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Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Appl... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2005. The book presents 135 papers organized in topical sections on parallel and distributed architectures, parallel and distributed non-numerical algorithms, performance analysis, prediction and optimization, grid programming, tools and environments for clusters and grids, applications of parallel/distributed/grid computing, evolutionary computing with applications, parallel data mining, parallel numerics, and mathematical and computing methods.

Post-proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics, PPAM 2005

Presents 135 papers, chosen and revised

Topics include parallel and distributed architectures, parallel and distributed non-numerical algorithms, performance analysis, prediction and optimization, grid programming, and much more

Parallel and Distributed Architectures.- Multi-version Coherence Protocol for Replicated Shared Objects.- Checkpointing Speculative Distributed Shared Memory.- Evaluation of the Acknowledgment Reduction in a Software-DSM System.- Taking Advantage of the SHECS-Based Critical Sections in the Shared Memory Parallel Architectures.- Dynamic SMP Clusters in SoC Technology Towards Massively Parallel Fine Grain Numerics.- Paralel and Distributed Non-numerical Algorithms.- Frequency of Co-operation of Parallel Simulated Annealing Processes.- Maximal Group Membership in Ad Hoc Networks.- Multi-thread Processing of Long Aggregates Lists.- A New Algorithm for Generation of Exactly MBlock Set Partitions in Associative Model.- A Self-stabilizing Algorithm for Finding a Spanning Tree in a Polynomial Number of Moves.- Massive Concurrent Deletion of Keys in B*-Tree.- The Distributed Stigmergic Algorithm for Multi-parameter Optimization.- Performance Analysis, Prediction and Optimization.- Total Exchange Performance Modelling Under Network Contention.- Towards the Performance Visualization of Web-Service Based Applications.- Parallel Machine Scheduling of Deteriorating Jobs by Modified Steepest Descent Search.- A Study on Load Imbalance in Parallel Hypermatrix Multiplication Using OpenMP.- Common Due Window Assignment in Parallel Processor Scheduling Problem with Nonlinear Penalty Functions.- Distributed Architecture System for Computer Performance Testing.- Data Access Time Estimation for the CASTOR HSM System.- Towards Distributed Monitoring and Performance Analysis Services in the K-WfGrid Project.- A New Diagonal Blocking Format and Model of Cache Behavior for Sparse Matrices.- Grid Programming.- GridSpace Semantic Programming Environment for the Grid.- Applications Control on Grid with Synchronizers.- Alchemi+: An Agent-Based Approach to Grid Programming.- Tools and Environments for Clusters and Grids.- Bridging the Gap Between Cluster and Grid Computing.- A Broker Based Architecture for Automated Discovery and Invocation of Stateful Services.- Remote Parallel I/O in Grid Environments.- Remote Task Submission and Publishing in BeesyCluster: Security and Efficiency of Web Service Interface.- Open MPI: A Flexible High Performance MPI.- ClusteriX Data Management System and Its Integration with Applications.- Grid Access and User Interface in CLUSTERIX Project.- An Architecture for Reconfigurable Iterative MPI Applications in Dynamic Environments.- Parallel Computing in Java: Looking for the Most Effective RMI Implementation for Clusters.- Practical Experience in Building an Agent System for Semantics-Based Provision and Selection of Grid Services.- A Framework for Managing Large Scale Computing Fabrics and Its Computational Complexity.- Domus An Architecture for Cluster-Oriented Distributed Hash Tables.- Applications of Parallel/Distributed/Grid Computing.- Iterative Reconstruction of Tomographic Scans in Dynamic SMP Clusters with Communication on the Fly.- Parallel Tool for Solution of Multiphase Flow Problems.