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Large-Scale Scientific Computing

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Coverage in this proceedings volume includes robust multilevel and hierarchical preconditioning methods, applications for large sc... Weiterlesen
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Coverage in this proceedings volume includes robust multilevel and hierarchical preconditioning methods, applications for large scale computations and optimization of coupled engineering problems, and applications of metaheuristics to large-scale problems.

The 6th International Conference on Large-Scale Scienti?c Computations (LSSC 2007) was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 5 9, 2007. The conference was organized by the Institute for Parallel Processing at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Ma- ematics). Partial support was also provided from project BIS-21++ funded by the European Commission in FP6 INCO via grant 016639/2005. The conference was devoted to the 60th anniversary of Richard E. Ewing. ProfessorEwingwasawardedthemedaloftheBulgarianAcademyofSciencesfor hiscontributionstotheBulgarianmathematicalcommunityandtotheAcademy ofSciences.Hiscareerspanned33years,primarilyinacademia,butalsoincluded industry. Since 1992 he worked at Texas A&M University being Dean of Science and Vice President of Research, as well as director of the Institute for Scienti?c Computation (ISC), which he founded in 1992. Professor Ewing is internati- ally well known with his contributions in applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, and large-scale scienti?c computations. He inspired a generation of researchers with creative enthusiasm for doing science on scienti?c compu- tions. The preparatorywork on this volume was almost done when the sad news came to us: Richard E. Ewing passed away on December 5, 2007 of an apparent heart attack while driving home from the o?ce.


This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Large-Scale Scientific Computations, LSSC 2007, held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, in June 2007. The 81 revised full papers presented together with 5 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers are organized in topical sections on robust multilevel and hierarchical preconditioning methods; monte carlo: tools, applications, distributed computing; operator splittings, their application and realization; recent advances in methods and applications for large scale computations and optimization of coupled engineering problems; control systems; environmental modelling; computational grid and large-scale problems; application of metaheuristics to large-scale problems; and contributed talks.

