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Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2003

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This volume contains the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (C... Weiterlesen
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This volume contains the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2003), held in Kinsale, Ireland, from September 29 to October 3, 2003. Detailed information about the CP 2003 conference can be found at the URL The CP conferences are held annually and provide an international forum for the latest results on all aspects of constraint programming. Previous CP conferences were held in Cassis (France) in 1995, in Cambridge (USA) in 1996, in Schloss Hagenberg (Austria) in 1997, in Pisa (Italy) in 1998, in Alexandria (USA) in 1999, in Singapore in 2000, in Paphos (Cyprus) in 2001, and in Ithaca (USA) in 2002. Like previous CP conferences, CP 2003 again showed the interdisciplinary nature of computing with constraints, and also its usefulness in many problem domains and applications. Constraint programming, with its solvers, languages, theoretical results, and applications, has become a widely recognized paradigm to model and solve successfully many real-life problems, and to reason about problems in many research areas.

Includes supplementary material:

Invited Papers.- Ten Challenges Redux: Recent Progress in Propositional Reasoning and Search.- Automated Mechanism Design: A New Application Area for Search Algorithms.- Languages versus Packages for Constraint Problem Solving.- Constraint Patterns.- Best Paper.- Control Abstractions for Local Search.- Full Papers.- Improved Algorithms for Counting Solutions in Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Boosting Chaff's Performance by Incorporating CSP Heuristics.- Efficient CNF Encoding of Boolean Cardinality Constraints.- A Two-Stage Hybrid Algorithm for Pickup and Delivery Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Windows.- Solving Finite Domain Constraint Hierarchies by Local Consistency and Tree Search.- hibiscus: A Constraint Programming Application to Staff Scheduling in Health Care.- Constraint-Based Optimization with the Minimax Decision Criterion.- An Algebraic Approach to Multi-sorted Constraints.- Periodic Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Polynomial-Time Algorithms.- Box Constraint Collections for Adhoc Constraints.- Propagation Redundancy in Redundant Modelling.- Soft Constraints: Complexity and Multimorphisms.- Constraint Satisfaction Differential Problems.- A Wealth of SAT Distributions with Planted Assignments.- Redundant Modeling for the QuasiGroup Completion Problem.- Open Constraint Optimization.- Constraints for Breaking More Row and Column Symmetries.- Generic SBDD Using Computational Group Theory.- Using Stochastic Local Search to Solve Quantified Boolean Formulae.- Solving Max-SAT as Weighted CSP.- Constraint Reasoning over Strings.- Tractability by Approximating Constraint Languages.- A Hybrid Constraint Programming and Semidefinite Programming Approach for the Stable Set Problem.- A Constraint-Aided Conceptual Design Environment for Autodesk Inventor.- Fast Bound Consistency for the Global Cardinality Constraint.- Propagating N-Ary Rigid-Body Constraints.- Solving 'Still Life' with Soft Constraints and Bucket Elimination.- Exploiting Multidirectionality in Coarse-Grained Arc Consistency Algorithms.- Local-Search Techniques for Propositional Logic Extended with Cardinality Constraints.- Discrepancy-Based Additive Bounding for the AllDifferent Constraint.- A Synthesis of Constraint Satisfaction and Constraint Solving.- Maintaining Longest Paths Incrementally.- Resolution and Constraint Satisfaction.- Generating High Quality Schedules for a Spacecraft Memory Downlink Problem.- Symmetry Breaking Using Stabilizers.- An Efficient Bounds Consistency Algorithm for the Global Cardinality Constraint.- Solving Existentially Quantified Constraints with One Equality and Arbitrarily Many Inequalities.- Using Constraint Programming to Solve the Maximum Clique Problem.- Greater Efficiency for Conditional Constraint Satisfaction.- Incremental Computation of Resource-Envelopes in Producer-Consumer Models.- Approximated Consistency for Knapsack Constraints.- Cost-Based Filtering for Shorter Path Constraints.- Bounded Backtracking for the Valued Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Consistency and Propagation with Multiset Constraints: A Formal Viewpoint.- Pruning while Sweeping over Task Intervals.- Improving Backtrack Search for Solving the TCSP.- Certainty Closure.- Poster Papers.- clp(pdf(y)): Constraints for Probabilistic Reasoning in Logic Programming.