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Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2001

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In the four years of its existence, MICCAI has developed into the premier - nual conference on medical image computing and compute... Weiterlesen
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In the four years of its existence, MICCAI has developed into the premier - nual conference on medical image computing and computer-assisted interv- tion. The single-track conference has an interdisciplinary character, bringing - getherresearchersfromboththenaturalsciencesandvariousmedicaldisciplines. It provides the international forum for developments concerning all aspects of medical image processing and visualization, image-guided and computer-aided techniques, and robot technology in medicine. The strong interest in MICCAI is con?rmed by the large number of subm- sions we received this year, which by far surpassed our expectations. The arrival of the shipload of papers just before the deadlines (one in the European and the otherin theAmericantime zone)wasa particularlyenjoyableexperience,aswas the whole procedure of preparing the scienti?c programme. Both the quantity and quality of the submissions allowed us to compose a volume of high quality papers, which we are sure will contribute to the further development of this exciting ?eld of research. As for the hard numbers, in total 338 submissions were received. Next to full papers, short communications were solicited for works in progress,hardware prototypes, and clinical case studies. Long papers were reviewed by three or four reviewers and short papers by two or three reviewers. The ?nal selection of papers was carried out by the Programme Board. Out of the 246 long papers, 36 were accepted for oral presentation and 100 as full posters. An additional 75 of the long papers, and 47 out of 92 short papers were accepted as short posters.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Oral Sessions.- A Method for Tracking the Camera Motion of Real Endoscope by Epipolar Geometry Analysis and Virtual Endoscopy System.- Real-Time Visual Tracking of the Surgeon's Face for Laparoscopic Surgery.- Computer-Based Periaxial Rotation Measurement for Aligning Fractured Femur Fragments: Method and Preliminary Results.- Shape versus Size: Improved Understanding of the Morphology of Brain Structures.- Hippocampal Shape Analysis Using Medial Surfaces.- Detecting Spatially Consistent Structural Differences in Alzheimer's and Fronto Temporal Dementia Using Deformation Morphometry.- Quantifying Small Changes in Brain Ventricular Volume Using Non-rigid Registration.- An Efficient Method for Constructing Optimal Statistical Shape Models.- Deformable Organisms for Automatic Medical Image Analysis.- Automatic Construction of 3D Statistical Deformation Models Using Non-rigid Registration.- A Learning Method for Automated Polyp Detection.- A CAD System for 3D Locating of Lesions in Mammogram.- Analysis of Pulmonary Nodule Evolutions Using a Sequence of Three-Dimensional Thoracic CT Images.- Intensity-Based Non-rigid Registration Using Adaptive Multilevel Free-Form Deformation with an Incompressibility Constraint.- Mass Preserving Mappings and Image Registration.- Inverse Finite Element Characterization of Soft Tissues.- A Microsurgery Simulation System.- A Surgery Simulation Supporting Cuts and Finite Element Deformation.- Patient-Specific Simulation of Carotid Artery Stenting Using Computational Fluid Dynamics.- Volume Rendering of Segmented Tubular Objects.- Clinical Evaluation of an Automatic Path Tracker for Virtual Colonoscopy.- Evaluation of Diffusion Techniques for Improved Vessel Visualization and Quantification in Three-Dimensional Rotational Angiography.- Eddy-Current Distortion Correction and Robust Tensor Estimation for MR Diffusion Imaging.- Edge Preserving Regularization and Tracking for Diffusion Tensor Imaging.- A Statistical Framework for Partial Volume Segmentation.- From Sinograms to Surfaces: A Direct Approach to the Segmentation of Tomographic Data.- An Electro-mechanical Model of the Heart for Cardiac Image Analysis.- A Mechanical, Three-Dimensional, Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy Apparatus.- Augmented Reality Guidance for Needle Biopsies: A Randomized, Controlled Trial in Phantoms.- Robotic Kidney and Spine Percutaneous Procedures Using a New Laser-Based CT Registration Method.- Retrospective Evaluation of Inter-subject Brain Registration.- A Binary Entropy Measure to Assess Nonrigid Registration Algorithms.