Plenary and Invited Papers.- Mesh Independent Convergence Rates Via Differential Operator Pairs.- Bridging Methods for Coupling Atomistic and Continuum Models.- Parallelization of Advection-Diffusion-Chemistry Modules.- Comments on the GMRES Convergence for Preconditioned Systems.- Optimization Based Stabilization of Nonlinear Control Systems.- Robust Multilevel and Hierarchical Preconditioning Methods.- On Smoothing Surfaces in Voxel Based Finite Element Analysis of Trabecular Bone.- Application of Hierarchical Decomposition: Preconditioners and Error Estimates for Conforming and Nonconforming FEM.- Multilevel Preconditioning of Rotated Trilinear Non-conforming Finite Element Problems.- A Fixed-Grid Finite Element Algebraic Multigrid Approach for Interface Shape Optimization Governed by 2-Dimensional Magnetostatics.- The Effect of a Minimum Angle Condition on the Preconditioning of the Pivot Block Arising from 2-Level-Splittings of Crouzeix-Raviart FE-Spaces.- Monte Carlo: Tools, Applications, Distributed Computing.- Development of a 3D Parallel Finite Element Monte Carlo Simulator for Nano-MOSFETs.- Numerical Study of Algebraic Problems Using Stochastic Arithmetic.- Monte Carlo Simulation of GaN Diode Including Intercarrier Interactions.- Wigner Ensemble Monte Carlo: Challenges of 2D Nano-Device Simulation.- Monte Carlo Simulation for Reliability Centered Maintenance Management.- Monte Carlo Algorithm for Mobility Calculations in Thin Body Field Effect Transistors: Role of Degeneracy and Intersubband Scattering.- Operator Splittings, Their Application and Realization.- A Parallel Combustion Solver within an Operator Splitting Context for Engine Simulations on Grids.- Identifying the Stationary Viscous Flows Around a Circular Cylinder at High Reynolds Numbers.- On the Richardson Extrapolation as Applied to the Sequential Splitting Method.- A Penalty-Projection Method Using Staggered Grids for Incompressible Flows.- Qualitatively Correct Discretizations in an Air Pollution Model.- Limit Cycles and Bifurcations in a Biological Clock Model.- Large Matrices Arising in Traveling Wave Bifurcations.- Recent Advances in Methods and Applications for Large Scale Computations and Optimization of Coupled Engineering Problems.- Parallel Implementation of LQG Balanced Truncation for Large-Scale Systems.- Finite Element Solution of Optimal Control Problems Arising in Semiconductor Modeling.- Orthogonality Measures and Applications in Systems Theory in One and More Variables.- DNS and LES of Scalar Transport in a Turbulent Plane Channel Flow at Low Reynolds Number.- Adaptive Path Following Primal Dual Interior Point Methods for Shape Optimization of Linear and Nonlinear Stokes Flow Problems.- Analytical Effective Coefficient and First-Order Approximation to Linear Darcy's Law through Block Inclusions.- Control Systems.- Optimal Control for Lotka-Volterra Systems with a Hunter Population.- Modeling Supply Shocks in Optimal Control Models of Illicit Drug Consumption.- Multicriteria Optimal Control and Vectorial Hamilton-Jacobi Equation.- Descent-Penalty Methods for Relaxed Nonlinear Elliptic Optimal Control Problems.- Approximation of the Solution Set of Impulsive Systems.- Lipschitz Stability of Broken Extremals in Bang-Bang Control Problems.- On State Estimation Approaches for Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Quadratic Nonlinearity: Theory and Computer Simulations.- Using the Escalator Boxcar Train to Determine the Optimal Management of a Size-Distributed Forest When Carbon Sequestration Is Taken into Account.- On Optimal Redistributive Capital Income Taxation.- Numerical Methods for Robust Control.- Runge-Kutta Schemes in Control Constrained Optimal Control.- Optimal Control of a Class of Size-Structured Systems.- Environmental Modelling.- Modelling Evaluation of Emission Scenario Impact in Northern Italy.- Modelling of Airborne Primary and Secondary Particulate Matter with the EUROS-Model.- Comparative Study with Data Assimilation Experiments Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method.- Effective Indices for Emissions from Road Transport.- On the Numerical Solution of the Heat Transfer Equation in the Process of Freeze Drying.- Results Obtained with a Semi-lagrangian Mass-Integrating Transport Algorithm by Using the GME Grid.- The Evaluation of the Thermal Behaviour of an Underground Repository of the Spent Nuclear Fuel.- Study of the Pollution Exchange between Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.- A Collaborative Working Environment for a Large Scale Environmental Model.- Advances on Real-Time Air Quality Forecasting Systems for Industrial Plants and Urban Areas by Using the MM5-CMAQ-EMIMO.- Computational Grid and Large-Scale Problems.- Ultra-fast Semiconductor Carrier Transport Simulation on the Grid.- Simple Grid Access for Parameter Study Applications.- A Report on the Effect of Heterogeneity of the Grid Environment on a Grid Job.- Agents as Resource Brokers in Grids Forming Agent Teams.- Parallel Dictionary Compression Using Grid Technologies.- A Gradient Hybrid Parallel Algorithm to One-Parameter Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems.- Quantum Random Bit Generator Service for Monte Carlo and Other Stochastic Simulations.- A Hierarchical Approach in Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms for Multiobjective Optimization.- Application of Metaheuristics to Large-Scale Problems.- Optimal Wireless Sensor Network Layout with Metaheuristics: Solving a Large Scale Instance.- Semi-dynamic Demand in a Non-permutation Flowshop with Constrained Resequencing Buffers.- Probabilistic Model of Ant Colony Optimization for Multiple Knapsack Problem.- An Ant-Based Model for Multiple Sequence Alignment.- An Algorithm for the Frequency Assignment Problem in the Case of DVB-T Allotments.- Optimizing the Broadcast in MANETs Using a Team of Evolutionary Algorithms.- Ant Colony Models for a Virtual Educational Environment Based on a Multi-Agent System.- Simulated Annealing Optimization of Multi-element Synthetic Aperture Imaging Systems.- Adaptive Heuristic Applied to Large Constraint Optimisation Problem.- Parameter Estimation of a Monod-Type Model Based on Genetic Algorithms and Sensitivity Analysis.- Analysis of Distributed Genetic Algorithms for Solving a Strip Packing Problem.- Computer Mediated Communication and Collaboration in a Virtual Learning Environment Based on a Multi-agent System with Wasp-Like Behavior.- Design of 2-D Approximately Zero-Phase Separable IIR Filters Using Genetic Algorithms.- Contributed Talks.- Optimal Order Finite Element Method for a Coupled Eigenvalue Problem on Overlapping Domains.- Superconvergent Finite Element Postprocessing for Eigenvalue Problems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions.- Uniform Convergence of Finite-Difference Schemes for Reaction-Diffusion Interface Problems.- Immersed Interface Difference Schemes for a Parabolic-Elliptic Interface Problem.- Surface Reconstruction and Lagrange Basis Polynomials.- A Second-Order Cartesian Grid Finite Volume Technique for Elliptic Interface Problems.- MIC(0) DD Preconditioning of FEM Elasticity Systems on Unstructured Tetrahedral Grids.- Parallelizations of the Error Correcting Code Problem.- Benchmarking Performance Analysis of Parallel Solver for 3D Elasticity Problems.- Re-engineering Technology and Software Tools for Distributed Computations Using Local Area Network.- On Single Precision Preconditioners for Krylov Subspace Iterative Methods.- A Parallel Algorithm for Multiple-Precision Division by a Single-Precision Integer.- Improving Triangular Preconditioner Updates for Nonsymmetric Linear Systems.- Parallel DD-MIC(0) Preconditioning of Nonconforming Rotated Trilinear FEM Elasticity Systems.


Titel: Large-Scale Scientific Computing
Untertitel: 6th International Conference, LSSC 2007, Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 5-9, 2007, Revised Papers
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ISBN: 3540788255
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