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Proteases II

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We are pleased to present to our readers the Proceedings of the Second International Symposium "Proteases: Potential Role in ... Weiterlesen
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We are pleased to present to our readers the Proceedings of the Second International Symposium "Proteases: Potential Role in Health and Disease" which was held in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (FRG) during May 17-20, 1987. The topics discussed included those dealing with the physiology and pathophysiology of proteases and their inhibitors, the inter actions of proteases and hormones, the kallikrein-kinin, com plement and coagulation system, the function of proteases in arthritis, malignoma, pancreatitis, intestinal tract, lung and kidney disease as well as in hypercatabolic states (acute renal failure, multiple trauma and septicemia). Furthermore some reports dealed with the role of proteases during extracorporeal circulation. The papers presented answered many questions, but raised many more concerning the significance of proteases and their in hibitors in clinical medicine. It was unfortunately impossible in this volume, to include the extended, lively and stimulating discussions which were enjoyed by the participiants during the conference. The meeting has provided a unique framework for close inter action between scientists from various disciplines, including molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, surgery, anaesthe siology, endocrinology, hematology, pneumatology and nephrology.


I Physiology and Pathophysiology of Proteases and Their Inhibitors.- Aspartic Proteinases and Inhibitors for their Control in Health and Disease.- Human Neutral Endopeptidase 24.11 (NEP, Enkephalinase); Function, Distribution and Release.- Neutrophil Elastase and Cathepsin G: Structure, Function and Biological Control.- The Degradation of Collagen by a Metalloproteinase from Human Leucocytes.- Plasma Membrane Proteases as Useful Tool in Histochemical Toxicology.- Activation of Leukocytes During Prolonged Physical Exercise.- Inhibition of Human Neutrophil Elastase by Polyguanylic Acid and other Synthetic Polynucleotides.- Inhibition of Human Neutrophil Elastase by Acid-Soluble Inter-Alpha-Trypsin Inhibitor.- Development of Eglin c as a Drug: Pharmacokinetics.- Monoclonal Antibodies Recognizing Inter-Alpha-Trypsin-Inhibitor and its Related Fragments - Evidence for the Involvement of the Proteinase Inhibitor in Cutaneous (Patho-)Physiology.- Inhibition of Human Chymotrypsin-Like Proteases by Alpha-1-Proteinase Inhibitor and Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin.- Immunoreactive Pancreatic Secretory Trypsin Inhibitor in Gastrointestinal Mucosa.- II Proteases and Lung.- Semisynthetic Inhibitors of Human Leukocyte Elastase and their Protective Effect on Lung Elastin Degradation in vitro.- Human Bronchial Proteinase Inhibitor: Rapid Purification Procedure and Inhibition of Luecocyte Elastase in Presence and in Absence of Human Lung Elastin.- Functional Studies of Human Secretory Leucocyte Protease Inhibitor.- The Role of Chymase in Ionophore-Induced Histamine Release from Humanm Pulmonary Mast Cells.- Proteolytic Activities in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Correlate to Stage and Course of Interstitial Lung Disease.- Behaviour of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, Hydroxyproline and some Protease Inhibitors in Pulmonary Sarciodosis.- Experemental Studies on the Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Elastase Infusion in Normal and Agranulocytic Minipigs.- III Proteases and Liver.- Arginylation, Surface Hydrophobicity and Degradation of Cytosol Proteins from Rat Hepatocytes.- Proteinases Inhibitors as Acute Phase Reactants: Regulation of Synthesis and Turnover.- Regulation of Proteinase Activity by High Molecular Weight Inhibitors: Biosynthesis of Rat Alpha-Macroglobulins.- Induction of the Proteinase Inhibitor Alpha-2-Macroglobulin in Rat Hepatocytes by a Monocyte-Derived Factor.- Astrocytes Synthesize and Secrete ?2-Macroglobulin: Differences Between the Regulation of ?2-Macroglobulin Synthesis in Rat Liver and Brain.- Characterization of Different Forms of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV from Rat Liver and Hepatoma by Monoclomal Antibodies.- IV Muscle Protein Degradation.- Non-Lysosomal, High-Molecular-Mass Cysteine Proteinases from Rat Skeletal Muscle.- Role of Factors Derived from Activated Macrophages in Regulation of Muscle Protein Turnover.- Responses of Lysosomal and Non-Lysosomal Proteases to Unloading of the Soleus.- Capthesin B and D Activity in Human Skeletal Muscle in Disease States.