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Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems

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The three volume set LNAI 5177, LNAI 5178, and LNAI 5179, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conferenc... Weiterlesen
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The three volume set LNAI 5177, LNAI 5178, and LNAI 5179, constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, KES 2008, held in Zagreb, Croatia, in September 2008. The 316 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected. The papers present a wealth of original research results from the field of intelligent information processing in the broadest sense; topics covered in the second volume are artificial intelligence driven engineering design optimization; biomedical informatics: intelligent information management from nanomedicine to public health; communicative intelligence; computational intelligence for image processing and pattern recognition; computational intelligence in human cancer research; computational intelligence techniques for Web personalization; computational intelligent techniques for bioprocess modelling, monitoring and control; intelligent computing for Grid; intelligent security techniques; intelligent utilization of soft computing techniques; reasoning-based intelligent systems: relevant reasoning for discovery and prediction; spatio-temporal database concept support for organizing virtual earth; advanced knowledge-based systems; chance discovery; innovation-oriented knowledge management platform; knowledge-based creativity support systems; knowledge-based interface systems; knowledge-based multi-criteria decision support; and knowledge-based systems for e-business.

II Intelligence Everywhere.- Design of Row-Based Flexible Manufacturing System with Evolutionary Computation.- Ant Colony System-Based Algorithm for Optimal Multi-stage Planning of Distribution Transformer Sizing.- On the Evolutionary-Fuzzy Control of WIP in Manufacturing Systems.- Numerical Study and Optimal Blade Design of a Centrifugal Pump by Evolutionary Algorithms.- Groundwater Numerical Modeling and Environmental Design Using Artificial Neural Networks and Differential Evolution.- Using Hierarchical Task Network Planning Techniques to Create Custom Web Search Services over Multiple Biomedical Databases.- Building an Index of Nanomedical Resources: An Automatic Approach Based on Text Mining.- Annotation of Colorectal Cancer Data Using the UMLS Metathesaurus.- A Primer in Knowledge Management for Nanoinformatics in Medicine.- Towards Natural Head Movement of Autonomous Speaker Agent.- Automatic Translation in Two Phases: Recognition and Interpretation.- Representation of Uncertain Knowledge in Probabilistic OLAP Model.- Local Topology of Social Network Based on Motif Analysis.- A Semantic Language for Querying Anonymous Web Sources.- CDNs with Global Adaptive Request Distribution.- Digital Video Watermarking Based on RGB Color Channels and Principal Component Analysis.- A Watermarking Approach for MIDI File Based on Velocity and Duration Modulation.- Application of Interactive Genetic Algorithms to Boid Model Based Artificial Fish Schools.- Classification of High-Resolution Satellite Images Using Supervised Locality Preserving Projections.- Downsizing Multigenic Predictors of the Response to Preoperative Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer.- Classification of Sporadic and BRCA1 Ovarian Cancer Based on a Genome-Wide Study of Copy Number Variations.- Rule-Based Assistance to Brain Tumour Diagnosis Using LR-FIR.- Are Model-Based Clustering and Neural Clustering Consistent? A Case Study from Bioinformatics.- Exploratory Characterization of Outliers in a Multi-centre 1H-MRS Brain Tumour Dataset.- Feature Selection in in vivo 1H-MRS Single Voxel Spectra.- Statistical Assessment of MSigDB Gene Sets in Colon Cancer.- Stratification of Severity of Illness Indices: A Case Study for Breast Cancer Prognosis.- Categorization of Web Users by Fuzzy Clustering.- Fuzzy User Profiling in e-Learning Contexts.- Personalized Web Search by Constructing Semantic Clusters of User Profiles.- A Comparison of Different Rating Based Collaborative Filtering Algorithms.- Application of Agent-Based System for Bioprocess Description and Process Improvement.- A Dynamic Bayesian Network to Represent a Ripening Process of a Soft Mould Cheese.- Nonlinear and Neural Networks Based Adaptive Control for a Wastewater Treatment Bioprocess.- Epileptic Seizure Classification Using Neural Networks with 14 Features.- Predicting Grid Performance Based on Novel Reduct Algorithm.- Discussing Redundancy Issues in Intelligent Agent-Based Non-traditional Grids.- A Uniform Parallel Optimization Method for Knowledge Discovery Grid.- E-Service Delivery Pattern for Knowledge Discovery Grid.- Design and Implementation to Intelligent Examination System for e-Business Application Operation.- Application Study in Decision Support with Fuzzy Cognitive Map.- Combination Study of Multi Fuzzy Cognitive Map.- A Hermeneutic Approach to the Notion of Information in IS.- Access Control Labeling Scheme for Efficient Secure XML Query Processing.- A Secure Mediator for Integrating Multiple Level Access Control Policies.- Domain Account Model.- Impostor Users Discovery Using a Multimodal Biometric Continuous Authentication Fuzzy System.- A Learning Automata Approach to Multi-agent Policy Gradient Learning.- Coordinated Exploration in Conflicting Multi-stage Games.- Incremental Learning Method of Simple-PCA.- Utilization of Soft Computing Techniques for Making Environmental Games More Exciting Toward an Effective Utilization of the COMMONS GAME.- Petri Net-Based Simulation and Analysis of the Software Development Process.- Learning Grouping and Anti-predator Behaviors for Multi-agent Systems.