing Innovative Massively Multiplayer Online Games Interactions.- Earth and Planetary System Science Game Engine.- Learning Online: A Comparative Study of a Situated Game-Based Approach and a Traditional Web-Based Approach.- Design and Contents of a 3Dblog System and Its Applications to Edutainment.- Design and Implementation of Farmtasia: A Game Designed for the VISOLE Teaching Style.- Teaching Agent Systems' Design Using 3D Interactive Computer Games.- Cyranus An Authoring Tool for Interactive Edutainment Applications.- Research of Virtual Campus Environment Study Using VRML.- A Multimodal Fusion Framework for Children's Storytelling Systems.- Design of a Cartoon Game for Traffic Safety Education of Children in China.- Cinematographic Techniques for Edutainment Applications.- Game Design and Development.- Efficient Large-Scale Terrain Rendering Method for Real-World Game Simulation.- Federate Migration in Grid-Based Virtual Wargame Collaborative Environment.- Cyclic Reproduction Scheme in Genetic Algorithm for Evolutionary Game.- Model Searching Algorithm Based on Response Order and Access Order in War-Game Simulation Grid.- Creating Emotions by Characters Design for Computer Games.- Efficiently Maintaining Consistency Using Tree-Based P2P Network System in Distributed Network Games.- Real-Time Neuroevolution to Imitate a Game Player.- Improving Game Processing in Multithreading and Multiprocessor Architecture.- ODECAL, a Flexible Open Source Rag Doll Simulation Engine.- Computer Supported Remote Learning and Gaming Using Tele-Face Mouse System.- Pheromone-Based Pre-processing to Improve Move Generation in Board Games.- Design and Implementation of a Game Physics Editor Using XML.- A Virtual Billiard Game with Visual, Auditory and Haptic Sensation.- Chinese Chess Based on Jabber.- Dynamic Terrain LOD with Region Preservation in 3D Game Engine.- Mobile Computing, Network and Collaboration.- Design and Implementation of a Mobile Class Web Site Using Intelligent User Interface.- A Wearable Learning and Support System for Manufacture Application.- Analysis and Research About an On-Line Collaborative Learning Teams Based Grids.- Of Collaborative Learning Team: An Approach for Emergent Leadership Roles Identification by Using Social Network Analysis.- Concepts for Extending Wiki Systems to Supplement Collaborative Learning.- 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments over the Web.- Research on Multimedia Transmission of Mobile Learning Based on Wireless Network.- Interactive Mobile Pet Game.- Multi-stroke Freehand Text Entry Method Using OpenVG and Its Application on Mobile Devices.- A Streaming Engine for PC-Based 3D Network Games onto Heterogeneous Mobile Platforms.- Hybrid Triangle-Based Sub-texel Precision Anisotropic Filtering for Mobile Devices.- A Combination Scheme to Improve TCP Throughput over Multihops Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Web Virtual Reality Edutainment in Biology and Physics.- Graphics Modeling and Rendering for Games.- Survey and Practice of 3D City Modeling.- Collaborative 3D Modeling of Large-Scale Virtual Geographic Environment.- A 3D Model Feature-Line Extraction Method Using Mesh Sharpening.- 3D Body Reconstruction from Photos Based on Range Scan.- Mesh Fitting Based 3D Character Modeling.- Antialiased Shadow Algorithms for Game Rendering.- Efficient Out-of-Core Rendering of Complex 3D Scenes.- An Efficient Method for Rendering Detailed Soft Shadow.- Research of Dynamic Terrain in Complex Battlefield Environments.- Procedural Terrain Detail Based on Patch-LOD Algorithm.- Texture Synthesis Using Incremental Patches.- Image Based Active Model Adaptation Method for Face Reconstruction and Sketch Generation.- Space Object Geometry and Behavior Modeling Method.- Interactive Sketch Generation for Dunhuang Frescoes.- Real-Time Walkthrough System of Large-Scale Infrared Dynamic Scene.- Animation Techniques for Edutainment.- Dynamic Surface Deformation and Modeling Using Rubber Sweepers.- A Novel Algorithm for Extracting the Boundaries of Two Planar Curves' Morphologic Summation.- An Efficient Algorithm for Content-Based Human Motion Retrieval.- A Fast Individual Face Modeling and Facial Animation System.