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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering

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This book is a collection of papers presented at the last Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE) Conference, held i... Weiterlesen
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This book is a collection of papers presented at the last Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE) Conference, held in Sicily, in 2004. The series of SCEE conferences aims at addressing mathematical problems which have a relevancy to industry. The areas covered at SCEE-2004 were: Electromagnetism, Circuit Simulation, Coupled Problems and General mathematical and computational methods.

Scientific Computing conference with special emphasis on industrial applications

Coupled Problems.- A Unified Approach for the Analysis of Networks Composed of Transmission Lines and Lumped Circuits.- Circuit Simulation for Nanoelectronics.- Hot-Phonon Effects on the Transport Propertiesof an Indium Phosphide n+?n?n+ Diode.- Modeling and Simulation for Thermal-Electric Coupling in an SOI-Circuit.- A Staggered ALE Approach for Coupled Electromechanical Systems.- Orthogonalisation in Krylov Subspace Methodsfor Model Order Reduction.- Algebraic Sparsefied Partial Equivalent Electric Circuit (ASPEEC).- Analytical and Numerical Techniques for Simulatinga 3D Rainwater Droplet in a Strong Electric Field.- 3-D FE Particle Based Model of Ion Transport Across Ionic Channels.- Coupled Calculation of Electromagnetic Fields and Mechanical Deformation.- Circuit Simulation.- Challenging Coupled Problems in TCAD.- On the Formulation and Lumped Equivalents Extraction Techniques for the Efficient Modeling of Long Interconnects.- Symbolic Methods in Industrial Analog Circuit Design.- Index Analysis of Multirate Partial Differential-Algebraic Systems in RF-Circuits.- Semidiscretisation Methods for Warped MPDAEs.- Qualitative Properties of Equilibria in MNA Models of Electrical Circuits.- State and Semistate Models of Lumped Circuits.- An Index Analysis from Coupled Circuit and Device Simulation.- Multirate Methods in Chip Design: Interface Treatment and Multi Domain Extension.- Digital Linear Control Theory for Automatic Stepsize Control.- A General Compound Multirate Method for Circuit Simulation Problems.- Stochastic Differential Algebraic Equations in Transient Noise Analysis.- Electromagnetism.- Finite Element Modelling of Electrical Machines and Actuators.- Adaptive FEM Solver for the Computation of Electromagnetic Eigenmodes in 3D Photonic Crystal Structures.- COLLGUN: a 3D FE Simulator for the Design of TWTs Electron Guns and Multistage Collectors.- A New Thin-Solenoid Model for Accurate 3-D Representation of Focusing Axisymmetric Magnetic Fields in TWTs.- Hybridised PTD/AWE for Modelling Wide-Band Electromagnetic Wave Scattering.- Transverse Electric Plane Wave Scattering by Two Infinitely Long Conducting Elliptic Cylinders: Iterative Solution.- Simulation of Microwave and Semiconductor Laser Structures Including PML: Computation of the Eigen Mode Problem, the Boundary Value Problem, and the Scattering Matrix.- Solving of an Electric Arc Motion in a Vacuum Interrupter.- Analysis of Eddy Currents in a Gradient Coil.- An Integration of Optimal Topology and Shape Design for Magnetostatics.- Numerical Computation of Magnetic Field and Inductivity of Power Reactor with Respect of Real Magnetic Properties of Iron Core.- Calculation of 3D Space-Charge Fields of Bunches of Charged Particles by Fast Summation.- Comparison of the A,V -formulation and Hiptmair's Smoother.- Iterative Solution of Field Problems with a Varying Physical Parameter.- General Mathematical and Computational Methods.- Time Integration Methods for Coupled Equations.- Two-Band Quantum Models for Semiconductors Arising from the Bloch Envelope Theory.- Mixed Finite Element Numerical Simulation of a 2D Silicon MOSFET with the Non-Parabolic MEP Energy-Transport Model.- Comparison of Different Methodologies for Parameter Extraction in Circuit Design.- Sound Synthesis and Chaotic Behaviour in Chua's Oscillator.- A Kinetic Type Extended Model for Polarizable and Magnetizable Fluids.- Quantum Corrected DriftDiffusion Modeling and Simulation of Tunneling Effects in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices.- Reverse Statistical Modeling for Analog Integrated Circuits.- Coupled EM & Circuit Simulation Flow for Integrated Spiral Inductor.- An Optimal Control approach for an Energy Transport Model in Semiconductor Design.- A Multigroup-WENO Solver for the Non-Stationary Boltzmann-Poisson System for Semiconductor Devices.- Deterministic Numerical Simulation of 1d Kinetic Descriptions of Bipolar Electron Devices.- A Hybrid Intelligent Computational Methodology for Semiconductor Device Equivalent Circuit Model Parameter Extraction.- A SPICE-Compatible Mobility Function for Excimer Laser Annealed LTPS TFT Analog Circuit Simulation.- Parallelization of WENO-Boltzmann Schemes for Kinetic Descriptions of 2D Semiconductor Devices.- Hole Mobility in Silicon Semiconductors.- Anisotropic Mesh Adaptivity Via a Dual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimation for Semiconductors.- Kinetic Relaxation Models for the Boltzmann Transport Equation for Silicon Semiconductors.- Exact Solutions for the Drift-Diffusion Model of Semiconductors via Lie Symmetry Analysis.- Different Extrapolation Strategies in Implicit Newmark-Beta Schemes for the Solution of Electromagnetic High-Frequency Problems.- Basic Research for Software Tools and Work in Progress.- Electromagnetic Characterization Flow of Leadless Packages for RF Applications.- Domain Decomposition Techniques and Coupled PDE/ODE Simulation of Semiconductor Devices.- Interconnection Modeling Challenges in System-in-Package (SiP) Design.- General Linear Methods for Nonlinear DAEs in Circuit Simulation.


Titel: Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
EAN: 9783540328612
ISBN: 3540328610
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Elektrotechnik
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