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NETWORKING 2004: Networking Technologies, Services, and Protocols; Performance of Computer and Communication Networks; Mobile and Wireless Communications

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This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 3rd International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, Networking 2004. Conferences ... Weiterlesen
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This book contains the refereed proceedings of the 3rd International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, Networking 2004. Conferences in the Networking series span the interests of several distinct, but related, TC6 working groups, including Working Groups 6.2, 6.3, and 6.8. Re?ecting this, the conference was structured with three Special Tracks: (i) Networking Technologies, Services, and Protocols; (ii) Performance of Computer and Communication Networks; and (iii) Mobile and Wireless Communications. However, beyond providing a forum for the presentation of high-quality - search in various complementary aspects of networking, the conference was also targetedtocontributingtoauni?edviewofthe?eldandtofosteringtheinter- tion and exchange of fruitful ideas between the various related (and overlapping) specialized subcommunities therein. Towards this second objective, more than a few conference sessions (and thematic sections in this book) 'cut across' the Special Tracks, along more generic or fundamental concepts. Networking 2004 was fortunate to attract very high interest among the c- munity, and the conference received 539 submissions from 44 countries in all ?ve continents. These ?gures correspond to a remarkable increase in subm- sions from the previous very successful events (roughly, a 156% increase over Networking 2000 and 71% over Networking 2002), and indicate that Netw- king conferences are progressively becoming established as worldwide reference events in the ?eld.

Network Security.- A New Digital Signature and Certificate Architecture with Shortest Certification Path.- Inter/Intra Core Network Security with PKI for 3G-and-Beyond Systems.- Improving Distributed Firewalls Performance through Vertical Load Balancing.- Performance Modelling and Evaluation of Firewall Architectures for Multimedia Applications.- TCP Performance I.- A Multi-level TCP Model with Heterogeneous RTTs.- Improving the Performance of TCP in the Presence of Interacting UDP Flows in Ad Hoc Networks.- The Sensitivity of TCP to Sudden Delay Variations in Mobile Networks.- Lost Retransmission Detection for TCP Part 2: TCP Using SACK Option.- Ad Hoc Networks.- High Coverage Broadcasting for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Combining Source- and Localized Recovery to Achieve Reliable Multicast in Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks.- A Lightweight Content Replication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Environments.- Scalable Service Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Wavelength Management.- Fiber Cost Reduction and Wavelength Minimization in Multifiber WDM Networks.- Static WDM Network Planning with TDM Channel Partitioning.- Traffic Grooming in WDM Ring Networks with the Min-Max Objective.- Multicast I.- A Case for Mesh-Tree-Interaction in End System Multicasting.- On Core Selection Algorithm for Reducing Delay Variation of Many-to-Many Multicasts with Delay-Bounds.- Overlay Multicast Tree Minimizing Average Time Delay.- Wireless Network Performance I.- Maximum Throughput Analysis in Ad Hoc Networks.- Performance of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks under Balanced Fairness.- Cell Throughput Analysis of the Proportional Fair Scheduling Policy.- Inter-domain Routing.- On Detection of Anomalous Routing Dynamics in BGP.- Multi-objective Egress Router Selection Policies for Inter-domain Traffic with Bandwidth Guarantees.- On Properties of Internet Exchange Points and Their Impact on AS Topology and Relationship.- Packet Classification and Scheduling.- Scalable Packet Classification through Maximum Entropy Hashing.- Diagonal Tuple Space Search in Two Dimensions.- Services and Monitoring.- An Evaluation of Delay-Aware Receiver Playout Strategies for VoIP Applications.- A Secure Web Services for Location Based Services in Wireless Networks.- Distributed Channel Monitoring for Wireless Bandwidth Aggregation.- Admission Control.- Benefit of Admission Control in Aggregation Network Dimensioning for Video Services.- Call Admission Control for Voice/Data Integration in Broadband Wireless Networks.- Self-Admission Control for IP Telephony Using Early Quality Estimation.- Fair and Performance Guaranteed Methods for Flat-Rate Unlimited Access Service Plan.- Competition in Networks.- Bounds on Benefits and Harms of Adding Connections to Noncooperative Networks.- Fair Packet Forwarding in MANETs with Anonymous Stations: A Game-Theoretic Approach.- Pricing Differentiated Services: A Game-Theoretic Approach.