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RoboCup 2001: Robot Soccer World Cup V

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RoboCup 2001, the Fifth Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, was held from August 2 10, 2001, at the Washington State Con... Weiterlesen
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RoboCup 2001, the Fifth Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, was held from August 2 10, 2001, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, USA. Like the previous international RoboCup events RoboCup 97 in Nagoya, Japan; RoboCup 98 in Paris, France; RoboCup 99 in Stockholm, Sweden; and RoboCup 2000 in Melbourne, Australia RoboCup 2001 included a symposium as well as several robotic competitions. Both parts, the symposium and the tournaments, are documented in this book. The symposium received over 80 submissions of which 18 were selected for full presentation, i. e. , a talk at the symposium and a 10-page contribution to this book, and 40 were selected as posters, i. e. , a poster presentation at the s- posium and a 6-page contribution to this book. Among the full presentations, ?ve were selected as ?nalists for the Scienti?c and the Engineering Challenge Awards. These ?ve papers are presented separately in the second chapter of this book. The Scienti?c Challenge Award went to the contribution A Control Method for Humanoid Biped Walking with Limited Torque by Fuminori - masaki, Ken Endo, Minoru Asada, and Hiroaki Kitano. The Engineering Ch- lenge Award was given to the paper A Fast Vision System for Middle Size Robots in RoboCup by M. Jamzad, B. S. Sadjad, V. S. Mirrokni, M. Kazemi, R. Ghorbani, A. Foroughnassiraei, H. Chitsaz, and A. Heydarnoori. The s- posium also featured an invited talk by Prof.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

