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History of Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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A short of history of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the people that developed it Acclaimed author Raymonde Sacklyn kept copious... Weiterlesen
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A short of history of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the people that developed it Acclaimed author Raymonde Sacklyn kept copious notes of the events which took place in Hong Kong during the stock-market revolution in 1969, and now the times has come to make these unique insights public.


A short of history of the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and the people involved in its development: The Good, The Bad; and The Smugly. Mr Sacklyn kept copious notes of the events which took place in Hong Kong, during the stock-market revolution, brought about in 1969 by Mr Ronald Li Fook Shiu (-???'?) and his supporters. The founding of Far East Exchange Ltd broke the back of the monopoly, held for 129 years by The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which was controlled, completely, by 60 men in those days. The establishment of Far East Exchange Ltd, also, had a very positive, knock-on effect in that it hastened the drafting of new Hong Kong laws, laws that would help to protect minority shareholders of companies, listed on the equity markets of the territory. Prior to the promulgation of these new laws, the powerful and the wealthy business people of Hong Kong thought nothing of committing financial rape of the minorities.


Chapter One Section 1 The Chosen Ones 6-11 Section 2 The Revolution 12-16 Section 3 The War 17-21 Section 4 Arrogance and Pomposity 22-30 Section 5 At The Mandarin Hotel 31-38 Chapter II Section 1 The Hong Kong Government Steps In 39-44 Section 2 The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Tries To Catch Up 45-50 Section 3 The Good Times 51-55 Section 4 Mr Woo Hon Fai Establishes The Kam Ngan Stock Exchange 56-61 Section 5 Tiddlywinks And Champagne 62-67 Section 6 Mr Peter Chan Po Fan Establishes The Kowloon Stock Exchange 68-73 Section 7 The First And The Worst Public Flotations 74-92 Chapter III Section 1 The Emergence Of The Colonel 93-100 Section 2 Something Is Rotten In The State Of Denmark More About Mr Noel Croucher Et Al 101-109 Section 3 Solicitor Peter Vine Joins The Colonel 110-115 Chapter IV Section 1 The Era Of The Super Lightweight 116-123 Section 2 The Friendship Of Mr Eddie Chan Tak Tai And Sir Douglas Clague 124-128 Section 3 The Banking Commissioner Takes Action 129-135 Chapter V Section 1 The McInnes Affairs 136-145 Section 2 Another Wong Kai Ming/Ronald Li Fook Shiu Scandal 146-151 Chapter VI Section 1 Mr Amos Dawe Comes To Town 152-158 Section 2 Was Mr Amos Dawe A Willing (or occasional) Russia Spy? 159-166 Section 3 Amos Dawe On The Attack: ‘Are You Looking For Trouble?' 167-172 Chapter VII Section 1 The Man With A Vision … And Bucketfuls Of Russian Money 173-176 Section 2 The Ghost Of The Past 177-182 Section 3 The Need For Russian Money 183-189 Section 4 The Operation Of Moscow Narodny Bank Are Exposed Mr Eddie Wong Wing Cheung Sues Mr Dennis Lee Kim Yew 190-202 Section 5 The Balloon Goes Up The Russians disown Mr P.K. Teo Russian Bank Managers Try To Pick Up The Pieces 203-215 Chapter VIII Section 1 John Marden's Skullduggery Is Exposed 216-229 Section 2 A Friend Is A Friend 230-237 Section 3 The Downfall Of Mr Peter Scales 238-243 Section 4 The Emergence Of Mr Fung King Hey 244-250 Chapter IX Section 1 The Mo Lo Cha And The Chinese 251-255 Section 2 The Obi Mohan Scandal 256-268 Section 3 The Rise And Fall Of Murjani Industries Ltd 269-275 Chapter X Section 1 HSBC Holdings plc Enters The 21st Century 276-282 Section 2 The Technical Audit Of Pell Frischmann And Partners (Hongkong) Ltd 283-289 Section 3 Come To Carmelot ! 290-296 Section 4 Ito Ay Upuan Ko ! (This Is My Seat !) The Revolt Of The Maids 297-302 Chapter XI Section 1 Mr Li Ka Shing Comes To Town 303-312 Section 2 Mr Li Ka Shing Is Labelled An Insider Dealer 313-325 Section 3 Mr Li Ka Shing Learns A Lesson 326-331 Chapter XII The Life And Times Of A Failure 332-344 Chapter XIII Section 1 Enter The Whirlwind 345-350 Section 2 The First Meeting 351-357 Section 3 The Fall From Grace 358-363 Section 4 The Bombshells 364-373 Section 5 Mr Philip Leigh Tose Gets Roasted 374-379 Chapter XIV Section 1 Ronald Li Fook Shiu Jailed 380-387 Section 2 Was Mr Justice Bokhary Correct ? 388-397 Section 3 Playing His Favourite Game 398-407 Section 4 How Much Is Enough ? 408-418 Section 5 The Merry, Merry Men Go Free 419-426 Section 6 The Club Volvo (Girlie Bar) Plan: What's In A Name ? 427-435 Chapter XV Section 1 The Dire Need For Change 436-444 Section 2 The Government Steps In 445-452


Titel: History of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Untertitel: From Old Boys Club to World Class Bourse
EAN: 9780470830383
ISBN: 978-0-470-83038-3
Format: Fester Einband
Genre: Geschichte
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Jahr: 2016
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