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Neural Information Processing

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The three volume set LNCS 8834, LNCS 8835, and LNCS 8836 constitutes the proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Neura... Weiterlesen
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The three volume set LNCS 8834, LNCS 8835, and LNCS 8836 constitutes the proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, ICONIP 2014, held in Kuching, Malaysia, in November 2014. The 231 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 375 submissions. The selected papers cover major topics of theoretical research, empirical study, and applications of neural information processing research. The 3 volumes represent topical sections containing articles on cognitive science, neural networks and learning systems, theory and design, applications, kernel and statistical methods, evolutionary computation and hybrid intelligent systems, signal and image processing, and special sessions intelligent systems for supporting decision, making processes, theories and applications, cognitive robotics, and learning systems for social network and web mining.

Signal and Image Processing.- Real Time Crowd Counting with Human Detection and Human Tracking.- A new method for removing random-valued impulse noise.- CTR Prediction for DSP with Improved Cube Factorization Model from Historical Bidding Log.- Image Retrieval using a Novel Color Similarity Measurement and Neural Networks.- Bottom-Up Visual Saliency Using Binary Spectrum of Walsh-Hadamard Transform.- Sonification for EEG Frequency Spectrum and EEG-based Emotion Features.- Forecasting Crowd State in Video by an improved Lattice Boltzmann Model Properties of Multiobjective Robust Controller Using Difference Signals and Multiple Competitive Associative Nets in Control of Linear Systems.- Calibrating Independent Component Analysis with Laplacian Reference for Real-time EEG Artifact Removal.- Unsupervised Segmentation Using Cluster Ensembles.- Similar-video retrieval via learned exemplars and time-warped alignment.- Automatic Image Annotation Exploiting Textual and Visual Saliency.- Classification of fish ectoparasite genus Gyrodactylus SEM images using ASM and complex network model. Linked Tucker2 decomposition for flexible multi-block data analysis.- Celebrity Face Image Retrieval Using Multiple Features.- A Novel Adaptive Shrinkage Threshold on Shearlet Transform for Image Denoising Perception of Symmetry in Natural Images --- A Cortical Representation of Shape.- Image Denoising with Rectified Linear Units.- Shape Preserving RGB-D Depth Map Restoration.- Online Detection of Concept Drift in Visual Tracking.- Temporally Regularized Filters for Common Spatial Patterns by Preserving Locally Linear Structure of EEG Trials.- Interactive Color Correction of Display by Dichromatic User.- A Neural Ensemble Approach for Segmentation and Classification of Road Images.- Using Biologically-Inspired Visual Features To Model The Restorative Potential Of Scenes.- Classification of Stroke Patients' Motor Imagery EEG with Autoencoders in BCI-FES Rehabilitation Training System.- Real-time Patch-based Tracking With Occlusion Handling.- Blood Cell Image Retrieval System using Color, Shape and Bag of Words.- Analysis of OCT Images for Detection of Choroidal Neovascularization in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Layer.- Online Object Tracking based on Depth Image with Sparse Coding.- Real-time compressive tracking with a particle filter framework.- Image Super-Resolution with Fast Approximate Convolutional Sparse Coding.- Sparse Coding for Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio in MRI.- Scalable Video Coding Using Hybrid DCT/Wavelets Architectures.- Image Enhancement using Geometric Mean Filter and Gamma Correction for WCE Images.- Autoencoder Based Collaborative Filtering.- Extended Laplacian Sparse Coding for Image Categorization.- Special Session: The 2014 Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition and Workshop (CDMC2014).- Stochastic Decision Making in Learning Classifier Systems through a Natural Policy Gradient Method.- Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm by representing Candidate Solution as Normal Distribution.- Text Categorization with Diversity Random Forests.- Unknown Attack Detection by Multistage One-Class SVM Focusing on Communication Interval.- "Analysis and Configuration of Boundary.- Difference Calculations".- Morphological Associative Memory Employing a Split Store Method.- A Novel Hybrid Approach for Combining Deep and Traditional Neural Networks.- A Classification Method of Darknet Traffic for Advanced Security Monitoring and Response.- Detecting Malicious Spam Mails: An Online Machine Learning Approach.- Special Session: Intelligent Systems for Supporting Decision-Making Processes - Theories and Applications.- Freshness-Aware Thompson Sampling.- Condition monitoring of broken rotor bars using a hybrid FMM-GA model.- Employing Genetic Algorithm to Construct Epigenetic Tree-based Features for Enhancer Region Prediction.- Model and Algorithm for Multi-follower Tri-level Hierarchical Decision-Making.- A Fuzzy ART-based Approach for Estimation of High Performance Concrete Mix Proportion.- A New Application of an Evolving Tree to Failure Mode and Effect Analysis Methodology.- An Application of Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory to Engineering Education.- Augmented Query Strategies for Active Learning in Stream Data Mining.- Feature Selection and Mass Classification Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine.- Strategic decision support in waste management systems by state reduction in FCM models An ELM Based Multi Agent Systems Using Certified Belief in Strength.- ConstrainedOptimization-Based Bayesian Posterior Probability Extreme Learning Machine For Pattern Classification.- Special Session: Neuroengineering and Neuralcomputing.- Adaptive Translational Cueing Motion Algorithm Using Fuzzy Based Tilt Coordination.- Adaptive Washout Algorithm Based Fuzzy Tuning for Improving Human Perception.- Neurophysiology of Insects Using Microelectrode Arrays: Current Trends and Future Prospects Neuron's Spikes Noise Level Classification using Hidden Markov Models.- Improved Robust Kalman Filtering for Uncertain Systems with Missing Measurements.- Motor Imagery Data Classification for BCI Application using Wavelet Packet Feature Extraction.- Adaptive-Multi-Reference Least Means Squares Filter.- sEMG-Based Single-Joint Active Training with iLeg---a Horizontal Exoskeleton for Lower Limb Rehabilitation.-Special Session: Cognitive Robotics.- Find rooms for improvement: Towards semi-automatic labeling of occupancy grid maps.- Understanding Dynamic Environments with Fuzzy Perception.- Towards Real-World Neurorobotics: Integrated Neuromorphic Visual Attention.- On the role of working memory in trading-off skills and situation awareness in Sudoku.- GA-Tetris Bot: Evolving a Better Tetris Gameplay using Adaptive Evaluation Scheme.- An Effectiveness of Model-Based Development with User Model in Consideration of Human.- Dynamic Programming for Guided Gene Transfer in Bacterial Memetic Algorithm.- Topological Adaptive Resonance Associative Memory with Fuzzy Motion Planning for Place Navigation.- Special Session: Security in Signal Processing and Machine Learning.- Predicting Mobile Subscriber's Behaviour from SMS-Based Contextual Information Extraction.- Discovering Plain-Text-Described Services Based on Ontology Learning.- A Fuzzy VSM-based Approach for Semantic Service Retrieval.- Maintaining Trust in Cloud by SLA Monitoring.


Titel: Neural Information Processing
Untertitel: 21st International Conference, ICONIP 2014, Kuching, Malaysia, November 3-6, 2014. Proceedings, Part III
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ISBN: 3319126423
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Jahr: 2014
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2014

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