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Machine Translation and the Information Soup

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Machine Translation and the Information Soup! Over the past fty years, machine translation has grown from a tantalizing dream to a... Weiterlesen
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Machine Translation and the Information Soup! Over the past fty years, machine translation has grown from a tantalizing dream to a respectable and stable scienti c-linguistic enterprise, with users, c- mercial systems, university research, and government participation. But until very recently, MT has been performed as a relatively distinct operation, so- what isolated from other text processing. Today, this situation is changing rapidly. The explosive growth of the Web has brought multilingual text into the reach of nearly everyone with a computer. We live in a soup of information, an increasingly multilingual bouillabaisse. And to partake of this soup, we can use MT systems together with more and more tools and language processing technologies|information retrieval engines, - tomated text summarizers, and multimodal and multilingual displays. Though some of them may still be rather experimental, and though they may not quite t together well yet, it is clear that the future will o er text manipulation systems that contain all these functions, seamlessly interconnected in various ways.

Includes supplementary material: sn.pub/extras

Technical Papers.- A Statistical View on Bilingual Lexicon Extraction: From Parallel Corpora to Non-Parallel Corpora.- Empirical Methods for MT Lexicon Development.- A Modular Approach to Spoken Language Translation for Large Domains.- Enhancing Automatic Acquisition of Thematic Structure in a Large-Scale Lexicon for Mandarin Chinese.- Ordering Translation Templates by Assigning Conifdence Factors.- Quality and Robustness in MT - A Balancing Act.- Parallel Strands: A Preliminary Investigation into Mining the Web for Bilingual Text.- An English-to-Turkish Interlingual MT System.- Rapid Prototyping of Domain-Specific Machine Translation Systems.- Time-Constrained Machine Translation.- An Evaluation of the Multi-engine MT Architecture.- An Ontology-Based Approach to Parsing Turkish Sentences.- Monolingual Translator Workstation.- Fast Document Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval.- Machine Translation in Context.- EasyEnglish: Addressing Structural Ambiguity.- Multiple-Subject Constructions in the Multilingual MT-System CAT2.- A Multilingual Procedure for Dictionary-Based Sentence Alignment.- Taxonomy and Lexical Semantics - from the Perspective of Machine Readable Dictionary.- Can Simultaneous Interpretation Help Machine Translation?.- Sentence Analysis Using a Concept Lattice.- Evaluating Language Technologies: The MULTIDOC Approach to Taming the Knowledge Soup.- Integrating Query Translation and Document Translation in a Cross-Language Information Retrieval System.- When Stålhandske Becomes Steelglove.- SYSTRAN on AltaVista A User Study on Real-Time Machine Translation on the Internet.- Making Semantic Interpretation Parser-Independent.- Implementing MT in the Greek Public Sector: A Users' Survey.- Statistical Approach for Korean Analysis: a Method Based on Structural Patterns.- Twisted Pair Grammar: Support for Rapid Development of Machine Translation for Low Density Languages.- A Thematic Hierarchy for Efficient Generation from Lexical-Conceptual Structure.- The LMT Transformational System.- Finding the Right Words: An Analysis of Not-Translated Words in Machine Translation.- Predicting What MT Is Good for: User Judgments and Task Performance.- Reusing Translated Terms to Expand a Multilingual Thesaurus.- Spicing Up the Information Soup: Machine Translation and the Internet.- Revision of Morphological Analysis Errors Through the Person Name Construction Model.- Lexical Choice and Syntactic Generation in a Transfer System Transformations in the New LMT English-German System.- Translation with Finite-State Devices.- Lexical Selection for Cross-Language Applications: Combining LCS with WordNet.- Improving Translation Quality by Manipulating Sentence Length.- Machine Translation among Languages with Transitivity Divergences Using the Causal Relation in the Interlingual Lexicon.- A Comparative Study of Query and Document Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval.- Lexicons as Gold: Mining, Embellishment, and Reuse.- System Descriptions.- System Description/Demo of Alis Translation Solutions Overview.- System Demonstration SYSTRAN® Enterprise.- Integrating Tools with the Translation Process.- EMIS A Multilingual Information System.- An Open Transfer Translation.- TransEasy: A Chinese-English Machine Translation System Based on Hybrid Approach.- Sakhr Arabic-English Computer-Aided Translation System.- System Description/Demo of Alis Translation Solutions Application: Multilingual Search and Query Expansion.- Logos8 System Description.


Titel: Machine Translation and the Information Soup
Untertitel: Third Conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas, AMTA'98, Langhorne, PA, USA, October 28-31, 1998 Proceedings
EAN: 9783540652595
ISBN: 3540652590
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Anzahl Seiten: 556
Gewicht: 832g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T29mm
Jahr: 1998
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1998

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