- Hormonal Regulation of Muscle Protein Catabolism in Acutely Uremic Rats: Effect of Adrenalectomy and Parathyroidectomy.- V Proteases, Kidney and Uremia.- Relation Between Urinary Proteinases and Proteinuria in Rats with a Glomerular Disease.- Characterization and Clinical Role of Glomecular and Tubular Proteases from Human Kidney.- Effect of Glomerural Proteinuria on the Activities of Lysosomal Proteases in Isolated Segments of Rat Proximal Tubule.- Meprin Phenotype and Cyclosporin A Toxicity in Mice.- Potential Role of Lysosomal Proteases in Gentamicin Neprotoxicity.- Urinary Proteinase Activity in Patiens with Acute Renal Failure after Trauma and Kidney Transplantation.- Mechanisms for Activation of Proteolysis in Uremia.- Evidence for the Role of Proteinases in Uremic Catabolism.- Eglin C Fails to Reduce Catabolism in Acutely Uremic Rats.- Evidence for Protein Split Produts in Plasma of Patients with Acute Renal Failure.- Proteases and Antiproteases at Different Vascular Sites in Renal Failure.- Protease Histochemistry in Normal and Uremic Rats.- Total Kininogen Levels, Plasma Renin Activity, Dopamine-Beta-Hydroxylase and Plasma Catecholamines in Chronic and Acute Renal Failure.- VI Proteolytic Enzymes During Extracorporal Circulation.- Biocompatibility of Dialysis Membranes: Factor H Binding Correlates Inversely with Complement Activation Indicating a Local Imbalance of Involved Proteases/Anti-Proteases.- Hemodialysis with Curophane Membranes Leads to Alternation of Granulocyte Oxidative Metabolism and Leukocyte Sequestion in the Lung.- Effect of Immunsuppresion on the Release of Main Granulocyte Components: In Vivo and in Vitro Studies.- Release of Granulocyte Proteins During Cardiopulmonary Bypass: Effect of Different Pharmacological Interventions.- Significant Role of Protease Inhibition by Aprotinin in Myocardial Protection from Prolonged Cardioplegia with Hypotermia.- Fibrinolysis Caused by Cardio-Pulmonary Bybass and Shed Mediastinal Blood Retransfusion - Is it of Clinical Relevance?.- VII Proteinases in Catabolic States.- Nutrition and Protease Activity.- Insulin Degradation after Injury in Man.- Endotoxin Abolishes the Induction of Alpha-2-Macroglobulin Synthesis in Cultured Human Monocytes Indicating Inhibition of the Terminal Monocyte Maturation into Macrophages.- Local and General Defence Mechanisms in Bacterial and Chemical Peritonitis.- Deficient Phagocytosis Secondary to Proteolytic Breakdown of Opsonins in Peritonitis Exudate.- Proteolysis and Lipid Peroxidation - Two Aspects of Cell Injury in Experimental Hypovolemic-Traumatic Shock.- Plasma Levels of Elastase 1 Protease Inhibitor Complex in the Monitoring of Ards and Multi-Organ Failure - A Summary of Three Clinical Trials.- PMN Elastase and Leukocyte Neutral Proteinase Inhibitor (LNPI) from Granulocytes as Inflammation Markers in Experimental-Septicemia.- Plasma Derivative Replacement Therapy in Diss.Intranvasc.Coag. (DIC) Induced by Septic Disorders with highly Elevated Elastase Alpha-1-AT-Complexes.- Neutrophil Elastase, Trhombin and Plasmin in Septic Shock.- Elastase-Alpha-1-Proteinase Inhibitor: An Early Indicator of Septicemia and Bacterial Meningitis in Childhood.- Serum Pancreatic Secretory Trypsin Inhibitor (PSTI) in Seriuosly Injured and Septic Patients.- Changes in PMN-Elastase in Blood and in Renal and Plasma Kallikrien-Kinin Systems after Severe Burn Injury.- Serum Pancreatic Seccretory Trypsin Inhibitor (PSTI) in Patients with Inflammatory Diseases.- The Effect of Aprotinin Administration on the Intraoperative Histamine Release and Haemostatic Disorders.- Increased Mortality in Septic Rats after Leupeptin Application.- Lysosomal Enzymes and Granulocyte Elastase in Synovial Fluid after Multiple Traumatic Injuries.- A Serine Proteinase Inhibitor in Human Articular Cartilage Possible Role in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Joint Diseaeses.- Detection of Granulocyte Elastase Specific IgG Split Products in Rheumatoid Synovial Fluid.- VIII Proteases and Malignoma.- The T Cell Specific Serine Proteinase TSP-1: Biochemical Characterization, Genetic Analysis, and Functional Role.- Pancreatic Ssecretory Trypsin Inhibitor in Cancer.- Proteases and Antiproteases in Ascites-Differentiation of Malignant and Nonmalignant Ascites and Prediction of Coagulopathy in Ascites Retransfusion.- Alpha-1-Antitrypsin and Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin Serum Level in Relation to Staging and Postoperative Clinical Course of Human Colorectal Cancer.- Inhibition of Proteases During Extracorporeal Extremity Perfusion.


Titel: Proteases II
Untertitel: Potential Role in Health and Disease
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