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Solar Radiation Data

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Proceedings of the EC Contractors' Meeting held in Brussels, 18-19 October 1982This book gives a comprehensive overview of ac... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of the EC Contractors' Meeting held in Brussels, 18-19 October 1982

This book gives a comprehensive overview of activities currently under way to produce, collect and compile radiation data as needed for the various types of solar energy applications in Europe. Contributions have been made by all contractors of the Commission of the European Communities, in par ticular the Meteorological Offices of the EC member countries. They all re ported on their work at a meeting which was held in October 1982 in Brussels and of which these are the proceedings. The Commission' work in this area follows a detailed strategy which was published earlier as part of the proceedings of Volume I, Series F. Series F is especially devoted to publications on the European Communities' work on solar radiation data. Other volumes within Series F are in preparation and will deal with: - solar radiation data on tilted planes; - solar radiation data derived from meteorological satellite obs- tions. In addition, two new atlases are being prepared, one showing - for the area of the European Community - maps for solar radiation on titled planes of various inclinations and orientations, and the other showing - for the whole of Europe and the Eastern part of the Mediterranean - radiation data for horizontal planes. In the latter there will also be a statistical analy sis section. Both atlases will be published in the course of 1983.


Proceedings of the EC Contractors' Meeting held in Brussels, 18-19 October 1982


Action 1 - Calibration and Characteristics of Radiometers.- The implications for calibration and field use of non-ideal cosine behaviour in Kipp and Zonen CM-5 pyrananeters.- Action 2 - Reference Years.- Short reference years with adjusted measured data.- Establishment of short reference years for calculation of annual solar heat gain or energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings.- SRY production by means of stochastic models.- Short reference year, SRY.- Action 3. 1 - Global Irradiation on Horizontal Plane - Definition of Radiation Climate Zones.- Heliothermic indexes for the evaluation of the potential of solar energy.- Action 3. 2 - Global Irradiance on Tilted Planes - Direct Irradiation on Horizontal and Tilted Planes - Calculation of Turbidity Factor.- Classification of radiation sites in terms of different indices of atmospheric transparency.- Parameterization of radiation fluxes as function of solar elevation, cloudiness and turbidity.- Diffuse sky radiation on tilted surfaces.- Climatological values of solar irradiation on the horizontal and several inclined surfaces at De Bilt.- Development of methods - Analysis of solar radiation data of a high altitude station (1 580 m).- A statistical analysis of the components of solar radiation on a vertical south-facing surface.- Development of a systematic method for the prediction of solar radiation on inclined planes.- Calculation method for the radiation data on inclined surfaces and calculated atlas data.- Empirical study of the angular distribution of sky radiance and of ground reflected radiation fluxes.- Estimation of hourly solar irradiation over the UK.- Action 3. 3 - Statistical Analysis of Meteorological Data.- Analysis of short time data of irradiation on inclined planes.- Solar energy recovered by a flat plate collector.- Statistical distribution of solar radiation (hourly sums) : cumulative frequency curves.- Statistical analysis of solar radiation data of a high altitude station.- Studies of relationships between inclined surface irradiation, temperature and wind speed.- Action 3. 4 - Sensitivity Analysis of the Useful Energy Output from Solar Converters as a Function of the Type and Time-Step of Meteorological Data.- Report of action participant.- Action 4. 1 - Improvement of Measurements in National Networks of Global, Direct, Diffuse Irradiance and Irradiance on Inclined Surfaces.- Variability in space of solar radiation.- Improvement of measurement of diffuse solar radiation.- Progress toward establishing a comprehensive solar radiation data and calibration center in Greece.- Solar radiation in Italy.- Improvement of radiation network.- Investigation of the accuracy of shading ring corrections applied in the measurement of diffuse solar radiation.- The extension and improvement of the UK radiation network.- Actin 4. 2 - Special Measurements.- Study of I. R. radiation from the sky.- The flux density of radiation energy originating from the circumsolar sky measured at groundbased stations.- Special measurements of radiation in high altitude station.- Installation of equipment to measure the separate components of global solar radiation on a vertical surface.- Acticnv 4. 3 - Satellite Measurements.- Determination of the global radiation and of cloudiness from satellite data.- Satellite image analysis.- Heliosat project: estimation of global radiation from satellite using a statistical approach.- List of Participants.


Titel: Solar Radiation Data
Untertitel: Proceedings of the EC Contractors' Meeting held in Brussels, 18-19 October 1982
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