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Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP '98 Workshop Reader

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At the time of writing (mid-October 1998) we can look back at what has been a very successful ECOOP'98. Despite the time of the ye... Weiterlesen
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At the time of writing (mid-October 1998) we can look back at what has been a very successful ECOOP'98. Despite the time of the year in the middle of what is traditionally regarded as a holiday period ECOOP'98 was a record breaker in terms of number of participants. Over 700 persons found their way to the campus of the Brussels Free University to participate in a wide range of activities. This 3rd ECOOP workshop reader reports on many of these activities. It contains a careful selection of the input and a cautious summary of the outcome for the numerous discussions that happened during the workshops, demonstrations and posters. As such, this book serves as an excellent snapshot of the state of the art in the field of object oriented programming. About the diversity of the submissions A workshop reader is, by its very nature, quite diverse in the topics covered as well as in the form of its contributions. This reader is not an exception to this rule: as editors we have given the respective organizers much freedom in their choice of presentation because we feel form follows content. This explains the diversity in the types of reports as well as in their lay out.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

The 8th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems.- The 8th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems.- Techniques, Tools and Formalisms for Capturing and Assessing the Architectural Quality in Object-Oriented Software.- Techniques, Tools, and Formalisms for Capturing and Assessing the Architectural Quality in Object-Oriented Software.- A Note on Object-Oriented Software Architecting.- COMPARE: A Comprehensive Framework for Architecture Evaluation.- Experience with the Architecture Quality Assessment of a Rule-Based Object-Oriented System.- Evaluating the Modularity of Model-Driven Object-Oriented Software Architectures (Extended Abstract).- Assessing the Evolvability of Software Architectures.- The Influence of Domain-specific Abstraction on Evolvability of Software Architectures for Information Systems.- Object-Oriented Frameworks: Architecture Adaptability.- A Transformational Approach to Structural Design Assessment and Change.- Reengineering the Modularity of OO Systems.- A Contextual Help System Based on Intelligent Diagnosis Processes Aiming to Design and Maintain Object-Oriented Software Packages.- Analysis of Overridden Methods to Infer Hot Spots.- Purpose: Between Types and Code.- Ensuring Object Survival in a Desert.- Experiences in Object-Oriented Re-Engineering.- Experiences in Object-Oriented Re-Engineering.- Object-Oriented Software Architectures.- OOSA'98 ECOOP'98 Workshop on Object-Oriented Software Architectures Workshop Summary.- Pattern-Oriented Framework Engineering Using FRED.- Exploiting Architecture in Experimental System Development.- Object-Orientation and Software Architecture.- Semantic Structure: A Basis for Software Architecture.- A Java Architecture for Dynamic Object and Framework Customizations.- Third International Workshop on Component-Oriented.- WCOP' 98 Summary of the Third International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming.- Type-Safe Delegation for Dynamic Component Adaptation.- Consistent Extension of Components in Presence of Explicit Invariants.- Component Composition with Sharing.- Late Component Adaptation.- Adaptation of Connectors in Software Architectures.- Connecting Incompatible Black-Box Components Using Customizable Adapters.- Dynamic Configuration of Distributed Software Components.- Components for Non-Functional Requirements.- The Operational Aspects of Component Architecture.- Architectures for Interoperation between Component Frameworks (Extended Abstract).- A Model for Gluing Together.- Component Testing: An Extended Abstract.- Applying a Domain Specific Language Approach to Component Oriented Programming.- The Impact of Large-Scale Component and Framework Application Development on Business.- Maintaining a COTS Component-Based Solution Using Traditional Static Analysis Techniques.- Second ECOOP Workshop on Precise Behavioral Semantics (with an Emphasis on OO Business Specifications).- Second ECOOP Workshop on Precise Behavioral Semantics (with an Emphasis on OO Business Specifications).- Tools and Environments for Business Rules.- Workshop Report ECOOP'98 Workshop 7 Tools and Environments for Business Rules.- Enriching Constraints and Business Rules in Object Oriented Analysis Models with Trigger Specifications.- Business Rules vs. Database Rules A Position Statement.- Elements Advisor by Neuron Data.