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Structures of Knowing

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Inhalt 1: The Methodological Question.- 1. The Case for a Reorientation in the History of Psychology.- 1.1 Brozek's Typologies.- 1... Weiterlesen
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1: The Methodological Question.- 1. The Case for a Reorientation in the History of Psychology.- 1.1 Brozek's Typologies.- 1.2 Watson: Prescription Versus Paradigm.- 1.3 The Case for the Independent Science in the 1980's.- 1.4 Documenting the Paradigm.- 1.5 The Historical Canon: Eighteenth Century.- 1.6 The Historical Canon: Nineteenth Century.- 1.6.1 Experimental Physiologists and Psychophysicists.- 1.6.2 Experimental Psychologists.- 1.6.3 Act Psychology.- 1.6.4 Experimental Psychologists: The Second Generation.- 1.6.5 Psychological Technicians.- 1.7 Implications.- 2. Counterproposition: Psychology as Discourse.- 2.1 The Post-Structuralist Example: Freud as Discourse.- 2.2 The Outline for the Paradigm.- 2: The Paradigm of Conceptual Psychology.- 3. Kant and Herbart: the Initiation of Conceptual Psychology.- 3.1 The Position of Kant's Anthropology.- 3.2 The Program of the Anthropology.- 3.3 The Mind's "Capacities" and Their Relation to Knowledge.- 3.4 From Kant to Herbart.- 3.5 Herbart: Psychology as Science.- 3.6 The Dynamic Model of the Capacities.- 3.7 The Mathematics of Psychology.- 3.8 Psychology and the Ego.- 3.9 Conclusion.- 4. Empiricism and Conceptual Psychology: Psychophysics and Philology.- 4.1 Fechner and Psychophysics.- 4.2 Richard Avenarius and "Pure Experience".- 4.3 Wundt: Group Psychology and the Environment.- 4.4 H. Paul and Language as Communication.- 4.5 Conclusion.- 3: Case Studies.- 5. Dilthey and Descriptive Psychology.- 5.1 Dilthey's Psychology: Goal of the Discipline.- 5.2 The Constitution of the Psyche.- 5.3 The Development of the Psyche and Descriptive Psychology.- 5.4 Conclusions.- 6. Phenomenology and Conceptual Psychology.- 6.1 Brentano's Psychology.- 6.2 Laws of Mental Phenomena.- 6.3 Brentano's Classifications of Mental Phenomena.- 6.4 From Brentano to Husserl.- 6.5 Husserl and Phenomenological Psychology.- 6.6 The Subject and the Experiential World.- 6.7 Phenomenology Versus Conceptual Psychology.- 7. Mach's Psychology of Investigation and the Limits of Science.- 7.1 Mach and His Public.- 7.2 Sense Data and Physics: Fundaments of Psychology.- 7.3 The "Psychology of the Senses": Preconditions and Operations.- 7.4 Operations in the Sciences.- 7.5 Position of "Knowledge and Error" with Respect to "Analysis of the Sensations".- 7.6 Memory as the Ground for Conceptualization.- 7.7 Knowledge and Error: Concepts and Validation.- 7.8 Symbol Manipulation and Heuristics.- 7.9 Investigation as Psychology.- 7.10 Conclusion.- 8. Freud: the Psychology of Psychoanalysis.- 8.1 Phase 1: The Program of The Interpretation of Dreams.- 8.1.1 The Material of Dreams.- 8.1.2 The Morphology of the Dream.- 8.1.3 The Syntax of Dreams.- 8.1.4 The Syntax of the Psyche.- 8.2 Phase 2: After Dreams: Freud's Science of Culture.- 8.2.1 The Science of the Psyche.- 8.2.2 Psychology Versus Psychoanalysis.- 8.2.3 Psychology and the Sciences of Culture.- 8.3 Freud and Conceptual Psychology.- Afterword: Some Consequences of Conceptual Psychology.- Notes.- Index of Names.


Titel: Structures of Knowing
Untertitel: Psychologies of the Nineteenth Century
EAN: 9780792300090
ISBN: 0792300092
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Netherlands
Anzahl Seiten: 444
Gewicht: 828g
Größe: H241mm x B160mm x T28mm
Jahr: 1989
Auflage: 1989

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