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An Introduction to Medical Manipulation

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to Medical Manipulation John K. Paterson, MB. BS. MRCGP currently Vice-President and Han. Secretary of the British Association of... Weiterlesen
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to Medical Manipulation John K. Paterson, MB. BS. MRCGP currently Vice-President and Han. Secretary of the British Association of Manipulative Medicine and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the International Federation of Manual Medicine and Loic Burn, BA. MRCS. LRCP. DPhysMed currently President of the British Association of Manipulative Medicine. Han. Secretary of the Scientific Section of the British League against Rheumatism and member of Council of the Back Pain Association ~~ M.TP PRESS LIM.ITED ~ a member of the KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS GROUP LA CASTER I BOSTON I THE HAG E / DORDRECHT Published in the UK and Europe by MTP Press Limited Falcon House Lancaster, England British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Paterson, John K. An introduction to medical manipulation. 1. Manipulation (Therapeutics) I. Title II. Burn, Loic 615.8'2 RM724 Published in the USA by MTPPress A division of Kluwer Boston Inc 190 Old Derby Street Hingham, MA 02043, USA Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Paterson, John K., 1921- An introduction to medical manipulation. Bibliography: p. Includes index.


1 General Considerations.- Orthopaedic neurology 1 - how manipulation works.- Orthopaedic neurology 2 - a review of current ideas relating to manipulation.- Spinal mobility and its relevance to manipulation.- Incidence and aetiology of low back pain in general terms.- Referred pain, referred tenderness and back pain syndromes.- Trigger points.- Some psychological aspects of vertebral pain.- Indications, contraindications and dangers.- Clinical history and data recording.- Local examination.- Conventional radiology.- Posture and prophylaxis.- Spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis.- Rheumatology and orthopaedics.- Lay manipulators.- Drug treatment of musculoskeletal problems.- Collars and corsets.- Traction.- Exercise and exercises.- Vertebral injections.- Electro-acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.- Rhizotomy and rhizolysis.- Sclerosant therapy.- Assessment of results and the associated difficulties.- The British Association of Manipulative Medicine, the International Federation of Manual Medicine, the British League Against Rheumatism and the Back Pain Association.- Conclusion.- 2 The cervical spine.- Functional anatomy.- Symptomatology.- Brachial and thoracic radiation.- Examination.- Conventional radiology.- Injections.- 3 The thoracic spine.- Functional anatomy.- Symptomatology.- Examination.- Conventional radiology.- Injections.- 4 The lumbar spine.- Functional anatomy.- A classification of low back pain.- Examination.- Conventional radiology.- Lumbar injections.- The pelvis.- The intervertebral disc.- 5 Peripheral joints.- The shoulder.- The elbow, wrist and hand.- The hip.- The knee and ankle.- The foot.- 6 Anatomical illustrations.- The mobile segment.- Cervical ligaments - C0-1-2 - sagittal view.- The vertebral artery.- 7 Diagnostic techniques.- Apparent difference in leg length.- Skin drag.- Posterior skin rolling.- Anterior skin rolling.- Lateral spinous process pressure test.- Springing.- Muscle tone test.- Zygoapophyseal tenderness.- The bellpush sign of Maigne.- 8 Manipulative techniques.- Upper cervical rotation - supine.- Lower cervical rotation - supine.- Upper cervical rotation in traction - sitting 1.- Upper cervical rotation in traction - sitting 2.- Lower cervical rotation - sitting.- Cervical side-bending.- Prone cervical rotation - chin pivot.- Lower cervical rotation - prone.- Sternal thrust - standing.- Sternal thrust - sitting.- Sternal thrust - supine.- Crossed pisiform thrust - 1.- Crossed pisiform thrust - 2.- Knee in back.- Spinous process rotation.- Thoracic rotation - sitting.- Lumbar rotation.- Lumbosacral - prone 1.- Lumbar rotation - sitting.- Lumbar extension - sitting.- Lumbosacral forward thrust.- Lumbosacral longitudinal thrust.- Lumbosacral - prone 2.- Million dollar roll.- 9 Injections.- Occipital injections.- Cervical apophyseal injections.- Thoracic apophyseal joint injections.- Lumbar apophyseal injections.- Caudal epidural anaesthesia.- 10 Back exercises.- Lying exercise.- Standing exercise.- 11 Domiciliary traction.- Cervical autosuspension.- Lumbar autosuspension.- References.


Titel: An Introduction to Medical Manipulation
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