- Business Rules Layers Between Process and Workow Modeling: An Object-Oriented Perspective.- Business-Object Semantics Communication Model in Distributed Environment.- How Business Rules Should Be Modeled and Implemented in OO.- A Reflective Environment for Configurable Business Rules and Tools.- Object-Oriented Business Process modelling.- Business Process Modeling - Motivation, Requirements Implementation.- An Integrated Approach to Object-Oriented Modeling of Business Processes.- Enterprise Modelling.- Requirements Capture Using Goals.- 'Contextual Objects' or Goal Orientation for Business Process Modeling.- Mapping Business Processes to Software Design Artifacts.- Mapping Business Processes to Objects, Components and Frameworks: A Moving Target!.- Partitioning Goals with Roles.- Object Oriented Product Metrics for Quality Assessment.- Object Oriented Product Metrics for Quality Assessment (Workshop 9).- ECOOP Workshop on Distributed Object Security.- ECOOP Workshop on Distributed Object Security.- Merging Capabilities with the Object Model of an Object-Oriented Abstract Machine.- Mutual Suspicion in a Generic ObjectSupport System.- Towards an Access Control Policy Language for CORBA.- Security for Network Places.- Reective Authorization Systems.- Dynamic Adaptation of the Security Properties of Applications and Components.- Interoperating between Security Domains.- Delegation-Based Access Control for Intelligent Network Services.- Secure Communication in Non-uniform Trust Environments.- Dynamic Access Control for Shared Objects in Groupware Applications.- A Fault-Tolerant Secure CORBA Store using Fragmentation-Redundancy-Scattering.- 4th ECOOP Workshop on Mobility: Secure Internet Mobile Computations.- 4th ECOOP Workshop on Mobility: Secure Internet Mobile Computations.- Protection in Programming-Language Translations: Mobile Object Systems.- D'Agents: Future security directions.- A Multi-Level Interface Structure for the Selective Publication of Services in an Open Environment.- A Practical Demonstration of the Effect of Malicious Mobile Agents on CPU Load Balancing.- Role-based Protection and Delegation for Mobile Object Environments.- Coarse Grained Java Security Policies.- Secure Recording of Itineraries through Co-operating Agents.- A Model of Attacks of Malicious Hosts Against Mobile Agents.- Agent Trustworthiness.- Protecting the Itinerary of Mobile Agents.- Position paper: Security in TACOMA.- Type-Safe Execution of Mobile Agents in Anonymous Networks.- Mobile Computations and Trust.- Case Studies in Security and Resource Management for Mobile Objects.- 3rd Workshop on Mobility and Replication.- 3rd Workshop on Mobility and Replication.- UbiData: An Adaptable Framework for Information Dissemination to Mobile Users.- Twin-Transactions Delayed Transaction Synchronisation Model.- Partitioning and Assignment of Distributed Object Applications Incorporating Object Replication and Caching.- Open Implementation of a Mobile Communication System.- Towards a Grand Unified Framework for Mobile Objects.- Measuring the Quality of Service of Optimistic Replication.- Evaluation Overview of the Replication Methods for High Availability Databases.- Reflection Based Mobile Replication.- Support for Mobility and Replication in the AspectIX Architecture.- How to Combine Strong Availability with Weak Replication of Objects?.- Tradeoffs of Distributed Object Models.- Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully.- Learning and Teaching Objects Successfully Workshop Summary.- Teaching Concepts in the Object-Oriented Field.- A Newcomer's Thoughts about Responsibility Distribution.- An Effective Approach to Learning Object-Oriented Technology.- Teaching Objects: The Case for Modelling.- Involving Learners in Object-Oriented Technology Teaching Process: Five Web-Based Steps for Success.- How to Teach Object-Oriented Programming to Well-Trained Cobol Programmers.- ECOOP'98 Workshop on Reflective Object-Oriented Programming and Systems.- ECOOP'98 Workshop on Reflective Object-Oriented Programming and Systems.- MOPping up Exceptions.- A Metaobject Protocol for Correlate.- Adaptive Active Object.- Yet Another java.lang.Class.- A Reflective Java Class Loader.- Sanity Checking OS Configuration via Reflective Computation.- A Reflective Component Model for Open Systems.- CoffeeStrainer - Statically Checking Structural Constraints on Java Programs.- A Computational Model for a Distributed Object-Oriented Operating System Based on a Reflective Abstract Machine.- A Reflective Implementation of a Distributed Programming Model.- Evaluation of Object-Oriented Reflective Models.- 2K: A Reflective, Component-Based Operating System for Rapidly Changing Environments.- Experiments with Reflective Middleware.- Three Practical Experiences of Using Reflection.- Aspect Oriented Programming.- Towards a Generic Framework for AOP.- Recent Developments in AspectJ™.- Coordination and Composition: The Two Paradigms Underlying AOP ?.- Operation-Level Composition: A Case in (Join) Point.