- Network Simulations for Relationality Design - An Approach Toward Complex Systems.- Dynamical Effect on Tick-Wise Price Predictions.- Time-Series Models of the EEG Wearing Overcorrected Glasses.- Feature Extraction System for Age Estimation.- Improving EEG Analysis by Using Paraconsistent Artificial Neural Networks.- Transitive Reasoning of Before-After Relation Based on Bf-EVALPSN.- A Conceptual Model for Guiding the Clustering Analysis.- An Image-Based Integration System for Real-Time Dispatching of Multi-robots.- A Fast Duplication Checking Algorithm for Forward Reasoning Engines.- Formal Definition of Relevant Logical Symbol Occurrence.- Deontic Relevant Logic as the Logical Basis for Representing and Reasoning about Legal Knowledge in Legal Information Systems.- A General Forward Reasoning Algorithm for Various Logic Systems with Different Formalizations.- Map-Oriented Regional Information Management for Data Broadcasting Contents.- Continuous Clustering of Moving Objects in Spatial Networks.- Index Method for Tracking Network-Constrained Moving Objects.- Adaptive Routing of Cruising Taxis by Mutual Exchange of Pathways.- Route Optimization Using Q-Learning for On-Demand Bus Systems.- Sharing Event Information in Distributed Environment Based on Three-Layered Structure.- III Knowledge Everywhere.- An Introduction to Authorization Conflict Problem in RDF Access Control.- Improving Text Summarization Using Noun Retrieval Techniques.- Providing Flexible Queries over Web Databases.- Fast Cryptographic Privacy Preserving Association Rules Mining on Distributed Homogenous Data Base.- SD-Core: Generic Semantic Middleware Components for the Semantic Web.- A Knowledge-Based Approach for Answering Fuzzy Queries over Relational Databases.- An Algorithm for Discovering Ontology Mappings in P2P Systems.- Privacy Risks in Trajectory Data Publishing: Reconstructing Private Trajectories from Continuous Properties.- A Novel Approach for Practical Semantic Web Data Management.- Distance-Based Classification in OWL Ontologies.- Kernel Methods for Graphs: A Comprehensive Approach.- Event-Based Compression and Mining of Data Streams.- Context Enabled Semantic Granularity.- Modeling Spatial Relations between Places to Support Geographic Information Retrieval.- Towards Relational Inconsistent Databases with Functional Dependencies.- A Bank Run Model in Financial Crises.- Logic of Discovery and Knowledge: Decision Algorithm.- Chances, Affordances, Niche Construction.- Free Association Versus Recognition: Sensitivity for Chance Discovery in Cross-Cultural Color Design.- A Cross-Cultural Study on Attitudes toward Risk, Safety and Security.- Insight or Trial and Error: Ambiguous Items as Clue for Discovering New Concepts in Constrained Environments.- Exceptions as Chance for Computational Chance Discovery.- Analyzing Behavior of Objective Rule Evaluation Indices Based on a Correlation Coefficient.- Face Image Annotation Based on Latent Semantic Space and Rules.- A Spam Filtering Method Learning from Web Browsing Behavior.- A Method of Graphics Composition Using Differential SVG Documents.- Externalization Support of Key Phrase Channel in Presentation Preparation.- X-Web: A Data Model for Managing Personal Contents Based on User Experiences.- Understanding Creativity-Technique Based Problem Solving Processes.- Visualisation Tool for Cooperative Relations and Its Verification with a Case Study.- Participatory Workshop as a Creativity Support System.- Readable Representations for Large-Scale Bipartite Graphs.- Evaluation of a Prototype of the Mimamori-care System for Persons with Dementia.- Aware Group Home Enhanced by RFID Technology.- A Tabletop Interface Using Controllable Transparency Glass for Collaborative Card-Based Creative Activity.- Random Display of Hints and Its Effect on Generating Ideas in Brain-Writing Groupware.- Visual Analysis Tool for Bipartite Networks.- A Model for Measuring Cognitive Complexity of Software.- Efficient Tracking with AdaBoost and Particle Filter under Complicated Background.- Analog VLSI Layout Design and the Circuit Board Manufacturing of Advanced Image Processing for Artificial Vision Model.- Classification of Local Surface Using Neural Network and Object Rotation of Two Degrees of Freedom.- Control of Hypothesis Space Using Meta-knowledge in Inductive Learning.- On Capacity of Memory in Chaotic Neural Networks with Incremental Learning.- Improved Accuracy by Relearning and Combining Distance Functions.- Influence of Character Type of Japanese Hiragana on Writer Recognition.- Learning Algorithm for Study Support in Web Study Design of Prototype Model.- Municipal Solid Waste Site Location Using a Fuzzy Logic Approach.- Fuzzy-Based Call Admission Control Scheme for Mobile Networks.- Routing Analysis Using Fuzzy Logic Systems in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Prioritization of Incomplete Fuzzy Preference Relation.- Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision Making Based on Fuzzy Preference Relation.- The Development of the Financial Learning Tool through Business Game.- A Method for Ensuring Consistency of Software Design Information in Retrospective Computer Validation.- Egocentrism Presumption Method with N-Gram for e-Business.- Generating Dual-Directed Recommendation Information from Point-of-Sales Data of a Supermarket.- Extraction of the Project Risk Knowledge on the Basis of a Project Plan.- Real-Valued LCS Using UNDX for Technology Extraction.


Titel: Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems
Untertitel: 12th International Conference, KES 2008, Zagreb, Croatia, September 3-5, 2008, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540855644
ISBN: 978-3-540-85564-4
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1043
Größe: H35mm x B236mm x T156mm
Jahr: 2008
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2008

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