- Grids for Real Time Data Applications.- Modeling of People Flow in Public Transport Vehicles.- Parallel Processing in Discrimination Between Models of Dynamic Systems.- Real Terrain Visualisation with a Distributed PC-Cluster.- Service Oriented Architecture for Risk Assessment of Natural Disasters.- Porting Thermomechanical Applications to Grid Environment.- Parallel Implementation of Software Package for Modelling Biphase GasParticle Flows.- Parallel Resolution of the Satisfiability Problem (SAT) with OpenMP and MPI.- Grid Technology for the Collaborative Enterprise.- Large Scalable Simulations of Mammalian Visual Cortex.- Evolutionary Computing with Applications.- Optimised Scheduling of Grid Resources Using Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms.- A New Library for Evolutionary Algorithms.- Grid-Based Evolutionary Optimization of Structures.- Parallelizing Evolutionary Algorithms for Clustering Data.- Evolutionary Adaptation in Non-stationary Environments: A Case Study.- Hierarchical Representation and Operators in Evolutionary Design.- Parallel Data Mining.- Improving Parallelism in Structural Data Mining.- Parallel Query Processing and Edge Ranking of Graphs.- Online Balancing of aR-Tree Indexed Distributed Spatial Data Warehouse.- Resumption of Data Extraction Process in Parallel Data Warehouses.- Parallel Numerics.- An Efficient Parallel Solution of Complex Toeplitz Linear Systems,.- Monitoring the Block Conjugate Gradient Convergence Within the Inexact Inverse Subspace Iteration.- Parallel Schwarz Methods: Algebraic Construction of Coarse Problems, Implementation and Testing.- Direct Solution of Linear Systems of Size 109 Arising in Optimization with Interior Point Methods.- FPGA Implementation of the Conjugate Gradient Method.- A Parallel Preconditioning for the Nonlinear Stokes Problem.- Optimization of Parallel FDTD Computations Based on Structural Redeployment of Macro Data Flow Nodes.- A Note on the Numerical Inversion of the Laplace Transform.- Computer Methods.- Mesh Adaptation Based on Discrete Data.- Applying Cooperating Distributed Graph Grammars in Computer Aided Design.- An Adaptive Filter Mechanism of Random Number Generator in a Crypto Module.- Computer Analysis of the Sensitivity of the Integrated Assessment Model MERGE-5I.- Hierarchical Classifier.- The Second Grid Application and Middleware Workshop (GAMW'2005).- Knowledge-Based Runtime Prediction of Stateful Web Services for Optimal Workflow Construction.- Real-Time Visualization in the Grid Using UNICORE Middleware.- Development of a Grid Service for Scalable Decision Tree Construction from Grid Databases.- Block Matrix Multiplication in a Distributed Computing Environment: Experiments with NetSolve.- Best Practices of User Account Management with Virtual Organization Based Access to Grid.- Manageable Dynamic Execution Environments on the Grid Using Virtual Machines.- Semantic-Based Grid Workflow Composition.- Towards Checkpointing Grid Architecture.- Enabling Remote Method Invocations in Peer-to-Peer Environments: RMIX over JXTA.- Transparency in Object-Oriented Grid Database Systems.- Unifying Grid Metadata Representations Through Ontologies.- The Grid Portlets Web Application: A Grid Portal Framework.- A Grid Service for Management of Multiple HLA Federate Processes.- Algorithms for Automatic Data Replication in Grid Environment.- The Second Grid Resource Management Workshop (GRMW'2005).- A Grid Workflow Language Using High-Level Petri Nets.- Towards a Language for a Satisfaction-Based Selection of Grid Services.- HMM: A Static Mapping Algorithm to Map Parallel Applications on Grids.- Agent-Based Grid Scheduling with Calana.- Towards an Intelligent Grid Scheduling System.- Running Interactive Jobs in the Grid Environment.- Comparison of Pricing Policies for a Computational Grid Market.- Two Level Job-Scheduling Strategies for a Computational Grid.- A Meta-scheduling Service for Co-allocating Arbitrary Types of Resources.