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Nuclear Transfer Protocols

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Nuclear Transfer Protocols: Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis is a comprehensive review of nuclear transfer technology in verteb... Weiterlesen
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Nuclear Transfer Protocols: Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis is a comprehensive review of nuclear transfer technology in vertebrates, aimed at reprogramming differentiated nuclei and effecting targeted gene transfer. The emphasis here is on providing readily reproducible techniques for the gene- tion of cloned embryos and animals in a number of key research and commercially important vertebrates. Additional chapters provide alternative cutting-edge methods for nuclear transfer, such as zona-free nuclear transfer and serial nuclear transfer. Of immense practical benefit are descriptions of procedures associated with cloning, such as in vitro maturation of oocytes, activation and culture of cloned embryos, maintenance of pregnancy, and neonatal care of clones. Nuclear Transfer Protocols: Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis also provides an understanding of the factors involved in nuclear reprogramming, which is imperative for the success of cloning. A section dealing with such cloning-related issues as aging and normality of clones is also included making this an essential comprehensive handbook for research and commercial labo- tories involved in, or intending to work on, nuclear transfer. The volume will prove beneficial to molecular biologists, stem cell biologists, clinicians, biotechnologists, students, veterinarians, and animal care technicians involved with reprogramming, nuclear transfer, and transgenesis.

"...an essential comprehensive handbook for both research and commercials labs involved in nuclear transfer, and will be of interest to molecular and stem cell biologists and biotechnologists involved with reprogramming, nuclear transfer and transgensis."  -Biotech-online

Part I. Nuclear Transfer Origin and Progress of Nuclear Transfer In Nonmammalian Animals Marie A. Di Berardino A. Culture and Maintenance of Nuclear Transfer Embryos In Vitro Maturation and Embryo Production in Cattle Marc-André Sirard and Karine Coenen Activation of Oocytes After Nuclear Transfer Zoltán Macháty Culture Medium Preferences of Pre-Implantation Cloned Mouse Embryos Björn Heindryckx, Josiane Van der Elst, and Marc Dhont Maintenance of Pregnancy in Pigs With Limited Viable Embryos Tim King and Paul A. De Sousa Health and Neonatal Care of Bovine Clones Jacqui T. Forsyth and David N. Wells B. Nuclear Transfer Methods Optimization of Procedures for Cloning by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Mice Young Gie Chung, Shaorong Gao, and Keith E. Latham Production of Cloned Calves Using Roscovitine-Treated Adult Somatic Cells as Donors Kazuchika Miyoshi, Sezen Arat, and Steven L. Stice A Double Nuclear Transfer Technique for Cloning Pigs Irina A. Polejaeva, Shawn Walker, and Keith Campbell Nuclear Transfer in Nonhuman Primates Shoukhrat M. Mitalipov and Don P. Wolf Cloning of Exotic/Endangered Species: Desert Bighorn Sheep James 'Buck' Williams, Taeyoung Shin, Ling Liu, Gabriela Flores-Foxworth, Juan Romano, Alice Blue-McClendon, Duane Kraemer, and Mark E. Westhusin Handmade Somatic Cell Cloning in Cattle Gábor Vatja, Ian M. Lewis, and R. Tayfur Tecirlioglu C. Transgenesis Genetic Modification of Sheep by Nuclear Transfer With Gene-Targeted Somatic Cells A. John Clark, Sarah Burl, and Chris Denning Transgenesis Using Nuclear Transfer in Goats Anthoula Lazaris, Rebecca Keyston, Costas N. Karatzas, and Carol L. Keefer Part II. Reprogramming Nuclei Nuclear Reprogramming: AnOverview Takashi Tada Expression of Imprinted Genes in Cloned Mice Takashi Kohda, Fumitoshi Ishino, and Atsuo Ogura Nuclear Remodeling Assay in Xenopus Egg Extract Koichi Gonda and Nobuaki Kikyo In Vitro Reprogramming of Nuclei and Cells Anne-Mari Håkelien, Thomas Küntziger, Kristine G. Gaustad, Anne Marstad, and Philippe Collas Techniques for Nuclear Transfer to Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Danielè Pralong and Paul J. Verma Gene Expression and Methylation Patterns in Cloned Embryos Christine Wrenzycki, Doris Herrmann, Claudia Gebert, Joseph W. Carnwath, and Heiner Niemann Part III. Concluding Remarks Are There Any Normal Clones? Ian Wilmut Future and Applications of Cloning Alan O. Trounson Index


Titel: Nuclear Transfer Protocols
Untertitel: Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis
EAN: 9781588292803
ISBN: 978-1-58829-280-3
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Biologie
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Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2006
Auflage: 2006

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