- A Methodology to Validate MRI/SPECT Registration Methods Using Realistic Simulated SPECT Data.- Correction of Probe Pressure Artifacts in Freehand 3D Ultrasound.- In-Vitro Validation of a Novel Model-Based Approach to the Measurement of Arterial Blood Flow Waveforms from Dynamic Digital X-ray Images.- Retrospective Correction of the Heel Effect in Hand Radiographs.- Posters.- SCALPP: A Safe Methodology to Robotize Skin Harvesting.- Surgical Motion Adaptive Robotic Technology (S.M.A.R.T): Taking the Motion out of Physiological Motion.- TER: A System for Robotic Tele-echography.- Digital Angioplasty Balloon Inflation Device for Interventional Cardiovascular Procedures.- A Computer-Assisted Robotic Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy System for Video-Assisted Surgery.- Dynamic Brachytherapy of the Prostate Under Active Image Guidance.- Computer-Assisted Soft-Tissue Surgery Training and Monitoring.- Towards Dynamic Planning and Guidance of Minimally Invasive Robotic Cardiac Bypass Surgical Procedures.- Novel Real-Time Tremor Transduction Technique for Microsurgery.- Computer Assisted Dental Implantology: A New Method and a Clinical Validation.- Intra-operative Real-Time 3-D Information Display System Based on Integral Videography.- Towards Motion-Robust Magnetic Resonance Thermometry.- A Non-CT Based Total Knee Arthroplasty System Featuring Complete Soft-Tissue Balancing.- A Statistical Atlas of Prostate Cancer for Optimal Biopsy.- A New Approach to Cutting into Finite Element Models.- Methodology of Precise Skull Model Creation.- Medial Axis Seeding of a Guided Evolutionary Simulated Annealing (GESA) Algorithm for Automated Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Treatment Planning.- A Software Framework for Creating Patient Specific Geometric Models from Medical Imaging Data for Simulation Based Medical Planning of Vascular Surgery.- Interactive Catheter Shape Modeling in Interventional Radiology Simulation.- Parametric Eyeball Model for Interactive Simulation of Ophthalmologic Surgery.- Improved 3D Osteotomy Planning in Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery.- Combining Edge, Region, and Shape Information to Segment the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MR Images.- Vessel Segmentation for Visualization of MRA with Blood Pool Contrast Agent.- Segmenting Articulated Structures by Hierarchical Statistical Modeling of Shape, Appearance, and Topology.- Validation of Nonlinear Spatial Filtering to Improve Tissue Segmentation of MR Brain Images.- Valmet: A New Validation Tool for Assessing and Improving 3D Object Segmentation.- A Dual Dynamic Programming Approach to the Detection of Spine Boundaries.- Geometrical Transformation Approximation for 2D/3D Intensity-Based Registration of Portal Images and CT Scan.- Elastic Matching Using a Deformation Sphere.- Affine Registration with Feature Space Mutual Information.- A New Method for the Registration of Cardiac PET and MR Images Using Deformable Model Based Segmentation of the Main Thorax Structures.- Modeling Surgical Procedures for Multimodal Image-Guided Neurosurgery.- A Generic Framework for Non-rigid Registration Based on Non-uniform Multi-level Free-Form Deformations.- Improving the Robustness in Extracting 3D Point Landmarks from 3D Medical Images Using Parametric Deformable Models.- Poster Session II.- Integration and Clinical Evaluation of an Interactive Controllable Robotic System for Anaplastology.- Smart Alignment Tool for Knee MosaicPlasty Surgery.- Multi-DOF Forceps Manipulator System for Laparoscopic Surgery Mechanism Miniaturized & Evaluation of New Interface -.- The Development of a Haptic Robot to Take Blood Samples from the Forearm.- Computer Aided Diagnosis for Virtual Colonography.- Filtering h int Images for the Detection of Microcalcifications.- Using Optical Flow Fields for Polyp Detection in Virtual Colonoscopy.- A New Visualization Method for Virtual Colonoscopy.- Classification-Driven Pathological Neuroimage Retrieval Using Statistical Asymmetry Measures.- Classification of SPECT Images of Normal Subjects versus Images of Alzheimer's Disease Patients.- Technologies for Augmented Reality: Calibration for Real-Time Superimposition on Rigid and Simple-Deformable Real Objects.- Magnified Real-Time Tomographic Reflection.- A System to Support Laparoscopic Surgery by Augmented Reality Visualization.- Blood Pool Agent CE-MRA: Improved Arterial Visualization of the Aortoiliac Vasculature in the Steady-State Using First-Pass Data.- A Head-Mounted Display System for Augmented Reality Image Guidance: Towards Clinical Evaluation for iMRI-guided Nuerosurgery.- Novel Algorithms for Robust Registration of Fiducials in CT and MRI.