- Comparison of Workflow Scheduling Strategies on the Grid.- Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids.- A Web Computing Environment for Parallel Algorithms in Java.- Matchmaking of Mathematical Web Services.- Porting CFD Codes Towards Grids: A Case Study.- Parallelization of Numerical CFD Codes in Cluster and Grid Environments.- Execution of a Bioinformatics Application in a Joint IRISGrid/EGEE Testbed.- Workshop on Scheduling for Parallel Computing.- Load Balancing Strategies in a Web Computing Environment.- Multi-installment Divisible Load Processing in Heterogeneous Systems with Limited Memory.- Chromatic Scheduling of 1- and 2-Processor UET Tasks on Dedicated Machines with Availability Constraints.- Task Scheduling for LookAhead Reconfigurable Systems in Presence of Conditional Branches.- Scheduling Task Graphs for Execution in Dynamic SMP Clusters with Bounded Number of Resources.- Scheduling Moldable Tasks for Dynamic SMP Clusters in SoC Technology.- Model Driven Scheduling Framework for Multiprocessor SoC Design.- Asymmetric Scheduling and Load Balancing for Real-Time on Linux SMP.- Artificial Immune Systems Applied to Multiprocessor Scheduling.- Workshop on Language-Based Parallel Programming Models.- Toward an Application Support Layer: Numerical Computation in Unified Parallel C.- Simple, List-Based Parallel Programming with Transparent Load Balancing.- SILC: A Flexible and Environment-Independent Interface for Matrix Computation Libraries.- A Fortran Evolution of mpC Parallel Programming Language.- Java Programs Optimization Based on the MostOftenUsedPaths Approach.- Vertex-Magic Total Labeling of a Graph by Distributed Constraint Solving in the Mozart System.- A Parallel Numerical Library for Co-array Fortran.- A Hybrid MPI/OpenMP Implementation of a Parallel 3-D FFT on SMP Clusters.- Workshop on Language-Based Parallel Programming Models.- Safety of an Object-Based Version Vector Consistency Protocol of Session Guarantees.- Minimizing Cost and Minimizing Schedule Length in Synthesis of Fault Tolerant Multiprocessors Systems.- A Model of Exception Propagation in Distributed Applications.- Parallel Processing Subsystems with Redundancy in a Distributed Environment.- Dependable Information Service for Distributed Systems.- Fault-Tolerant Protocols for Scalable Distributed Data Structures.- Quantifying the Security of Composed Systems.- Increasing Dependability by Means of Model-Based Acceptance Test inside RTOS.- Workshop on HPC Linear Algebra Libraries for Computers with Multilevel Memories.- A Cache Oblivious Algorithm for Matrix Multiplication Based on Peano's Space Filling Curve.- On Using an Hybrid MPI-Thread Programming for the Implementation of a Parallel Sparse Direct Solver on a Network of SMP Nodes.- Adapting Linear Algebra Codes to the Memory Hierarchy Using a Hypermatrix Scheme.- Measuring the Scalability of Heterogeneous Parallel Systems.- A Variable Group Block Distribution Strategy for Dense Factorizations on Networks of Heterogeneous Computers.- Minimizing Associativity Conflicts in Morton Layout.- Workshop on Parallel Bio-computing.- A Parallel Algorithm for Solving the Reversal Median Problem.- The Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Designing DNA Randomizations in a Combinatorial Protein Experiment.- Introducing Dependencies into Alignment Analysis and Its Use for Local Structure Prediction in Proteins.- Parallel Implementation of Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) for Discriminatory Analysis of Protein Mass Spectrometry Data.


Titel: Parallel Processing and Applied Mathematics
Untertitel: 6th International Conference, PPAM 2005. Poznan, Poland, September 11-14, 2005. Revised Selected Papers
EAN: 9783540341413
ISBN: 978-3-540-34141-3
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1126
Gewicht: 1655g
Größe: H236mm x B156mm x T38mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006. 2006

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