The Tournament Results of the Different Leagues of RoboCup-2001.- The Tournament Results of the Different Leagues of RoboCup-2001.- Champion Teams.- Global Planning from Local Eyeshot: An Implementation of Observation-Based Plan Coordination in RoboCup Simulation Games.- LuckyStar II - Team Description Paper.- CS Freiburg 2001.- The UNSW RoboCup 2001 Sony Legged Robot League Team.- YabAI The First Rescue Simulation League Champion.- Challenge Award Finalists.- A Control Method for Humanoid Biped Walking with Limited Torque.- A Fast Vision System for Middle Size Robots in RoboCup.- Designing an Omnidirectional Vision System for a Goalkeeper Robot.- RoboBase: An Extensible Framework Supporting Immediate Remote Access to Logfiles.- Agent Based Approach in Disaster Rescue Simulation - From Test-Bed of Multiagent System to Practical Application.- Technical Papers Full Papers.- Planning and Executing Joint Navigation Tasks in Autonomous Robot Soccer.- A Case Study of How Mobile Robot Competitions Promote Future Research.- CS Freiburg: Global View by Cooperative Sensing.- Multi-sensor Navigation for Soccer Robots.- Visual Attention Control by Sensor Space Segmentation for a Small Quadruped Robot Based on Information Criterion.- Language Design for Rescue Agents.- Specifying Rational Agents with Statecharts and Utility Functions.- COACH UNILANG - A Standard Language for Coaching a (Robo) Soccer Team.- Cooperative Probabilistic State Estimation for Vision-Based Autonomous Soccer Robots.- High-Speed Obstacle Avoidance and Self-Localization for Mobile Robots Based on Omni-directional Imaging of Floor Region.- Keepaway Soccer: A Machine Learning Test bed.- Strategy Learning for a Team in Adversary Environments.- Evolutionary Behavior Selection with Activation/Termination Constraints.- Poster Descriptions.- Stereo Obstacle Detection Method for a Hybrid Omni-directional/Pin-Hole Vision System.- Self-Localisation Revisited.- Yue-Fei: Object Orientation and Id without Additional Markers.- Efficient Image Processing for Increased Resolution and Color Correctness of CMOS Image Sensors.- Comparison of Several Machine Learning Techniques in Pursuit-Evasion Games.- A Simple and Accurate Camera Calibration for the F180 RoboCup League.- Implementing Computer Vision Algorithms in Hardware: An FPGA/VHDL-Based Vision System for a Mobile Robot.- A Framework for Robust Sensing in Multi-agent Systems.- Fast Parametric Transitions for Smooth Quadrupedal Motion.- Biter: A Platform for the Teaching and Research of Multiagent Systems' Design Using RoboCup.- ViperRoos: Developing a Low Cost Local Vision Team for the Small Size League.- Design and Implementation of Cognitive Soccer Robots.- Genetic Programming for Robot Soccer.- As Time Goes By - Using Time Series Based Decision Tree Induction to Analyze the Behaviour of Opponent Players.- KENSEI-chan: Design of a Humanoid for Running.- Supervision of Robot Control.- Walkie-Talkie MIKE.- Quadruped Robot Navigation Considering the Observational Cost.- Evolving Fuzzy Logic Controllers for Sony Legged Robots.- A Method for Incorporation of New Evidence to Improve World State Estimation.- Omnidirectional Locomotion for Quadruped Robots.- An Omnidirectional Vision System That Finds and Tracks Color Edges and Blobs.- A Generalised Approach to Position Selection for Simulated Soccer Agents.- On the Motion Control of a Nonholonomic Soccer Playing Robot.- Evaluation of the Performance of CS Freiburg 1999 and CS Freiburg 2000.- Using the Electric Field Approach in the RoboCup Domain.- A Two-Tiered Approach to Self- Localization.- Miro Middleware for Cooperative Robotics.- Building User Models for RoboCup-Rescue Visualization.- A Modular Hierarchical Behavior-Based Architecture.- Localization and Obstacles Detection Using Omni-directional Vertical Stereo Vision.- Karlsruhe Brainstormers - A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Robotic Soccer.- Interpretation of Spatio-temporal Relations in Real-Time and Dynamic Environments.- Stochastic Gradient Descent Localisation in Quadruped Robots.- Recognizing Probabilistic Opponent Movement Models.- Design and Implementation of a Soccer Robot with Modularized Control Circuits.- Cooperation-Based Behavior Design.- Multi-platform Soccer Robot Development System.- On-line Navigation of Mobile Robot Among Moving Obstacles Using Ultrasonic Sensors.- Team Descriptions Simulation League.- 11monkeys3 Team Description.- 3T Architecture for the SBCe Simulator Team.- Architecture of TsinghuAeolus.- ATTUnited-2001: Using Heterogeneous Players.- Behavior Combination and Swarm Programming.- ChaMeleons-01 Team Description.- Cyberoos'2001: Deep Behaviour Projection Agent Architecture.- Essex Wizards 2001 Team Description.- FC Portugal 2001 Team Description: Flexible Teamwork and Configurable Strategy.- Helli-Respina 2001 Team Description Paper.- Lazarus Team Description.- RoboLog Koblenz 2001.- Team Description Mainz Rolling Brains 2001.- Team Description of NITStones 2001.- Team YowAI-2001 Description.- The Dirty Dozen Team and Coach Description.- UQ CrocaRoos: An Initial Entry to the Simulation League.- UvA Trilearn 2001 Team Description.- Zeng01 Team Description: Formation Decision Method Using Game Theory.- Small-Size Robot (F180) League.- 4 Stooges.- 5dpo Team Description.- CM-Dragons'01 - Vision-Based Motion Tracking and Heteregenous Robots.- FU-Fighters 2001 (Global Vision).- FU-Fighters Omni 2001 (Local Vision).- Owaribito A Team Description.- RoboCup 2001 (F180) Team Description: RoboSix UPMC-CFA (France).- Rogi Team Description.- Roobots.- Sharif CESR Small Size Robocup Team.- The Team Description of the Team OMNI.- UQ RoboRoos: Achieving Power and Agility in a Small Size Robot.- ViperRoos 2001.- Middle-Size Robot (F2000) League.- AGILO RoboCuppers 2001: Utility- and Plan-Based Action Selection Based on Probabilistically Estimated Game Situations.- Artisti Veneti: An Heterogeneous Robot Team for the 2001 Middle-Size League.- Basic Requirements for a Teamwork in Middle Size RoboCup.- Clockwork Orange: The Dutch RoboSoccer Team.- CMU Hammerheads 2001 Team Description.- CoPS-Team Description.- Fun2Mas: The Milan Robocup Team.- Fusion.- GMD-Robots.- ISocRob 2001 Team Description.- MINHO Robot Football Team for 2001.- Osaka University Trackies 2001.- ROBOSIX UPMC-CFA: RoboCup Team Description.- S.P.Q.R. Wheeled Team.- Team Description Eigen.- The Ulm Sparrows 2001.- Sony Legged Robot League.- ASURA: Kyushu United Team in the Four Legged Robot League.- BabyTigers 2001: Osaka Legged Robot Team.- Cerberus 2001 Team Description.- CM-Pack'01: Fast Legged Robot Walking, Robust Localization, and Team Behaviors.- Essex Rovers 2001 Team Description.- French LRP Team's Description.- GermanTeam 2001.- McGill Reddogs.- RoboMutts++.- S.P.Q.R. Legged Team.- Team Description: UW Huskies-01.- Team Sweden.- The Team Description of ARAIBO.- The University of Pennsylvania RoboCup Legged Soccer Team.- Wright Eagle 2001 - Sony Legged Robot Team.- Rescue Simulation League.- A Design of Agents for the Disaster Simulator on RoboCup-Rescue.- An Approach to Multi-agent Communication Used in RobocupRescue.- Task Allocation in the RoboCup Rescue Simulation Domain: A Short Note.- Team Description for RMIT-on-Fire: Robocup Rescue Simulation Team 2001.


Titel: RoboCup 2001: Robot Soccer World Cup V
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