- Automatic 3D Registration of Lung Surfaces in Computed Tomography Scans.- Multisubject Non-rigid Registration of Brain MRI Using Intensity and Geometric Features.- Fusion of Histological Sections and MR Images: Towards the Construction of an Atlas of the Human Basal Ganglia.- Rigid Point-Surface Registration Using an EM Variant of ICP for Computer Guided Oral Implantology.- A Stochastic Iterative Closest Point Algorithm (stochastICP).- Shape Preserving Filament Enhancement Filtering.- 3D Freehand Echocardiography for Automatic Left Ventricle Reconstruction and Analysis Based on Multiple Acoustic Windows.- A Quantitative Vascular Analysis System for Evaluation of Atherosclerotic Lesions by MRI.- Imaging Metabolism with Light: Quantifying Local Fluorescence Lifetime Perturbation in Tissue-like Turbid Media.- Limits to the Accuracy of 3D Thickness Measurement in Magnetic Resonance Images.- Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Bias Field in MR Brain Images: Investigating Different Modelings of the Imaging Process.- Inferring Vascular Structure from 2D and 3D Imagery.- Statistical and Deformable Model Approaches to the Segmentation of MR Imagery and Volume Estimation of Stroke Lesions.- Q-MAF Shape Decomposition.- Vessel Axis Determination Using Wave Front Propagation Analysis.- Size Independent Active Contour Model for Blood Vessel Lumen Quantification in High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Images.- Segmentation of Single-Figure Objects by Deformable M-reps.- Poster Session III.- Half Fourier Acquisition Applied to Time Series Analysis of Contrast Agent Uptake.- Analysis of Brain Functional MRI Time Series Based on Continuous Wavelet Transform and Stimulation-Response Coupling Distance.- Cardiac Motion Analysis from Ultrasound Sequences Using Non-rigid Registration.- A Mean Curvature Based Primal Sketch to Study the Cortical Folding Process from Antenatal to Adult Brain.- Adaptive Entropy Rates for fMRI Time-Series Analysis.- Automatic Non-linear MRI-Ultrasound Registration for the Correction of Intra-operative Brain Deformations.- A Novel Nonrigid Registration Algorithm and Applications.- Analysis of the Parameter Space of a Metric for Registering 3D Vascular Images.- Calibration Method for Determining the Physical Location of the Ultrasound Image Plane.- Non-linear Local Registration of Functional Data.- Registration of Reconstructed Post Mortem Optical Data with MR Scans of the Same Patient.- A Model for Relations Between Needle Deflection, Force, and Thickness on Needle Penetration.- In Vivo Data Acquisition Instrument for Solid Organ Mechanical Property Measurement.- Patient-Specific Simulation of Internal Defibrillation.- Registration of 3D Photographs with Spiral CT Images for Soft Tissue Simulation in Maxillofacial Surgery.- TBNA-protocols Guiding TransBronchial Needle Aspirations Without a Computer in the Operating Room.- 3D Reconstruction of the Human Jaw: A New Approach and Improvements.- Real-Time Surgical Simulation with Haptic Sensation as Collaborated Works between Japan and Germany.- Phase-Based User-Steered Image Segmentation.- Comparison of Two Restoration Techniques in the Context of 3D Medical Imaging.- Robust Segmentation of Medical Images Using Geometric Deformable Models and a Dynamic Speed Function.- Hybrid Segmentation of Anatomical Data.- Segmentation of Dynamic N-D Data Sets via Graph Cuts Using Markov Models.- Unsupervised and Adaptive Segmentation of Multispectral 3D Magnetic Resonance Images of Human Brain: A Generic Approach.- Image Guided Radiotherapy of the Prostate.- A Quantitative Comparison of Edges in 3D Intraoperative Ultrasound and Preoperative MR Images of the Brain.- Constructing Patient Specific Models for Correcting Intraoperative Brain Deformation.- Interface Design and Evaluation for CAS Systems.- Independent Registration and Virtual Controlled Reduction of Pelvic Ring Fractures.- Optimization in Prostate Cancer Detection.- Automated Identification and B-spline Approximation of a Profiling Coil Centerline from Magnetic Resonance Images.- Performance and Robustness of Automatic Fluoroscopic Image Calibration in a New Computer Assisted Surgery System.- An Architecture for Simulating Needle-Based Surgical Procedures.- Short Posters.- Computer-Aided Hepatic Tumour Ablation.- Intra-operative Transfer of Planned Zygomatic Fixtures by Personalized Templates: A Cadaver Validation Study.- A PVA-C Brain Phantom Derived from a High Quality 3D MR Data Set.- 3D Ultrasound Image Acquisition Using a Magneto-optic Hybrid Sensor for Laparoscopic Surgery.- Minimally Invasive Excision of Deep Bone Tumors.