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System Modeling and Optimization

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Inhalt Computational problems in magnetic fusion research.- A simple model of a capital stock in equilibrium with the technology a... Weiterlesen
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Computational problems in magnetic fusion research.- A simple model of a capital stock in equilibrium with the technology and the preferences.- Some numerical problems arising from linear systems.- Optimal shape design for elliptic systems.- Urban systems analysis and urban policy.- On the treatment of chronic forms of a disease according to a mathematical model.- The applicability of the Hamilton-Jacobi verification technique.- Stationary deterministic flows in discrete systems : I.- Recent trends of the optimal control for stochastic distributed parameter systems.- Models in the policy process: Past, present, and future.- A ritz-type approach to the calculation of optimal control for nonlinear, dynamic systems.- On lower closure and lower semicontinuity in the existence theory for optimal control.- A discrete maximum principle concerning the optimal cost of deterministic control problems.- On the computational complexity of clustering and related problems.- The application of vector minimisation techniques in the analysis of multiloop nonlinear feedback systems.- Singular steady state LQG problems: Estimation and optimization.- On a general method for solving time-optimal linear control problems.- Periodic solutions of discrete matrix Riccati equations with constant coefficient matrices.- A new scheme for discrete implicit observer and controller.- Reachable sets and generalized bang-bang principle for linear control systems.- Periodicity in optimal control and differential games.- Reduced approximations in parameter identification of hereditary systems.- The smoothing problem - a state space recursive computational approach: Applications to econometric time series with trends and seasonalities.- On observability and unbiased estimation of nonlinear systems.- An accelerated experimental design algorithm.- A robustized maximum entropy approach to system identification.- A problem of bilinear control in nonlinear coupled distributed parameter reactor systems.- Optimum maneuvers of a supercruiser.- Application of constrained constant optimal output feedback to modern flight control synthesis.- Advanced control laws for experiments in fast rollout and turnoff of the B737-100 aircraft.- Numerical simulation of an alloy solidification problem.- The threshold problem for a FitzHugh-Nagumo system.- Optimal design of a thermal diffuser with minimum weight.- Differential inclusions with multivalued boundary conditions.- On the optimal value function of optimization problems.- Finite element approximation of time optimal control problems for parabolic equations with Dirichelt boundary conditions.- Dirichlet boundary control problems for parabolic equations with quadratic cost: Analyticity and riccati's feedback synthesis.- Optimization in banach spaces of systems involving convex processes.- A decomposition algorithm for a second order elliptic operator using asymptotic expansions.- On the semi group approach for ergodic problems of optimal stopping.- The principal eigenvalue of a transport operator - an asymptotic expansion.- Shape sensitivity analysis for variational inequalities.- A cautious time-optimal control algorithm for stochastic control systems with additional boundary constraints.- On linear-quadratic-Gaussian control of systems with uncertain statistics.- A liapunov-like criterion and a first passage-time problems in non-linear stochastic systems.- Stability analtsis for large scale stochastic systems.- Algorithms for some simple infinite dimensional linear programs.- Entropy optimization via entropy projections.- Resolution of a quadratic combinatorial problem by dynamic programming.- The structure and computation of solutions to continuous linear programs.- The Bayesian approach to global optimization.- An optimization model for energy saving in the heating of buildings.- An optimal dispatching strategy for vehicles in a transportation system.- Asynchronous parallel search in global optimization problems.- A class of methods for the solution of optimization problems with inequalities.- A probabilistic approach to the minimization of stochastic functions by sequential, near-conjugate sampling.- Extensions to subroutine VFO2AD.- On globally stabalized quasi-Newton methods for inequality constrained optimization problems.- Quasi-newton methods for a class of nonsmooth constrained optimization problems.- Probabilistic analysis of the solution of the knapsack problem.- A linear time algorithm to minimize maximum lateness for the two-machine, unit-time, job-shop, scheduling problem.- An approximate solution for the problem of optimizing the plotter pen movement.- Optimal control with constrained binary sequences.- Generalized augmenting paths for the solution of combinatorial optimization problems.- A versatile interconnection pattern laid on O(n) area.- Rank, clique and chromatic number of a graph.- Extensions of some two-dimensional bin packing algorithms.- Optimization in hierarchical setting of a simple world industrialization model.- Long term nuclear scheduling in the French power system.- Prediction of socio-economic policy: Information gain by interactive decision activities.- Quality assurance specifications for time dependent aerometric data.- Labor market implications of technical change in a multi-regional multi-sectoral system.- Functional sensitivity analysis of mathematical models.- On the role of the impulse fixed cost in stochastic optimal control. An application to the management of energy production.- Water distribution network self-tuning control.- Conflicts over north sea oil profits and macro-economic policy.- The gathering of a commodity through a periodic marketing ring.- Forecasting sectorial outputs under uncertainty.- Acceptable equilibria in dynamic bargaining games.- Cyclical taxonomy and large econometric models.- Antipollution activities in input-output analysis.- Modelling and control of market penetration.- Equilibrium advertising in an oligopoly with Nerlove-Arrow advertising dynamics: Existence and stability.- Applications of advances in nonlinear sensitivity analysis.- Freeway incident detection based on stochastic dynamic models of traffic variables.- Identification of synchronous machine parameters for stability models, using synchronizing tests.- A contribution to the optimal generation schedulling of large hydrothermal power systems.- Modeling of fourdrinier paper making machines and basis weight control.- Phase frequency approximation in system model reduction.- Control applications in analyzing transportation system performance under dynamic constraints.- To the temporal aggregation in discrete dynamical systems.- Graphical techniques used for a dynamic chemical process simulation.- Scheduling maintenance operations which cause age-dependent failure rate changes.- Optimal maintenance policy and sale date for a machine with random deterioration and subject to random catastrophic failure.- Analysis of a distribution transformer inventory system.- Experimental, analytical and computational study of a simplified maximal height jump.- An innovations approach to cardiac hemodynamics modeling.- Modelization of a multiprocessor architecture.- A new method to handle the left-recursions for top-down parsing in compiler design.


Titel: System Modeling and Optimization
Untertitel: Proceedings of the 10th IFIP Conference New York City, USA, August 31-September 4,1981
EAN: 9783540116912
ISBN: 3540116915
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Anzahl Seiten: 912
Gewicht: 1539g
Größe: H244mm x B170mm x T48mm
Jahr: 1982
Auflage: 1982

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