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Large-Scale Scientific Computing

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The 7th International Conference on Large-Scale Scienti?c Computations (LSSC 2009) was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 4 8, 2009. ... Weiterlesen
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The 7th International Conference on Large-Scale Scienti?c Computations (LSSC 2009) was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 4 8, 2009. The conference was organized and sponsored by the Institute for Parallel Processing at the B- garian Academy of Sciences. The conference was devoted to the 70th birthday anniversary of Professor Zahari Zlatev. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences awarded him the Marin Drinov medal on ribbon for his outstanding results in environmental mat- matics and for his contributions to the Bulgarian mathematical society and the Academy of Sciences. The plenary invited speakers and lectures were: P. Arbenz, ?Finite Element Analysis of Human Bone Structures Y. Efendiev, Mixed Multiscale Finite Element Methods Using Limited Global Information U. Langer, Fast Solvers for Non-Linear Time-Harmonic Problems T. Manteu?el, First-Order System Least-Squares Approach to Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Equations K. Sabelfeld, Stochastic Simulation for Solving Random Boundary Value Problems and Some Applications F. Tro ltzsch, OnFinite ElementErrorEstimatesforOptimalControlPr- lems with Elliptic PDEs Z. Zlatev, On Some Stability Properties of the Richardson Extrapolation Applied Together with the ?-method The success of the conference and the present volume in particular are an outcome of the joint e?orts of many partnersfrom various institutions and or- nizations. Firstwe wouldlike to thank allthe membersofthe Scienti?c Comm- tee for their valuable contribution forming the scienti?c face of the conference, as well as for their help in reviewing contributed papers. We especially thank the organizers of the special sessions.