- A Multimodal Navigation System for Interventional MRI.- A Biomechanical Model of Muscle Contraction.- A Framework for Patient-Specific Physics-Based Simulation and Interactive Visualization of Cardiac Dynamics.- A Pulsating Coronary Vessel Phantom for Two- and Three-Dimensional Intravascular Ultrasound Studies.- Repeatability and Accuracy of Ankle Centre Location Estimates Using a Biaxial Joint Model.- A Whole Body Atlas Based Segmentation for Delineation of Organs in Radiation Therapy Planning.- Automatic Modeling of Anatomical Structures for Biomechanical Analysis and Visualization in a Virtual Spine Workstation.- Matching Breast Lesions in Multiple Mammographic Views.- Automatic Detection of Large Misregistrations of Multimodality Medical Images.- Registration of the Spine Using a Physically-Based Image Model for Ultrasound.- Computing Match Functions for Curves in ?2 and ?3 by Refining Polyline Approximations.- A Multi-modal Approach to Segmentation of Tubular Structures.- Segmentation of the Subthalamic Nucleus in MR Images Using Information Fusion A Preliminary Study for a Computed-Aided Surgery of Parkinson.s Disease.- Collaborative Multi-agent IVUS Image Segmentation.- Segmentation of Chemical Shift Images with Mixture Modeling.- Analysis of 3D Deformation Fields for Appearance-Based Segmentation.- 3D Markov Random Fields and Region Growing for Interactive Segmentation of MR Data.- Long Bone Panoramas from Fluoroscopic X-ray Images.- Augmented Reality in the Operating Theatre of the Future.- Volume Visualization Using Gradient-Based Distance among Voxels.- The Evaluation of the Color Blending Function for the Texture Generation from Photographs.- Anisotropic Volume Rendering Using Intensity Interpolation.- MRI Inter-slice Reconstruction Using Super-Resolution.- Assessment of Center of Rotation of the Glenohumeral Joint.- PET Studies of the Effects of ECT on Cerebral Physiology.- Fuzzy C-means Clustering Analysis to Monitor Tissue Perfusion with Near Infrared Imaging.- A Method for µCT Based Assessment of Root Canal Instrumentation in Endodontics Research.- Reconstruction of Subcortical Brain Activity by Spatially Filtered MEG During Epileptic Seizures.- Exploiting Voxel Correlation for Automated MRI Bias Field Correction by Conditional Entropy Minimization.- Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography and 3 Dimensional Quantitative Evaluation in Renal Scintigraphy.- Automatic Analysis of the Left Ventricle in the Time Sequences of 3D Echo-Cardiographic Images.- Displacement Field Estimation from CSPAMM Images without Segmentation of the Myocardium.- Automatic Detection of Myocardial Boundaries in MR Cardio Perfusion Images.- Using SPM to Detect Evolving MS Lesions.- Spherical Navigator Echoes for Full 3-D Rigid Body Motion Measurement in MRI.- Phase Unwrapping for Magnetic Resonance Thermometry.- A Simplified Field-of-View Calibration Technique for an Operating Microscope.- Trans-urethral Ultrasound: A New Tool for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging in Prostate Cancer.- Resection of Recurrent Carcinomas in the Pelvis - A New Field of Computer Aided Surgery.- Remote Analysis for Brain Shift Compensation.- Development of a New Image-Guided Prostate Biopsy System.- Intraoperative Tracking of Anatomical Structures Using Fluoroscopy and a Vascular Balloon Catheter.- Clinical Use of a Mutual Information-Based Automated Image Registration System for Conformal Radiotherapy Treatment Planning.- Validation Methods for Soft Tissue Prediction in Maxillofacial Planning Environments.- Dental Implant Planning in Easy Vision.- Real-Time Simulation of Minimally-Invasive Surgery with Cutting Based on Boundary Element Methods.- 3-D Reconstruction and Functional Analysis of the Temporomandibular Joint.- Methods for Modeling and Predicting Mechanical Deformations of the Breast Under External Perturbations.- Non-linear Soft Tissue Deformations for the Simulation of Percutaneous Surgeries.- The Continuous Tabu Search as an Optimizer for 2D-to-3D Biomedical Image Registration.- Modally Controlled Free Form Deformation for Non-rigid Registration in Image-Guided Liver Surgery.- Two-Step Registration of Subacute to Hyperacute Stroke MRIs.- The Effect of Organ Motion and Image Artifacts on Monomodal Volume Registration.- A Maximum Likelihood Approach for 2-D to 3-D Registration.- How to Trade Off between Regularization and Image Similarity in Non-rigid Registration ?.- A Virtual Exploring Robot for Adaptive Left Ventricle Contour Detection in Cardiac MR Images.- A Mesh-Based Shape Analysis Framework.- Clinical MRI Based Volumetry: The Cerebral Ventricles.