- Performance Planning, Quality-of-Service, and Pricing under Competition.- 3G/4G Wireless Systems.- Delay Sensitivity Based Assignment of OVSF Codes for the Downlink DCH in WCDMA.- Interoperability Criteria and Mechanisms for Seamless Inter-working between UMTS-HSDPA and HIPERLAN/2 Networks Enhanced with MIMO Techniques.- Efficient Location-Based Hard Handoff Algorithms for Cellular Systems.- Priority Queuing for IP-Based Service Differentiation in the UMTS Radio Access Network.- MPLS and Related Technologies.- Multi-hour Design of Dynamically Reconfigurable MPLS Networks.- A Tabu Search Heuristic for the Offline MPLS Reduced Complexity Layout Design Problem.- Self-Protecting Multipaths A Simple and Resource-Efficient Protection Switching Mechanism for MPLS Networks.- Integrated Dynamic Routing of LSPs in IP over WDM Networks: Full Protection and Partial Spatial-Protection.- Flow and Congestion Control.- A Receiver Based Single-Layer Multicast Congestion Control Protocol for Multimedia Streaming.- The Role of Information Update in Flow Control.- Stabilized Edge-to-Edge Aggregate Flow Control.- MaxNet: Faster Flow Control Convergence.- Performance of IEEE 802.11.- Improving MAC Performance in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Using Enhanced Carrier Sensing (ECS).- Modeling the Short-Term Unfairness of IEEE 802.11 in Presence of Hidden Terminals.- Analytical Modeling of TCP Clients in Wi-Fi Hot Spot Networks.- On the Feasibility of Integrated MPEG Teleconference and Data Transmission, over IEEE 802.11 WLANs.- Optical Networks.- Differentiated Quality-of-Protection Provisioning in Optical/MPLS Networks.- Hierarchical Routing with QoS Constraints in Optical Transport Networks.- Analysis of a Finite Number of Deflections in Fully and Uniformly Loaded Regular Networks.- TCP and Congestion.- Improving Perceived Web Performance by Size Based Congestion Control.- An Adaptive AIMD Congestion Control Protocol for Communication Networks.- TCP-DCR: Making TCP Robust to Non-congestion Events.- Key Management.- An Enhanced Hybrid Key Management Protocol for Secure Multicast in Ad Hoc Networks.- On Dynamic Subset Difference Revocation Scheme.- Efficient, Authenticated, and Fault-Tolerant Key Agreement for Dynamic Peer Groups.- Authentication and DOS Prevention.- Proactively Detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Using Source IP Address Monitoring.- Secure Name Service: A Framework for Protecting Critical Internet Resources.- Detecting and Blocking Unauthorized Access in Wi-Fi Networks.- Multicast II.- Secure Reverse Communication in a Multicast Tree.- Stealth Multicast: A Novel Catalyst for Network-Level Multicast Deployment.- AMBTS: A Scheme of Aggregated Multicast Based on Tree Splitting.- Energy Aspects of Wireless Networks.- Cooperative Caching with Optimal Radius in Hybrid Wireless Networks.- Power Adaptation Based Optimization for Energy Efficient Reliable Wireless Paths.- Adaptive Broadcast Consumption (ABC), a New Heuristic and New Bounds for the Minimum Energy Broadcast Routing Problem.- Optical Network Access.- Access Protocols to Support Different Service Classes in an Optical Burst Switching Ring.- Prioritized Multiplexing of Traffic Accessing an FSAN-Compliant GPON.- Traffic Regulation and Control in the Manhattan Street Network.- Fairness Issues in Bus-Based Optical Access Networks.- TCP Performance II.- Loss Strategies for Competing TCP/IP Connections.- Modelling TCP Throughput and Fairness.- The Undismissible Rats: How Do Short Connections Affect Long-Lived TCP Flows under Moderate Traffic Load?.- Theoretical Analysis of Performances of TCP/IP Congestion Control Algorithm with Different Distances.- Routing in Ad Hoc Networks.- Last Encounter Routing under Random Waypoint Mobility.- A-STAR: A Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Strategy for Metropolis Vehicular Communications.- Enhancing the Route Discovery Process of On-Demand Routing in Networks with Directional Antennas.- Hash-Based Dynamic Source Routing.- Fault Detection, Restoration, and Tolerance.- A New Method of Primary Routes Selection for Local Restoration.- Multi-domain Diagnosis of End-to-End Service Failures in Hierarchically Routed Networks.- Detecting Traffic Anomalies through Aggregate Analysis of Packet Header Data.- Lazy Agent Replication and Asynchronous Consensus for the Fault-Tolerant Mobile Agent System.- QoS Metrics, Algorithms, Architectures.- LMPS: Localized Multi-path Selection for QoS Routing in VoIP Networks.- Link-Based Fair Aggregation: A Simple Approach to Scalable Support of Per-Flow Service Guarantees.- Reducing Packet-Loss by Taking Long-Range Dependences into Account.- A Family of Performance Bounds for QoS Measures in Packet-Based Networks.- Content Distribution, Caching, and Replication.- Impact of Frequency-Based Cache Management Policies on the Performance of Segment Based Video Caching Proxies.- Traffic Conscious Distribution of Service Components.