- To Be or Not to Be ... a Global Constraint.- Constraint Programming for Modelling and Solving Modal Satisfiability.- Distributed Forward Checking.- A New Class of Binary CSPs for which Arc-Consistency Is a Decision Procedure.- Semi-automatic Modeling by Constraint Acquisition.- Structured vs. Unstructured Large Neighborhood Search: A Case Study on Job-Shop Scheduling Problems with Earliness and Tardiness Costs.- Using the Breakout Algorithm to Identify Hard and Unsolvable Subproblems.- Toy(FD): Sketch of Operational Semantics.- Scheduling in the Face of Uncertain Resource Consumption and Utility.- Supertree Construction with Constraint Programming.- (In)Effectiveness of Look-Ahead Techniques in a Modern SAT Solver.- Reduce and Assign: A Constraint Logic Programming and Local Search Integration Framework to Solve Combinatorial Search Problems.- A Canonicity Test for Configuration.- Improved Algorithms for Max-restricted Path Consistency.- CP-IP Techniques for the Bid Evaluation in Combinatorial Auctions.- A Two-Level Search Strategy for Packing Unequal Circles into a Circle Container.- Unrestricted Nogood Recording in CSP Search.- Constraints over Ontologies.- Using Constraints for Exploring Catalogs.- Intermediate (Learned) Consistencies.- Semi-independent Partitioning: A Method for Bounding the Solution to COP's.- Boosting as a Metaphor for Algorithm Design.- An Efficient Filtering Algorithm for Disjunction of Constraints.- INCOP: An Open Library for INcomplete Combinatorial OPtimization.- A Composition Algorithm for Very Hard Graph 3-Colorability Instances.- Efficient Representation of Discrete Sets for Constraint Programming.- Applying Interchangeability Techniques to the Distributed Breakout Algorithm.- Symmetry Breaking in Graceful Graphs.- Tree Local Search.- A SAT-Based Approach to Multiple Sequence Alignment.- Maintaining Dominance Consistency.- Terminating Decision Algorithms Optimally.- Scene Reconstruction Based on Constraints: Details on the Equation System Decomposition.- Doctoral Abstracts.- A New Approach to Solving SAT-Encoded Binary CSPs.- FeReRA: A Multi-agent Approach to Constraint Satisfaction.- Semantic Decomposition for Solving Distance Constraints.- Using Constraint Programming and Simulation for Execution Monitoring and On-Line Rescheduling with Uncertainty.- On the Enhancement of the Informed Backtracking Algorithm.- Extending CLP with Metaheuristics.- Self Configuring Constraint Programming Systems.- Interactive Tradeoff Generation.- Introducing esra, a Relational Language for Modelling Combinatorial Problems (Abstract).- Abstracting Constraints Using Constraints.- Sensitivity Analysis in CSPs.- Solution Stability in Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- distn: An Euclidean Distance Global Constraint.- Algorithmic Mechanism Design and Constraints.- Preference Constraints: New Global Soft Constraints Dedicated to Preference Binary Relations.- Optimising the Representation and Evaluation of Semiring Combination Constraints.- Symmetry Breaking Ordering Constraints.- Observation of Constraint Programs.- Search Programming.- Exploiting Microstructure in CSPs.- Using Case-Based Reasoning to Write Constraint Programs.- Reformulation Techniques for a Class of Permutation Problems.- NuSBDS: An Easy to Use Symmetry Breaking System.- Interactivity in Constraint Programming.- Identifying Inconsistent CSPs by Relaxation.- Useful Explanations.- Teacher and Learner Profiles for Constraint Acquisition.- Comparison of Symmetry Breaking Methods.- Improved Branch and Bound Algorithms for Max-2-SAT and Weighted Max-2-SAT.- Search for Mathematical Objects.- Explanations for Global Constraints.- Watching Clauses in Quantified Boolean Formulae.- Distributed Constraint-Based Railway Simulation.- Dynamic Step Size Adjustment in Iterative Deepening Search.- Learning Good Variable Orderings.- An Adaptive Controller for Real-Time Resolution of the Vehicle Routing Problem.- ?-Dynamic Controllability of Simple Temporal Problems with Preferences and Uncertainty.- Computing Explanations for Global Scheduling Constraints.- Restart Strategies: Analysis and Simulation.- OpenSolver: A Coordination-Enabled Abstract Branch-and-Prune Tree Search Engine.


Titel: Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2003
Untertitel: 9th International Conference, CP 2003, Kinsale, Ireland, September 29 - October 3, 2003, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540202028
ISBN: 978-3-540-20202-8
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1008
Gewicht: 1536g
Größe: H69mm x B238mm x T154mm
Jahr: 2003
Untertitel: Deutsch
Auflage: 2003. 2003

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