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Matrix Metalloproteinase Protocols

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Matrix Metalloproteinase research has led to the discovery of over twenty distinct vertebrate MMPs and a variety of homologues fro... Weiterlesen
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Matrix Metalloproteinase research has led to the discovery of over twenty distinct vertebrate MMPs and a variety of homologues from diverse organisms. Updated and expanded from the first edition, this text includes state-of-the-art techniques for MMP research.

Since the discovery of a collagen-degrading protease in the tadpole tail in 1962, matrix metalloproteinase research has led to the discovery of more than twenty distinct vertebrate MMPs, along with a variety of homologues from diverse organisms such as the sea urchin, plants, insects, and nematode worms. Fully updating and adding to the popular first edition, Matrix Metalloproteinase Protocols, Second Edition includes a series of state-of-the-art techniques provided by eminent experts in the field. Beginning with a brief overview of the MMP arena, from how these enzymes fit into the larger degradome to what occurs when their expression and function in the mouse is modulated, the volume continues with sections on the expression and purification of MMPs and TIMPs, the detection of MMPs and TIMPs at both the protein and mRNA level, and our ability to assay MMP and TIMP activities in a wide variety of circumstances. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology™ series format, chapters contain introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and notes on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Matrix Metalloproteinase Protocols, Second Edition is an ideal source for many of the essential laboratory techniques for both novice and seasoned researchers alike collected in one convenient volume.

Includes two comprehensive review chapters and twenty-five detailed method chapters

Provides state-of-the-art methodologies

Covers expression, purification, detection, and assay of MMPs and TIMPs

Details many essential techniques in one easily accessible volume

Updated and improved second edition

Chapters include the 'tricks of the trade' written by leading researchers

Part I: MMPs and TIMPs: An Overview 1. Metalloproteases and the Degradome Alejandro P. Ugalde, Gonzalo R. Ordóñez, Pedro M. Quirós, Xose S. Puente, and Carlos López-Otín 2. Mouse Models of MMP and TIMP Function Sean Y. Kassim, Sean E. Gill, Timothy P. Birkland, and William C. Parks Part II: Expression and Purification of MMPs and TIMPs 3. Expression of Recombinant MMP-28 in Mammalian Cells Ursula R. Rodgers and Ian M. Clark 4. Expression of Recombinant Matrix Metalloproteinases in Escherichia coli L. Jack Windsor and Darin L. Steele 5. Expression of Recombinant ADAMTS in Insect Cells Gavin C. Jones, Mireille N. Vankemmelbeke, and David J. Buttle 6. Expression and Purification of Membrane-Type MMPs Jing Nie and Duanqing Pei 7. Refolding of TIMP-2 from Escherichia coli Inclusion Bodies Richard A. Williamson 8. Purification of MMPs and TIMPs Ken-ichi Shimokawa and Hideaki Nagase Part III: Detection of MMPs and TIMPs 9. Real-Time PCR Expression Profiling of MMPs and TIMPs Caroline J. Pennington and Dylan R. Edwards 10. Analysis of the Degradome with the CLIP-CHIPÔ Microarray Reinhild Kappelhoff, Ulrich auf dem Keller, and Christopher M. Overall 11. In Situ Hybridization for Metalloproteinases and Their Inhibitors Tiina L. Hurskainen and Suneel S. Apte 12. Immunohistochemistry of MMPs and TIMPs Yasunori Okada 13. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping in MMP Genes: The 5' Nuclease Assay Ross Laxton and Shu Ye Part IV: Assay of MMP and TIMP Activities 14. Methods for Studying Activation of Matrix Metalloproteinases Vera Knäuper andGillian Murphy 15. Assay of Matrix Metalloproteinases Against Matrix Substrates Tim E. Cawston, Rachel L. Lakey, and Andrew D. Rowan 16. Zymography and Reverse Zymography for Detecting MMPs and TIMPs Susan P. Hawkes, Hongxia Li, Gary T. Taniguchi, and Marc Lafleur 17. In situ Zymography Sarah J. George and Jason L. Johnson 18. Near Infrared Optical Proteolytic Beacons for In Vivo Imaging of Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity J. Oliver McIntyre, Randy L. Scherer, and Lynn M. Matrisian 19. Neoepitope Antibodies Against MMP-Cleaved and Aggrecanase-Cleaved Aggrecan Amanda J. Fosang, Karena Last, Heather Stanton, Suzanne B. Golub, Christopher B. Little, Lorena Brown, and David C. Jackson 20. In Vitro Model of Cartilage Degradation Wang Hui and Tim Cawston 21. Immunoassays for Collagenase-Mediated Cleavage of Types I and II Collagens R. Clark Billinghurst, Mirela Lonescu, and A. Robin Poole 22. Collagen Degradation Assays Anthony P. Hollander 23. Analysis of MMP-Dependent Cell Migration and Invasion Ralf Palmisano and Yoshifumi Itoh 24. Using Fluorogenic Peptide Substrates to Assay Matrix Metalloproteinases Gregg B. Fields 25. Kinetic Analysis of the Inhibition of Matrix Metalloproteinases: Lessons from the Study of Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases Frances Willenbrock, Daniel A. Thomas, and Augustin Amour 26. Identification of Cellular MMP Substrates Using Quantitative Proteomics: Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags (ICAT) and Isobaric Tags for Relative and Absolute Quantification (iTRAQ) Georgina S. Butler, Richard A. Dean, Charlotte J. Morrison, and Christopher M. Overall 27. Mechanism-Based Profiling of MMPs Jed F. Fisher and Shahriar Mobashery


Titel: Matrix Metalloproteinase Protocols
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