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Stem Cell Assays

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Stem cells and regenerative medicine is a fast emerging field with rapid strides of progress and focus on human health. Successful... Weiterlesen
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Stem cells and regenerative medicine is a fast emerging field with rapid strides of progress and focus on human health. Successful utilization of stem cells in regenerative medicine depends on two important features. One, stem cells can grow and divide indefinitely, and two, stem cells can differentiate into specialized cell types that make up tissues such as pancreas, heart, liver, blood, and others. Utilizing the property of differentiation, stem cells can be engineered to produce cell types to replace wornout cells and to regenerate damaged tissue. The scope for improving healthcare using stem cell therapies is thrilling, but considerable technical challenges and methodological constraints need to be addressed. There is a great need for isolation and propagation of transplant-ready or clinical-grade stem cells and screening methods, well before they are used in therapies. Recent scientific advances have contributed enormously to the development of new methods pertaining to both embryonic and adult stem cell isolation, characterization, expansion in undifferentiated state, customized differentiation, efficient stem cell transduction for gene therapy, quick monitoring of rejection, through polymerase chain reaction approaches following transplantation, and more. The scientific progress that makes stem cell biology so exciting also threatens to suffocate researchers with an avalanche of information. Keeping with the tradition of Humana Press to bring these developments to the forefront in a timely manner, the book Stem Cell Assays aims to present scientific advances in stem cell methods for a wider use by novice and expert scientists, through the Methods in Molecular Biology series.

Brings recent developments to the forefront in a timely manner

Presents scientific advances in stem cell methods for a wider use by novice and expert scientists


With such benefits as producing cell types to replace worn-out cells and regenerating damaged tissue, stem cells and regenerative medicine is a rapidly emerging field focusing on improving human health.  In Stem Cell Assays, an expert team of hands-on researchers contribute step-by-step laboratory protocols aimed at clearly organizing the avalanche of information coming from the stem cell biology field.  Following the successful and practical Methods in Molecular Biology™ series format, each chapter provides concise methods utilizing the most recent developments in embryonic and adult stem cell isolation, characterization, customized differentiation and many more areas, a complete list of the necessary materials, and the valuable Notes section for tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Cutting-edge and comprehensive, Stem Cell Assays brings the newest developments to the forefront in an invaluable reference volume for both novice and expert scientists alike.

Book Title: Stem Cell Assays Publisher: Humana Press Editor : Mohan C. Vemuri Series Editor : John Walker Series : Methods in Molecular Biology Date of Release: Late 2006 / Early 2007 Contents Preface Contributors Guide to the companion CD 1 Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in xeno-free conditions Mohan C. Vemuri, Tim Schimmel, Pere Colls, Santiago Munne and Jacques Cohen 2 Feeder Layer Free Culture System For Human Embryonic Stem Cells Michal Amit 3 Digital Imaging of Stem Cells by Electron Microscopy Henry Sathananthan and Stefania Nottola 4 A Controlled Cooling Protocol For Cryopreservation Of Human And Non-Human Primate Embryonic Stem Cells Carol B. Ware and Szczepan Baran 5 Cell Surface Markers In Human Embryonic Stem Cells Raj R. Rao, Alison Venable Johnson and Steven L. Stice 6 Generation Of Monoclonal Antibody Library Against Human Embryonic Stem Cells Micha Drukker, Christina Muscat, Irving L. Weissman 7 Analytical Methods for Cancer Stem Cells - Review chapter Vinagolu K. Rajasekhar 8 Micro RNA Profiling: An Easy and Rapid Method to Screen and Characterize Stem Cell Populations Uma Lakshmipathy, Bradley Love, Christopher Adams, Bhaskar Thyagarajan, and Jonathan D. Chesnut 9 Gene Transfer Via Nucleofection into Adult And Embryonic Stem Cells Uma Lakshmipathy, Shannon Buckley and Catherine Verfaillie 10 RNAi-Knockdown Of Transcription Factor Pu.1 In The Differentiation Of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Gang-Ming Zou, Meredith A. Thompson and Mervin C. Yoder 11 StemBase - A Resource for the Analysis of Stem Cell Gene Expression Data - Review chapter Christopher J. Porter, Gareth A. Palidwor, Reatha Sandie, Paul M. Krzyzanowski, Enrique M. Muro, Carolina Perez-Iratxeta, Miguel A. Andrade-Navarro 12 Isolation Of Stem Cells From Human Umbilical Cord Blood Nishant P. Reddy, Mohan C. Vemuri and Reddanna Pallu 13 Ex Vivo Expansion Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells From Human Cord Blood In Serum-Free Conditions Chao-Ling Yao and Shiaw-Min Hwang 14 Hematopoietic Colony Forming Cell Assays Carla Pereira, Emer Clarke and Jackie Damen 15 Assays For Alloreactive Responses By PCR Patrick Stordeur 16 Immune Properties of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Review chapter Panagiota A. Sotiropoulou and Michael Papamichail 17 Clinical Grade Expansion of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Panagiota A. Sotiropoulou, Sonia A. Perez and Michael Papamichail 18 Adenoviral Transduction of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Pablo Bosch and Steven L. Stice 19 Directed Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Dendritic Cells Maxim A. Vodyanik and Igor I. Slukvin 20 Insulin Producing Cells From Embryonic Stem Cells: Experimental Considerations Enrique Roche, Roberto Ensenat-Waser, Nestor Vicente-Sala, Alfredo Santana, Martin Zenke and Juan Antonio Rei 21 Efficient Generation of Dopamine Neurons from Human Embryonic Stem (hES) Cells Chang-Hwan Park and Sang-Hun Lee 22 Isolation Of Oligodendroglial Cells From Cultured Neural Stem/Progenitors Frank Zeigler and Stephen G. Hall 23 Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells towards the Chondrogenic Lineage Wei Seong Toh, Zheng Yang Boon Chin Heng and Tong Cao 24 Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Directed differentiation of embryonic stem cells in Three-Dimensional Hydrogel Culture Nathaniel S. Hwang, Shyni Varghese and Jennifer Elisseeff


Titel: Stem Cell Assays
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