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Portal Hypertension in the 21st Century

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Portal hypertension is the most important complication of a great variety of both acute and chronic liver diseases. Nevertheless, ... Weiterlesen
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Portal hypertension is the most important complication of a great variety of both acute and chronic liver diseases. Nevertheless, hepatic cirrhosis is the most frequent cause of portal hypertension. Gastrointestinal bleeding due to rupture of oesophageal varices is, without doubt, the most severe complication of portal hypertension. At present, great advances are being made in the pathophysiology and in the development of new therapeutic tools for controlling and preventing this severe clinical event.
This book contains the papers presented and discussed during the Symposium on 'Portal Hypertension in the 21st Century', held in Montréal, Canada, in April 2004, and sponsored by Axcan Pharma Inc. and NicOx S.A. There are eight sections covering basic mechanisms, new drugs, prevention and current treatment of variceal bleeding, prevention of recurrent bleeding and hepatic hemodynamic monitoring.
An international faculty of authors have contributed chapters at an outstanding scientific level which will be vital reading for scientists and clinicians alike.

List of principal contributors. Preface. Section I: Epidemiology And Genetics. 1: Risk factors and natural history of gallstone disease; W Kratzer. 2: Low phospholipid-associated cholelithiasis: association with mutation in the MDR3/ABCB4 gene; O Rosmorduc, R Poupon. 3: Cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase (CYP7A1) gene mutation: another cause for gallstone formation?; CR Pullinger, C Eng, MJ Malloy, JP Kane. 4: Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene mutations cause `black' pigment gallstone formation: new insights from mouse models and implications for therapeutic interventions in cystic fibrosis; AL Broderick, H Wittenburg, MA Lyons, KDR Setchell, AF Hofmann, MC Carey. 5: Molecular genetics of gallstone formation: human association studies and comparative genomics; F Lammert, HE Wasmuth, S Matern. Section II: Biliary Lipid Secretion. 6: Hepatocellular transport of cholesterol; M Fuchs. 7: Effect of an Abcc2 missense mutation on biliary lipid secretion and lithogenicity of bile; G Bouchard, MC Carey, B Paigen. 8: The role of ABCG5 and ABCG8 in biliary lipid secretion; E Vink, A Kosters, RJJM Frijters, AK Groen. 9: Biphasic response of hepatobiliary cholesterol metabolism to leptin at the onset of diet-induced obesity; S Roy, DE Cohen. 10: Epidemiology and molecular pathogenesis of primary hepatolithiasis; J Shoda, N Tanaka, T Osuga. 11: Bilirubin and cholesterol gallstone formation: phospholipase and &bgr;-glucuronidase as factors affecting cholesterol crystallization; S Tazuma, Y Sunami, K Nakai, T Nishioka, H Hyogo, K Kanno, Y Numata, A Yamaguchi, D Komichi, T Kobuke, M Nonaka, K Iwamoto, M Inoue, Y Nabeshima, M Ogi, T Ishitobi, T Ajima, K Chayama. Section III: Gallbladder Function And Lipid Absorption. 12: Gene polymorphisms and impaired gallbladder motility; DM Klass. 13: Molecular dynamics simulation of cholesterol nucleation in mixed micelles modelling human bile; SJ Marrink. 14: Pigment gallstones: an intestinal disease?; NMéndez-Sánchez, N Chavez-Tapia, K Sánchez, J Bordes, M Uribe. 15: Bile acid transporters and cholelithiasis; I Bergheim, S Harsch, O Mueller, S Schimmel, P Fritz, EF Stange. 16: Reconstitution of fat absorption by phosphatidylcholine-cholesterol vesicles during bile deficiency in rats; HJ Verkade, R Havinga, S Tazuma, H Elzinga, F Stellaard, F Kuipers, T Nishioka. Section IV: Non-Surgical Treatment Of Gallstone Disease. 17: Non-surgical treatment of gallbladder stones: still a role for ursodeoxycholic acid?; U Beuers. 18: Prevention of gallstone-related complications with ursodeoxycholic acid; GP van Berge-Henegouwen, NG Venneman, P Portincasa, KJ van Erpecum. 19: Fatty acid bile acid conjugates novel agents for prevention and treatment of gallstones; FM Konikoff, A Frenkel, T Gilat. 20: Gallstone pancreatitis; KJ van Erpecum, NG Venneman, LP Van Minnen, GP van Berge Henegouwen. 21: Imaging of bile duct stones; M Sackmann, K-D Schmidt. 22: Endoscopic therapy of bile duct stones; H Schwacha. Section V: Surgical Treatment Of Gallstone Disease. 23: Surgical treatment of gallstone disease always laparoscopic?; UT Hopt. 24: Complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy; KP Thon. 25: Postcholecystectomy syndrome; D Jüngst, G Straub, G Sauter. 26: State of the art gallstone research in the post-genomic era; MC Carey, RS Kwon, KJ Maurer, JG Fox. Colour figures. Index.


Titel: Portal Hypertension in the 21st Century
Untertitel: The proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Axcan Pharma Inc. and NicOx S.A., held in Montrél, Canada, April 2-4, 2004
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ISBN: 9401037744
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Auflage: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2004