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Plenary and Invited Papers.- An Efficiency-Based Adaptive Refinement Scheme Applied to Incompressible, Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics.- Discontinuous Galerkin Subgrid Finite Element Method for Heterogeneous Brinkman's Equations.- Stochastic Simulation for Solving Random Boundary Value Problems and Some Applications.- On Finite Element Error Estimates for Optimal Control Problems with Elliptic PDEs.- On Some Stability Properties of the Richardson Extrapolation Applied Together with the ?-Method.- Multilevel and Multiscale Preconditioning Methods.- On the Use of Aggregation-Based Parallel Multilevel Preconditioners in the LES of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows.- An Additive Matrix Preconditioning Method with Application for Domain Decomposition and Two-Level Matrix Partitionings.- Numerical Study of AMLI Methods for Weighted Graph-Laplacians.- A Scalable TFETI Based Algorithm for 2D and 3D Frictionless Contact Problems.- Multilevel Preconditioning of Crouzeix-Raviart 3D Pure Displacement Elasticity Problems.- Element-by-Element Schur Complement Approximations for General Nonsymmetric Matrices of Two-by-Two Block Form.- Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems on Hybrid Meshes with Algebraic Multigrid Methods.- Multilevel and Multiscale Methods for Industrial Applications.- Recent Developments in the Multi-Scale-Finite-Volume Procedure.- Boundary Element Simulation of Linear Water Waves in a Model Basin.- Numerical Homogenization of Bone Microstructure.- Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Flows in Highly Deformable Porous Media.- Environmental Modelling.- Assimilation of Chemical Ground Measurements in Air Quality Modeling.- Numerical Simulations with Data Assimilation Using an Adaptive POD Procedure.- Game-Method Model for Field Fires.- Joint Analysis of Regional Scale Transport and Transformation of Air Pollution from Road and Ship Transport.- Runs of UNIDEM Model on IBM Blue Gene/P Computer and Analysis of the Model Performance.- Sensitivity Analysis of a Large-Scale Air Pollution Model: Numerical Aspects and a Highly Parallel Implementation.- Advanced Results of the PM10 and PM2.5 Winter 2003 Episode by Using MM5-CMAQ and WRF/CHEM Models.- Four-Dimensional Variational Assimilation of Atmospheric Chemical Data Application to Regional Modelling of Air Quality.- Numerical Study of Some High PM10 Levels Episodes.- Control and Uncertain Systems.- Hausdorff Continuous Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations.- Stochastic Skiba Sets: An Example from Models of Illicit Drug Consumption.- Classical and Relaxed Optimization Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Optimal Control Problems.- Exponential Formula for Impulsive Differential Inclusions.- Directional Sensitivity Differentials for Parametric Bang-Bang Control Problems.- Estimates of Trajectory Tubes of Uncertain Nonlinear Control Systems.- Asymptotics for Singularly Perturbed Reachable Sets.- On Optimal Control Problem for the Bundle of Trajectories of Uncertain System.- High-Order Approximations to Nonholonomic Affine Control Systems.- Application of Metaheuristics to Large Scale Problems.- A Parametric Multi-start Algorithm for Solving the Response Time Variability Problem.- Enhancing the Scalability of Metaheuristics by Cooperative Coevolution.- Hybrid ACO Algorithm for the GPS Surveying Problem.- Generalized Nets as Tools for Modeling of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms.- A Scatter Search Approach for Solving the Automatic Cell Planning Problem.- Some Aspects Regarding the Application of the Ant Colony Meta-heuristic to Scheduling Problems.- High-Performance Heuristics for Optimization in Stochastic Traffic Engineering Problems.- Optimization of Complex SVM Kernels Using a Hybrid Algorithm Based on Wasp Behaviour.- Monte Carlo: Methods, Applications, Distributed Computing.- Enabling Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Simulation through Grid Technology.- Incremental Reuse of Paths in Random Walk Radiosity.- Monte Carlo Adaptive Technique for Sensitivity Analysis of a Large-Scale Air Pollution Model.- Parallel Implementation of the Stochastic Radiosity Method.- Monte-Carlo Modeling of Electron Kinetics in Room Temperature Quantum-Dot Photodetectors.- Particle Model of the Scattering-Induced Wigner Function Correction.- Analysis of the Monte Carlo Image Creation by Uniform Separation.- The Role of the Boundary Conditions on the Current Degradation in FD-SOI Devices.- Gamma Photon Transport on the GPU for PET.- Transport in Nanostructures: A Comparative Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation, the Spherical Harmonic Method, and Higher Moments Models.- Thermal Modeling of GaN HEMTs.- Grid and Scientific and Engineering Applications.- Tuning the Generation of Sobol Sequence with Owen Scrambling.- Applying the Improved Saleve Framework for Modeling Abrasion of Pebbles.- Information Flow and Mirroring in an Agent-Based Grid Resource Brokering System.- Scatter Search and Grid Computing to Improve Nuclear Fusion Devices.- Service-Oriented Integration of Grid Applications in Heterogeneous Grids.- Grid Based Environment Application Development Methodology.- User Level Grid Quality of Service.- Dictionary Compression and Information Source Correction.- A Parallelization of Finite Volume Method for Calculation of Gas Microflows by Domain Decomposition Methods.- Background Pollution Forecast over Bulgaria.- Climate Change Impact Assessment of Air Pollution Levels in Bulgaria.- Effective Algorithm for Calculating Spatial Deformations of Pre-stressed Concrete Beams.- Reliable Numerical Methods for Differential Equations.- Structurally Stable Numerical Schemes for Applied Dynamical Models.- Matrix and Discrete Maximum Principles.- On a Bisection Algorithm That Produces Conforming Locally Refined Simplicial Meshes.- A Discrete Maximum Principle for Nonlinear Elliptic Systems with Interface Conditions.- Inverse Problem for Coefficient Identification in Euler-Bernoulli Equation by Linear Spline Approximation.- A Fully Implicit Method for Fluid Flow Based on Vectorial Operator Splitting.- Discrete Maximum Principle for Finite Element Parabolic Operators.- Climate Change Scenarios for Hungary Based on Numerical Simulations with a Dynamical Climate Model.- Numerical Simulations of Reaction-Diffusion Systems Arising in Chemistry Using Exponential Integrators.- On the Discretization Time-Step in the Finite Element Theta-Method of the Two-Dimensional Discrete Heat Equation.- Novel Applications of Optimization Ideas to the Numerical Solution of PDEs.- A Locally Conservative Mimetic Least-Squares Finite Element Method for the Stokes Equations.- Additive Operator Decomposition and OptimizationBased Reconnection with Applications.- Least-Squares Spectral Element Method on a Staggered Grid.- Mimetic Least-Squares Spectral/hp Finite Element Method for the Poisson Equation.- Adaptive Least Squares Finite Element Methods in Elasto-Plasticity.- The Automatic Construction and Solution of a Partial Differential Equation from the Strong Form.- Contributed Papers.- Zienkiewicz-Type Finite Element Applied to Fourth-Order Problems.- Acceleration of Convergence for Eigenpairs Approximated by Means of Non-conforming Finite Element Methods.- A Two-Grid Method on Layer-Adapted Meshes for a Semilinear 2D Reaction-Diffusion Problem.- Comparative Analysis of Solution Methods for Delay Differential Equations in Hematology.- Solving Non-linear Systems of Equations on Graphics Processing Units.- Computing n-Variate Orthogonal Discrete Wavelet Transforms on Graphics Processing Units.- Wavelet Compression, Data Fitting and Approximation Based on Adaptive Composition of Lorentz-Type Thresholding and Besov-Type Non-threshold Shrinkage.- On Interpolation in the Unit Disk Based on Both Radon Projections and Function Values.- Comparison between the Marching-Cube and the Marching-Simplex Methods.- Transitions from Static to Dynamic State in Three Stacked Josephson Junctions.- Factorization-Based Graph Repartitionings.- An Efficient Algorithm for Bilinear Strict Equivalent (BSE)- Matrix Pencils.- Two-Grid Decoupling Method for Elliptic Problems on Disjoint Domains.- A Method for Sparse-Matrix Computation of B-Spline Curves and Surfaces.- Parallel MIC(0) Preconditioning for Numerical Upscaling of Anisotropic Linear Elastic Materials.- The Bpmpd Interior Point Solver for Convex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming Problems.- On Shape Optimization of Acoustically Driven Microfluidic Biochips.- Block Preconditioners for the Incompressible Stokes Problem.


Titel: Large-Scale Scientific Computing
Untertitel: 7th International Conference, LSSC 2009, Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 4-8, 2009 Revised Papers
EAN: 9783642125348
ISBN: 978-3-642-12534-8
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
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Gewicht: 965g
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Jahr: 2010
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2010. Edition

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