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Networking -- ICN 2005

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The International Conference on Networking (ICN 2005) was the fourth conf- ence in its series aimed at stimulating technical excha... Weiterlesen
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The International Conference on Networking (ICN 2005) was the fourth conf- ence in its series aimed at stimulating technical exchange in the emerging and important ?eld of networking. On behalf of the International Advisory C- mittee, it is our great pleasure to welcome you to the proceedings of the 2005 event. Networking faces dramatic changes due to the customer-centric view, the venue of the next generation networks paradigm, the push from ubiquitous n- working,andthenewservicemodels.Despitelegacyproblems,whichresearchers and industry are still discovering and improving the state of the art, the ho- zon has revealed new challenges that some of the authors tackled through their submissions. InfactICN2005wasverywellperceivedbytheinternationalnetworkingc- munity. A total of 651 papers from more than 60 countries were submitted, from which 238 were accepted. Each paper was reviewed by several members of the Technical Program Committee. This year, the Advisory Committee revalidated various accepted papers after the reviews had been incorporated. We perceived a signi?cant improvement in the number of submissions and the quality of the submissions. TheICN2005programcoveredavarietyofresearchtopicsthatareofcurrent interest,startingwithGridnetworks,multicasting,TCPoptimizations,QoSand security, emergency services, and network resiliency. The Program Committee selected also three tutorials and invited speakers that addressed the latest - search results from the international industries and academia, and reports on ?ndings from mobile, satellite, and personal communications related to 3rd- and 4th-generation research projects and standardization.