- Deriving Design Aspects from Conceptual Models.- Aspect-Oriented Logic Meta Programming.- Roles,Subjects and Aspects: How Do They Relate?.- D2AL-A Design-Based Aspect Language for Distribution Control.- Interactions between Objects: An Aspect of Object-Oriented Languages.- Replication as an Aspect -The Naming Problem.- Aspect IX A Middleware for Aspect-Oriented Programming.- An AOP Case with Static and Dynamic Aspects.- Visitor Beans: An Aspect-Oriented Pattern.- Assessing Aspect-Oriented Programming: Preliminary Results.- Aspect-oriented Programming Using Composition-Filters.- The Impact of Aspect-Oriented Programming on Formal Methods.- Aspects of Enterprise Java Beans.- Aspect-Oriented Programming in the Coyote Project.- Toward Reusable Synchronisation for Object-Oriented Languages.- Agent Roles and Aspects.- The Distribution Aspect A Meeting Ground Between Tool and Programmer.- Is Composition of Metaobjects = Aspect Oriented Programming.- Run-Time Adaptability of Synchronization Policies in Concurrent Object Oriented Languages.- Parallel Object-Oriented Scientific Computing.- to Parallel Object-Oriented Scientific Computing.- OVERTURE: Object-Oriented Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Serial and Parallel Environments.- Applying OO Concepts to Create an Environment for Intensive Multi-user Computations in Electromagnetism.- Rethinking a MD code using Object Oriented Technology.- ROSE: An Optimizing Transformation System for C++ Array-Class Libraries.- The Parallel Asynchronous Data Routing Environment PADRE.- Object Oriented Programming and Finite Element Analysis: Achieving Control Over the Calculation Process.- Tecolote: An Object-Oriented Framework for Physics Development.- Is Java Suitable for Portable High-Performance Computing?.- Applying Fortran 90 and Object-Oriented Techniques to Scientific Applications.- Development and Utilization of Parallel Generic Algorithms for Scientific Computations.- The Matrix Template Library: A Unifying Framework for Numerical Linear Algebra.- A Rational Approach to Portable High Performance: The Basic Linear Algebra Instruction Set (BLAIS) and the Fixed Algorithm Size Template (FAST) Library.- Object Oriented Programming in High Performance Fortran.- Towards Real-World Scientific Web Computing.- Automating the Object-Oriented Development Process.- Automating the Object-Oriented Software Development Process: Workshop Report.- The Case for Cooperative Requirement Writing.- Systematic Construction of UML Associations and Aggregations Using cOlOr Framework.- Software Quality in the Objectory Process.- Evaluating OO-CASE Tools: OO Research Meets Practice.- Conceptual Predesign as a Stopover for Mapping Natural Language Requirements Sentences to State Chart Patterns.- Using the MétaGen Modeling and Development Environment in the FIBOF Esprit Project.- Formalizing Artifacts of Object-Oriented Analysis & Design Methods.- Providing Automatic Support for Heuristic Rules of Methods.- From Visual Specifications to Executable Code.- Object-Oriented Technology and Real-Time Systems.- Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Systems.- Dynamic Scheduling of Object Invocations in Distributed Object Oriented Real-Time Systems.- A Code Generator with Application-Oriented Size Optimization for Object-Oriented Embedded Control Software.- UML/PNO: A Way to Merge UML and Petri Net Objects for the Analysis of Real-Time Systems.- Modular Development of Control and Computational Modules Using Reactive Objects.- TDE: A Time Driven Engine for Predictable Execution of Realtime Systems.- Virtual World Objects for Real Time Cooperative Design.- Providing Real-Time Object Oriented Industrial Messaging Services.- A Train Control Modeling with the Real-Time Object Paradigm.- Demonstrations.- Demonstrations.- Visualizing Object-Oriented Programs with Jinsight.- SoftDB A Simple Software Database.- OO-in-the-Large: Software Development with Subject-Oriented Programming.- Dynamic Application Partitioning in VisualAge Generator Version 3.0.- The Refactoring Browser.- Business Objects with History and Planning.- Poor Man's Genericity for Java.- An Object DBMS for Multimedia Presentations Including Video Data.- OPCAT - Object-Process Case Tool: an Integrated System Engineering Environment (ISEE).- Posters.- The AspectIX ORB Architecture.- Formalization of Component Object Model (COM) - The COMEL Language.- Oberon-D = Object-Oriented System + Object-Oriented Database.- OctoGuide - A Graphical Aid for Navigating Among Octopus/UML Artifacts.- Run Time Reusability in Object-Oriented Schematic Capture.- Replication as an Aspect.


Titel: Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP '98 Workshop Reader
Untertitel: ECOOP'98 Workshop, Demos, and Posters Brussels, Belgium, July 20-24, 1998 Proceedings
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ISBN: 3540654607
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Jahr: 1998
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