- The Importance of Partial Voluming in Multi-dimensional Medical Image Segmentation.- Volume Definition Tools for Medical Imaging Applications.- Automated Hippocampal Segmentation by Regional Fluid Registration of Serial MRI: Validation and Application in Alzheimer.s Disease.- A 3D Statistical Shape Model for the Left Ventricle of the Heart.- Robot Assistant for Dental Implantology.- Feasibility of Laparoscopic Surgery Assisted by a Robotic Telemanipulation System.- Development of Semi-autonomous Control Modes in Laparoscopic Surgery Using Automatic Visual Servoing.- A Supervising System for Robot Application in Surgery.- A New Diagnostic Method for Alzheimer's Disease Using Pupillary Light Reflex.- Reduction of Insertion Resistance by Means of Vibration for Catheters and Endoscopes.- Hexapod Intervention Planning for a Robotic Skull-Base Surgery System.- Advances in Active Constraints and Their Application to Minimally Invasive Surgery.- Motion Correction of MRI from Orthogonal k-Space Phase Difference.- 3D+t Modeling of Coronary Artery Tree from Standard Non Simultaneous Angiograms.- New Tools for Visualization and Quantification in Dynamic Processes: Application to the Nuclear Envelope Dynamics During Mitosis.- Full 3D Rigid Body Automatic Motion Correction of MRI Images.- Estimating the Motion of the LAD: A Simulation-Based Study.- Phase-Driven Finite Element Model for Spatio-temporal Tracking in Cardiac Tagged MRI.- JULIUS An Extendable Software Framework for Surgical Planning and Image-Guided Navigation.- A Statistical Model of Respiratory Motion and Deformation of the Liver.- Evaluation of Soft-Tissue Model Parameters.- Bag-of-Particles Model for Simulating Tissue, Organs, and Flow.- Simulated Animal Dissection.- Virtual Polypectomy.- Real-Time Interactions Using Virtual Tools.- Surface Based Atlas Matching of the Brain Using Deformable Surfaces and Volumetric Finite Elements.- Evaluation of Cost Functions for Gray Value Matching of 2D Images in Radiotherapy.- Mutual Scale.- Fast Linear Elastic Matching Without Landmarks.- Endoscope Calibration and Accuracy Testing for 3D/2D Image Registration.- Fast Non-rigid Multimodal Image Registration Using Local Frequency Maps.- Accuracy Validation of Cone-Beam CT Based Registration.- Morphogenesis-Based Deformable Models Application to 3D Medical Image Segmentation and Analysis.- Grey-Level Morphology Based Segmentation of T1-MRI of the Human Cortex.- An Active Contour Model for Segmentation Based on Cubic B-splines and Gradient Vector Flow.- Approximate Volumetric Reconstruction from Projected Images.- Implicit Snakes: Active Constrained Implicit Models.- Towards a Robust Path Growing Algorithm for Semi-automatic MRI Segmentation.- Integrated System for Objective Assessment of Global and Regional Lung Structure.- Computer Aided Diagnosis for the Alzheimer Type Dementia.- CAD System for the Assistance of Comparative Reading for Lung Cancer Using Serial Helical CT Images.- Classification of Breast Tumors on Digital Mammograms Using Laws' Texture Features.- Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules Using Three-Dimensional Thoracic CT Images.- Ophthalmic Slitlamp-Based Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Image Processing Foundations.- Multiresolution Signal Processing on Meshes for Automatic Pathological Shape Characterization.- Interactive Visualisation of MRI Vector and Tensor Fields.- Tracking Methods for Medical Augmented Reality.- Toward Application of Virtual Reality to Visualization of DT-MRI Volumes.- Registration and Visualization of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on MR Images.- Automated Image Rectification in Video-Endoscopy.- Java Internet Viewer: A WWW Tool for Remote 3D Medical Image Data Visualization and Comparison.- Cooperative Fine Manipulation Tasks in Surgery.- Virtual Fixtures for Robotic Cardiac Surgery.- The Clinical Use of Multi-modal Resources (2D/3D/Statistics) for Robot Assisted Functional Neurosurgery.- Application of Compact Pneumatic Actuators to Laparoscopic Manipulator.- Performance Evaluation of a Cooperative Manipulation Microsurgical Assistant Robot Applied to Stapedotomy.- A Modular Robotic System for Ultrasound Image Acquisition.- A Mechatronic System for the Implantation of the Acetabular Component in Total Hip Alloarthroplasty.- Optimal Port Placement in Robot-Assisted Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting.


Titel: Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2001
Untertitel: 4th International Conference Utrecht, The Netherlands, October 14-17, 2001. Proceedings
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