GRID.- Mobile-to-Grid Middleware: An Approach for Breaching the Divide Between Mobile and Grid Environments.- On the Influence of Network Characteristics on Application Performance in the Grid Environment.- A Client-Side Workflow Middleware in the Grid.- General Architecture of Grid Framework with QoS Implementation.- Optical Networks (I).- Centralized Versus Distributed Re-provisioning in Optical Mesh Networks.- The Role of Meshing Degree in Optical Burst Switching Networks Using Signaling Protocols with One-Way Reservation Schemes.- Analytical Model for Cross-Phase Modulation in Multi-span WDM Systems with Arbitrary Modulation Formats.- Low-Cost Design Approach to WDM Mesh Networks.- A New Path Protection Algorithm for Meshed Survivable Wavelength-Division-Multiplexing Networks.- Wireless Networks (I).- Application Area Expansion in Quasi-Millimeter Wave Band Fixed Wireless Access System.- A Robust Service for Delay Sensitive Applications on a WLAN.- 17 GHz Wireless LAN: Performance Analysis of ARQ Based Error Control Schemes.- Performance Analysis of MAC-hs Protocol.- Distributed k-Clustering Algorithms for Random Wireless Multihop Networks.- QoS (I).- Call Admission Control with SLA Negotiation in QoS-Enabled Networks.- Enhancing QoS Through Alternate Path: An End-to-End Framework.- A Comparison on Bandwidth Requirements of Path Protection Mechanisms.- Quality of Service Solutions in Satellite Communication.- QoS-Oriented Packet Scheduling Schemes for Multimedia Traffics in OFDMA Systems.- Optical Networks (II).- Packet Delay Analysis of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme in an Ethernet PON.- Inter-domain Advance Resource Reservation for Slotted Optical Networks.- Virtual Source-Based Minimum Interference Path Multicast Routing with Differentiated QoS Guarantees in the Next Generation Optical Internet.- Multiple Failures Restoration by Group Protection in WDM Networks.- Wavelength Assignment in Route-Fixed Optical WDM Ring by a Branch-and-Price Algorithm.- Wireless Networks (II).- M-MIP: Extended Mobile IP to Maintain Multiple Connections to Overlapping Wireless Access Networks.- Light-Weight WLAN Extension for Predictive Handover in Mobile IPv6.- Algorithms for Energy-Efficient Broad- and Multi-casting in Wireless Networks.- Converting SIRCIM Indoor Channel Model into SNR-Based Channel Model.- CAWAnalyser: Enhancing Wireless Intrusion Response with Runtime Context-Awareness.- Evaluation of Transport Layer Loss Notification in Wireless Environments.- End-to-End Wireless Performance Simulator: Modelling Methodology and Performance.- QoS (II).- Client-Controlled QoS Management in Networked Virtual Environments.- UML-Based Approach for Network QoS Specification.- Modeling User-Perceived QoS in Hybrid Broadcast and Telecommunication Networks.- Holistic and Trajectory Approaches for Distributed Non-preemptive FP/DP* Scheduling.- Evaluating Evolutionary IP-Based Transport Services on a Dark Fiber Large-Scale Network Testbed.- Pareto Optimal Based Partition Framework for Two Additive Constrained Path Selection.- Optical Networks (III).- Joint Path Protection Scheme with Efficient RWA Algorithm in the Next Generation Internet Based on DWDM.- On Integrated QoS Control in IP/WDM Networks.- Optical Hybrid Switching Using Flow-Level Service Classification for IP Differentiated Service.- Delay Constraint Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Differentiated Service in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks.- Wireless Networks (III).- An Architecture for Efficient QoS Support in the IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Network.- A Pragmatic Methodology to Design 4G: From the User to the Technology.- Integrating WMAN with WWAN for Seamless Services.- Towards Mobile Broadband.- Emulation Based Performance Investigation of FTP File Downloads over UMTS Dedicated Channels.- Uni-source and Multi-source m-Ary Tree Algorithms for Best Effort Service in Wireless MAN.- WPAN.- High Rate UWB-LDPC Code and Its Soft Initialization.- Cube Connected Cycles Based Bluetooth Scatternet Formation.- Design of UWB Transmitter and a New Multiple-Access Method for Home Network Environment in UWB Systems.- Bluetooth Device Manager Connecting a Large Number of Resource-Constraint Devices in a Service-Oriented Bluetooth Network.- Sensor Networks (I).- ESCORT: Energy-Efficient Sensor Network Communal Routing Topology Using Signal Quality Metrics.- On the Security of Cluster-Based Communication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Energy-Efficient Coverage Maintenance Scheme for Distributed Sensor Networks.- A Cluster-Based Energy Balancing Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Optimal Node Scheduling for Flat Wireless Sensor Networks.- Traffic Control (I).- A Congestion Control Scheme Based on the Periodic Buffer Information in Multiple Beam Satellite Networks.- Real-Time Network Traffic Prediction Based on a Multiscale Decomposition.- Provisioning VPN over Shared Network Infrastructure.- Potential Risks of Deploying Large Scale Overlay Networks.- Utility-Based Buffer Management for Networks.- Communication Architectures.- Design and Implementation of a Multifunction, Modular and Extensible Proxy Server.- Pass Down Class-LRU Caching Algorithm for WWW Proxies.- Delay Estimation Method for N-tier Architecture.- A New Price Mechanism Inducing Peers to Achieve Optimal Welfare.- Sensor Networks (II).- A Study of Reconnecting the Partitioned Wireless Sensor Networks.- Application-Driven Node Management in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks.- Power Management Protocol for Regular Wireless Sensor Networks.- Information Fusion for Data Dissemination in Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Efficient Protocol for Setting Up a Data Dissemination Path in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Traffic Control (II).- Active Traffic Monitoring for Heterogeneous Environments.- Primary/Secondary Path Generation Problem: Reformulation, Solutions and Comparisons.- A Discrete-Time HOL Priority Queue with Multiple Traffic Classes.- SCTP over High Speed Wide Area Networks.- Improving a Local Search Technique for Network Optimization Using Inexact Forecasts.- Distributed Addressing and Routing Architecture for Internet Overlays.- Audio and Video Communications.- On Achieving Efficiency and Fairness in Video Transportation.- Quality Adapted Backlight Scaling (QABS) for Video Streaming to Mobile Handheld Devices.- Video Flow Adaptation for Light Clients on an Active Network.- Frequency Cross-Coupling Using the Session Initiation Protocol.- IP, ISDN, and ATM Infrastructures for Synchronous Teleteaching An Application Oriented Technology Assessment.- Sensor Networks (III).- Two Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Energy Constrained Multi-hop Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Maximizing System Value Among Interested Packets While Satisfying Time and Energy Constraints.- An Optimal Coverage Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network.- Routing Protocols Based on Super Cluster Header in Wireless Sensor Network.- Traffic Control (III).- An Automatic and Generic Early-Bird System for Internet Backbone Based on Traffic Anomaly Detection.- On Network Model Division Method Based on Link-to-Link Traffic Intensity for Accelarating Parallel Distributed Simulation.- Network Traffic Sampling Model on Packet Identification.- An Admission Control and Deployment Optimization Algorithm for an Implemented Distributed Bandwidth Broker in a Simulation Environment.- Impact of Traffic Load on SCTP Failovers in SIGTRAN.- A Novel Method of Network Burst Traffic Real-Time Prediction Based on Decomposition.- Differentiated Services.- An EJB-Based Platform for Policy-Based QoS Management of DiffServ Enabled Next Generation Networks.- Determining Differentiated Services Network Pricing Through Auctions.- A Congestion Control Scheme for Supporting Differentiated Service in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Models and Analysis of TCC/AQM Schemes over DiffServ Networks.- Switching.- Choice of Inner Switching Mechanisms in Terabit Router.- Effect of Unbalanced Bursty Traffic on Memory-Sharing Schemes for Internet Switching Architecture.- New Layouts for Multi-stage Interconnection Networks.- Packet Scheduling Across Networks of Switches.- New Round-Robin Scheduling Algorithm for Combined Input-Crosspoint Buffered Switch.- Scheduling Algorithms for Input Queued Switches Using Local Search Technique.- Streaming.- Multimedia Streaming in Home Environments.- Joint Buffer Management and Scheduling for Wireless Video Streaming.- Performance Analysis of a Video Streaming Buffer.- Feedback Control Using State Prediction and Channel Modeling Using Lower Layer Information for Scalable Multimedia Streaming Service.- Low Delay Multiflow Block Interleavers for Real-Time Audio Streaming.- A Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on Historical QoS Metric for Adaptive Video Streaming.


Titel: Networking -- ICN 2005
Untertitel: 4th International Conference on Networking, Reunion Island, France, April 17-21, 2005, Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540253396
ISBN: 978-3-540-25339-6
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 933
Gewicht: 1440g
Größe: H32mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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