- Digital Buddhist Image Creation by Haptic Deformation.- Expression Animation of Interactive Virtual Humans Based on HMM Emotion Model.- Retrieval of 3D Video Mosaics for Fast 3D Visualization.- Style Animations Generated from Dynamic Model.- Research and Implement of Virtual Human's Walking Model in Maintenance Simulation.- An Integrated Color Changing Simulation System Based on Colorimetric and Chemical Modeling.- An Experimental Facial Synthesis System Using Graph Cut and Gradient Domain Fusion.- Skin Incision Using Real-Time Cutaway Based on FE Analysis.- Physically-Based Real-Time Music Fountain Simulation.- Generating 3D Paper-Cutting Effects.- Interactive Simulation of Large-Scale Forests in Virtual Reality Applications.- Dynamic Textures Using Wavelet Analysis.- Style Conversion of Cartoon Animation.- Application of 4-Point Subdivision to Generate In-Between Frames in Skeletal Animation.- Recursive Curves and Surfaces in Grassmann Space for Computer Modeling and Animation.- Virtual Five Animals Exercise.- Adaptive Level Set Method for Mesh Evolution.- Energy Matting.- Computer Simulation of Multi-phase Coupled Heat and Moisture Transfer in Clothing Assembly with a Phase Change Material in a Cold Environment.- A Distributed Forest Fire Fighting Simulation System Based on HLA.- VR, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.- Experimental Researches on Gaze-Based 3D Interaction to Stereo Image Display.- System Design for On-Line Distributed Computational Visualization and Steering.- Multi-user Live Video in a Shared Virtual World for Enhanced Group Collaboration.- An Improved 6DOF Electromagnetic Tracking Algorithm with Anisotropic System Parameters.- Image Texts-Based Navigation for Augmented Game.- A Framework of Collaborative Workspace Based on Multi-stereo Vision and Shared Mixed Reality.- Digital Canvas: A Projection-Space Interaction Tool.- An Augmented Reality Toolkit Based on SEDRIS.- Designing Interactions for Augmented Reality Based Educational Contents.- The ARTable: An AR-Based Tangible User Interface System.- Effects of Guided and Unguided Style Learning on User Attention in a Virtual Environment.- Using Olfactive Virtual Environments for Learning Organic Molecules.- Single Camera Based Optical Tracking System for Personal Entertainment.- Computer Interaction by Camera Tracking.- Haptic Interaction System for Co-evolution with Reactive Virtual Human.- Study on Attitude Measurement System for Virtual Surgery Navigation.- Dynamic User Modeling for Sketch-Based User Interface.- Multi-modal Virtual Environments for Education: From Illusion to Immersion.- Effects of Filtering Policies on Task Performance in a Desktop CVE System.- Computer-Aided Training System of Educational Virtual Dissection Using Visible Korean Human.- Poultry.Internet and Internet Pajama: Novel Systems for Remote Haptic Interaction.- Haptic Puppetry for Interactive Games.- Digital Heritage and Digital Museum.- An Image Retrieval System Based on MPEG-7 and XMLDB Query for Digital Museum.- Digitization of Culture Heritage Based on Tour into the Picture.- Virtual Museum Net.- Digital Repair Research on Archeological Relics.- A Teacher's Tool in Game-Based Learning System: Study and Implementation.- Experiments Towards 3D Immersive Interaction for Digital Libraries.- The Technology of Stereo Photography and Virtual Reality in Research of Virtual Museum.- A Blind Watermarking Algorithm for Animation Used in Digital Heritage.- Content-Based 3D Model Retrieval for Digital Museum.- Digital Restoration of Historical Heritage by Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Images.- Building a Multi-purposes Digital Media System Using MPEG-21 and XML.- Erratum.- Earth and Planetary System Science Game Engine.


Titel: Technologies for E-Learning and Digital Entertainment
Untertitel: First International Conference, Edutainment 2006, Hangzhou, China, April 16-19, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540334231
ISBN: 978-3-540-33423-1
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1396
Größe: H45mm x B237mm x T156mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006

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