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Thunder Beats The Drum

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Many of the earliest books! particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before! are now extremely scarce and increasingly exp... Weiterlesen
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Klappentext Many of the earliest books! particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before! are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable! high quality! modern editions! using the original text and artwork.


THUNDER BEATS THE DRUM . CONTENTS . PAGE XVItlj The Walking Drug Stores 1 68 XDL The Emerald BuUet 176 XX. The Deeper WUds 187 XXI. The Abundant Paradise 191 XXII. Curare, the Blossom of Life 200 XXIII. Dliacia 207 XXIV. Where Are You, Fawcett 216 XXV. Jungle Stuff 225 XXVI. Diento Negro 235 XXVII. Teeka 243 XXVIII. The Hunter 247 XXIX. Jungle Soup 251 XXX. Great White Sucker 261 XXXI. The Jab 270 XXXII. Tupac-Amaru 279 XXXIII. Cupid Juice 293 XXXIV. The Leaf 298 XXXV. Patiiio 301 XXXVI. Isolation Ward 309 XXXVII. The Storm 318 XXXVIII. That Damned Oppi 330 XXXIX. Thunder Beats the Drum 335 6 THUNDER BEATS THE DRUM I. Thunder Beats the Drum FAWCETT HAD ALWAYS INTERESTED ME, I FIRST HEARD of him one night in a New York newspaper office. I remember the story. In 1928, whenever the moon was full over the Medi terranean, inshore fishermen often pointed to the shad owy figure of a woman pacing back and forth upon the terrace of a little villa at Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Later, when all the world was proclaiming Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett dead of curare barbs in the jungles of Brazil, the mystery of the woman keeping this vigil was lifted in a United Press dispatch from Nice. She was Nina Fawcett, wife or widow of the greatest explorer of his day, who picked full-moon nights to commune via the channels of telepathy with a living Fawcett, supposedly happy and unharmed in a Garden of Eden on the banks of the Trapajos far away. It was this dispatch out of France on September 13, 19 28, which came literally under my nose at a rewrite desk just at a time when the impulse to be on the move was getting the upper hand of me, that first stirred my interest in Fawcett. A highly romantic Englishman had 9THUNDER BEATS THE DRUM been swallowed up in the worlds wild greenhouse, whither he had plunged, presumably to prove that life did not begin in the Valley of the Euphrates, but origi nated in a lost world near the shores of the Xingu in Brazil. It had a highly intriguing ring to it. A correspondent of the United Press at Nice quoted Nina Fawcett as saying At night, when the moon is full, I enter into telepathic communication with Colonel Fawcett on the terrace of my villa, and I have received personal reassurance that he is alive. Nina Fawcett was not the only one in those days and even later who voiced unswerving opinions that this challenger of the jungle was still alive. In spite of the as sertions of another explorer who braved the hell of the Matto Grosso in a futile effort to locate him, many steadfastly asserted faith in the theory that the heroic Fawcett survived. George Dyott, the explorer who in 1928 led an ex pedition to search for the lost British scientist, turned back after months of peril-packed adventures when his little party was surrounded by hostile Indians on the banks of the Xingu. There, Dyott said, Fawcett and his party were slain by unfriendly natives. But Dyott brought back from Brazil no proof of this except local jungle gossip. Since then, every now and again, during all these years, news trickled out of the empire of the blowgun to confound the theory of the Dyott expedition. There was a story from missionaries of a strange, vhite, blue-eyed baby near the head waters of the Xingu, and hints that Ralph, nicknamed Jack 1 10 THUNDER BEATS THE DRUM Fawcett, twenty-one-year-old son of the explorer, had found romance with a dusky belle in the jungle. There wasanother report from a Brazilian engineer via Lima, Peru, that Colonel Fawcett, his son and Ra leigh Rimmel of Los Angeles, an eighteen-year-old Ox ford student who had accompanied the expedition, were living near Theodore Roosevelts River of Doubt, culti vating the soil with advanced agricultural methods. Rumors flew thick and fast in 1928 that Fawcett had been captured by a tribe of white Indians in a lost city, and planned to spend his declining years learning the history of their secret civilization...


Titel: Thunder Beats The Drum
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Format: Kartonierter Einband
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