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Leading Self-Directed Work Teams

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Kimball Fisher is a cofounder of the Fisher Group, Inc., and has worked with many companies implementing high-performance managem... Weiterlesen
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Kimball Fisher is a cofounder of the Fisher Group, Inc., and has worked with many companies implementing high-performance management practices across North America, Western Europe, Asia, and Africa. These include Amoco, Apple Computers, Chevron, Corning, Hewlett Packard, Mosanto, Motorola, NBC, Shell, Weyerhauser, and more. He is a popular speaker at conferences on teams, leadership, and organization design and has addressed audiences around the world.


The classic book on team leadership--now revised and expanded for a new era!

Motorola uses it to train managers, Logan Aluminum calls it their Bible, "Industry Week" proclaimed it one of the best dozen books of the year it was published, and experts and managers from M.I.T. to T&T praise its pragmatic insights on the new role for leaders. A bestseller just got better!

One of the most important books ever written about teams, the original edition of this groundbreaking book helped pioneer the self-directed work teams revolution. Now, drawing on a wide range of real-life lessons learned in the years since it was first published, this up-to-the-minute guide teaches you everything you need to know to lead confidently and effectively in today's non-autocratic, self-directed workplaces.

You'll learn how to: Lead through example and commitment, instead of by demanding obedience and control Give and obtain feedback in a constructive, non-defensive manner Excite, energize, and inspire team members about projects and goals Create accountability systems for teams--without restricting autonomy and creativity Overcome the special challenges of leading knowledge workers And much more!

The classic book on team leadership--now revised and expanded for a new era!


Part I: A New Kind of Leader for a New Kind of Business Environment. Bosses Who Don't Boss. Self-Directed Work Teams: What Are They and Where Did They Come From? Team Empowerment: Passing Fad or the Future of Work Design? The Classic Supervisor Is an Endangered Species. A Rocky Road: The Transition from Supervisor to Team Leader. Part II: Building the Foundation for Change. The Kodak 13 Room Story: Empowering Team Leaders. Overcoming Common Transition Difficulties: Four Learnings from the 13 Room. Part III: The Power of Values and Assumptions. The Visible and Invisible Elements of Team Leadership. Theory X Assumptions and Control Paradigm Thinking: You Can't Get There from Here. Part IV: The Role of the Team Leader. The Supervisor Versus the Team Leader: Sheep Herders and Shepherds. The Role of the Team Leader. Essential Competencies for Team Leaders: Leader, Results Catalyst, and Facilitator. The Barrier Buster, Business Analyzer, Coach, and Living Example. The Myth of the Marshmallow Manager. The Five Stages of Implementing Empowerment. Leadership Roles During the Early Stages of Team Maturity. Leadership Roles During the Later Stages of Team Maturity. Part IV: The Team Leader Workout. Three Days in the Life of a Team Leader. A Weekly Activity Guide for Team Leaders. Part V: Common Problems and Uncommon Solutions. When Team Members Resist the Change to a Self-Directed Work Team. Helping Supervisors Become Team Leaders. Managing Upward: When You Don't Have the Support of Senior Management. Creating Accountability: Systems for Teams. When the Problem Is the Organization: Redesigning for Teams. Overcoming the Special Challenges of Leading knowledge Workers. Leading Virtual Teams: How to Work with Teams That Are Geographically Dispersed. Part VI: Team Leader Evaluation Tools. The Team Leader Limits Test: Do I Fit as a Team Leader? Assessing Team Leader Effectiveness Sampler. The Team Leader Survival Guide.


Titel: Leading Self-Directed Work Teams
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