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RoboCup-99: Robot Soccer World Cup III

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This book is the third official archival publication devoted to RoboCup and documents the achievements presented at the Third Robo... Weiterlesen
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This book is the third official archival publication devoted to RoboCup and documents the achievements presented at the Third Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, RoboCup-99, held in Stockholm, Sweden in July/August 1999. The book presents the following parts - Introductory overview and survey - Research papers of the champion teams and scientific award winners - Technical papers presented at the RoboCup-99 Workshop - Team description of a large number of participating teams. This book is mandatory reading for the rapidly growing RoboCup community as well as a valuable source or reference and inspiration for R&D professionals interested in multi-agent systems, distributed artificial intelligence, and intelligent robotics.

Overview of RoboCup-99.- Overview of RoboCup-99.- Champion Teams.- The CMUnited-99 Champion Simulator Team.- Big Red: The Cornell Small League Robot Soccer Team.- Middle Sized Soccer Robots: ARVAND.- Vision Based Behavior Strategy to Play Soccer with Legged Robots.- Scientific Challenge Award Papers.- Automated Assistants to Aid Humans in Understanding Team Behaviors.- LogMonitor: From Player's Action Analysis to Collaboration Analysis and Advice on Formation.- A Statistical Perspective on the RoboCup Simulator League: Progress and Prospects.- Technical Papers.- Real-time Color Detection System using Custom LSI for High-Speed Machine Vision.- A Segmentation System for Soccer Robot Based on Neural Networks.- Practical Camera and Colour Calibration for Large Rooms.- Path Tracking Control of Non-holonomic Car-Like Robot with Reinforcement Learning.- Fast Image Segmentation, Object Recognition and Localization in a RoboCup Scenario.- Using Hierarchical Dynamical Systems to Control Reactive Behavior.- Heterogeneity and On-Board Control in the Small Robots League.- The Body, the Mind or the Eye, first?.- Motion Control in Dynamic Multi-Robot Environments.- Behavior Engineering with Dual Dynamics Models and Design Tools.- Techniques for Obtaining Robust, Real-Time, Colour-Based Vision for Robotics.- Design Issues for a Robocup Goalkeeper.- Layered Reactive Planning in the IALP Team.- From a Concurrent Architecture to a Concurrent Autonomous Agents Architecture.- Tracking and Identifying in Real Time the Robots of a F-180 Team.- VQQL. Applying Vector Quantization to Reinforcement Learning.- Fast Accurate and Robust Self-Localization in the RoboCup Environment.- Self-Localization in the RoboCup Environment.- Virtual RoboCup: Real-Time 3D Visualization of 2D Soccer Games.- The RoboCup-98 Teamwork Evaluation Session: A Preliminary Report.- Towards a Distributed Multi-agent System for a Robotic Soccer Team.- A Multi-threaded Approach to Simulated Soccer Agents for the RoboCup Competition.- A Functional Architecture for a Team of Fully Autonomous Cooperative Robots.- Extension of the Behaviour Oriented Commands (BOC) Model for the Design of a Team of Soccer Players Robots.- Modular Simulator: A Draft of New Simulator for RoboCup.- Programming Real Time Distributed Multiple Robotic Systems.- The Attempto RoboCup Robot Team.- Rogi Team Real: Dynamical Physical Agents.- Learning to Behave by Environment Reinforcement.- End User Specification of RoboCup Teams.- Purposeful Behavior in Robot Soccer Team Play.- Autonomous Information Indication System.- Spatial Agents Implemented in a Logical Expressible Language.- Layered Learning and Flexible Teamwork in RoboCup Simulation Agents.- A Method for Localization by Integration of Imprecise Vision and a Field Model.- Multiple Reward Criterion for Cooperative Behavior Acquisition in a Multiagent Environment.- BDI Design Principles and Cooperative Implementation in RoboCup.- Team Descriptions.- AT Humboldt in RoboCup-99 (Team description).- Cyberoos'99: Tactical Agents in the RoboCup Simulation League.- 11Monkeys Description.- Team Erika.- Essex Wizards'99 Team Description.- FCFoo99.- Footux Team Description A Hybrid Recursive Based Agent Architecture.- Gongeroos'99.- Headless Chickens III.- IALP.- Kappa-II.- Karlsruhe Brainstormers - Design Principles.- Kasugabito III.- RoboCup-99 Simulation League: Team KU-Sakura2.- The magmaFreiburg Soccer Team.- Mainz Rolling Brains.- NITStones-99.- Oulu 99.- Pardis.- PaSo-Team'99.- PSI Team.- RoboLog Koblenz.- Rational Agents by Reviewing Techniques.- The Ulm Sparrows 99.- UBU Team.- YowAI.- Zeng99: RoboCup simulation team with Hierarchical Fuzzy Intelligent Control and Cooperative Development.- Small-Size Robot (F180) League.- All Botz.- Big Red: The Cornell Small League Robot Soccer Team.- The CMUnited-99 Small-Size Robot Team.- 5dpo Team Description.- FU-Fighters Team Description.- Linked99.- OWARI-BITO.- Rogi 2 Team Description.- Temasek Polytechnic RoboCup Team-TPOTs.- The VUB AI-lab RoboCup'99 Small League Team.- Middle-Size Robot (F2000) League.- Agilo RoboCuppers: RoboCup Team Description.- ART99 - Azzurra Robot Team.- CoPS-Team Description.- CS Freiburg' 99.- DREAMTEAM 99: Team Description Paper.- Description of the GMD RoboCup-99 Team.- ISocRob Intelligent Society of Robots.- KIRC: Kyutech Intelligent Robot Club.- The Concept of Matto.- The RoboCup-NAIST.- Robot Football Team from Minho University.- Real MagiCol 99: Team Description.- RMIT Raiders.- Design and Construction of a Soccer Player Robot ARVAND.- The Team Description of Osaka University Trackies-99.- 5dpo-2000 Team Description.- Sony Legged Robot League.- Team ARAIBO.- BabyTigers-99: Osaka Legged Robot Team.- CM-Trio-99.- Humboldt Hereos in RoboCup-99 (Team description).- McGill RedDogs.- Team Sweden.- UNSW United.- UPennalizers: The University of Pennsylvania RoboCup Legged Soccer Team.


Titel: RoboCup-99: Robot Soccer World Cup III
EAN: 9783540410430
ISBN: 3540410430
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Jahr: 2000
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2000

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