- Network-Embedded Programmable Storage and Its Applications.- Distributed Algorithm for Service Replication in Service Overlay Network.- Routing Theory and Path Computation.- Routing in Turn-Prohibition Based Feed-Forward Networks.- On the Representability of Arbitrary Path Sets as Shortest Paths: Theory, Algorithms, and Complexity.- Precomputation of Constrained Widest Paths in Communication Networks.- A Traffic Engineering-Aware Shortest-Path Routing Algorithm in IP Networks.- Wireless Network Performance II.- Performance of Directional Collision Avoidance in Ad Hoc Networks.- On the Performance of the European LMDS System.- Computing Call Dropping and Waiting Probabilities in LEO Satellite Systems for Voice Communications.- Performance Modelling of a Wireless GSM/GPRS Cell under Partial Sharing Scheme.- Short Papers (Poster Presentations).- An Efficient Probabilistic Packet Marking Scheme for IP Traceback.- A Geomulticast Architecture and Analysis Model for Ad-Hoc Networks.- An Architecture to Support QoS Multicast Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks.- Linkcast: Fast and Scalable Multicast Routing Protocol.- Towards an Erlang-Like Formula for the Performance Evaluation of GPRS/EDGE Networks with Finite-Length Sessions.- Multicast Transport Protocol Analysis: Self-Similar Sources.- SPEED: Scalable Protocols for Efficient Event Delivery in Sensor Networks.- Improved Position Estimation in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks.- A Geometric Derivation of the Probability of Finding a Relay in Multi-rate Networks.- Metadata Design for Introspection-Capable Reconfigurable Systems.- Security Clustering: A Network-Wide Secure Computing Mechanism in Pervasive Computing.- A Game Theoretic Approach to Web Caching.- Transient Analysis of the D-BMAP/G/1 Queue with an Application to the Dimensioning of a Playout Buffer for VBR Video.- A Kerberos-Based Authentication Architecture for Wireless LANs.- A Preliminary Study of Scalability of TCP/IP Based Clusters under Database Workloads.- Evaluation of Smart Antenna Algorithms for cdma2000 Reverse Link.- Control Theoretic Modelling and Design of Admission Control Mechanisms for Server Systems.- A Fair Service Work Scheduling Approach for Differentiated Services in Optical Access Networks.- Integrating (m,k)Firm Real-Time Guarantees into the Internet QoS Model.- Adaptive Channel Allocation in OFDM/SDMA Wireless LANs with Limited Transceiver Resources.- Fast End-to-End Mobility Support Using SIP for Vertical Handoffs in 4G Wireless Communication Networks.- Optimal Monitoring Equipment Placement for Fault and Attack Location in Transparent Optical Networks.- Introducing Service Differentiation in a Bluetooth Piconet.- Call-Burst Blocking Probabilities of ON-OFF Traffic Sources under the Bandwidth Reservation Policy.- The Connection Dependent Threshold Model for Finite Sources A Generalization of the Engset Multirate Loss Model.- Analysis of Protocol Operations and Scalability of COPS-SLS Negotiation System.- Outage Analysis for Multi-connection Multiclass Services in the Uplink of Wideband CDMA Cellular Mobile Networks.- Experimental Analysis of the SABUL Congestion Control Algorithm.- Rational Server Selection for Mobile Agents: Problem Solution and Performance Analysis.- Collaborative Trust-Based Secure Routing in Multihop Ad Hoc Networks.- Comparative Evaluation of Two Scalable QoS Architectures.- An Efficient ID-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol from Pairings.- Fast Flooding in Power Save Mode of IEEE 802.11 DCF Based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Seamless Congestion Control over Wired and Wireless IEEE 802.11 Networks.- Shared Protection by Concatenated Rings in Optical WDM Networks.- Distributed Scheduling of Recording Tasks with Interconnected Servers.- Impairment Constrained Based Routing for Managed Reach WDM Optical Networks.- Performance Analysis of Variable Bit Rate Multiclass Services in the Uplink of a Dynamic Complete Partitioning Round-Robin Carrier-Hopping Multirate Multi-carrier DS-CDMA System.- ORBIS: A Reconfigurable Hybrid Optical Metropolitan Area Network Architecture.- A Layer Assignment and Resource Reservation Scheme for Hierarchical Cell Structures.


Titel: NETWORKING 2004: Networking Technologies, Services, and Protocols; Performance of Computer and Communication Networks; Mobile and Wireless Communications
Untertitel: Networking Technologies, Services, and Protocols; Performance of Computer and Communication Networks; Mobile and Wireless Communications Third International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference Athens, Greece, May 9-14, 2004, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540219590
ISBN: 3540219595
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Allgemein & Lexika
Anzahl Seiten: 1596
Gewicht: 2371g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T84mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004

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