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Between a Rock and a Scarred Place

  • Kartonierter Einband
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For Those Moments When You Aren't Sure How To Move Forward But Something Needs To Be Done... LEARN HOW TO DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHI... Weiterlesen
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For Those Moments When You Aren't Sure How To Move Forward But Something Needs To Be Done...
Connecting with people is part of life; learn how to leverage your connections in a way that deepens your relationships.
Are You Ready for a Change?
I am making the assumption that you are currently involved in some form of relationship. Usually assumptions are dangerous but this one is spot on. No one functions outside of relationships, so mastering communication and connection is practical as well as beneficial to everyone. If you think you function completely independent of others then you couldn't be more wrong. Even inanimate objects function in relationship to people as they serve a unique purpose or function.
Relationships are a complicated and necessary component of life. Some have said we can only be assured of two things: "death and taxes," but I would challenge that thinking and say... the only thing we can be assured of in this world is death, and relationships.
The relationships we create are either unhealthy and dysfunctional or hopeful and nurturing. The most amazing part of our lives as human beings is the gift of free will that allows us to choose (as far as it concerns us) how we function in relationships and community. That being said, the world is also full of difficult people, complicated circumstances and communication breakdowns.
There is a flip side to the best thing in life being free will - if we have free will then so do all the other people in the world. Herein lies the problem! We may think it would be nice to be able to puppeteer all the people in our lives to do as we say and cooperate with our plans. The major setback to this thinking comes in the form of genuine connection. We may wish at times for easier relationships but that pesky 'ol free will keeps getting in the way. Without the ability to choose our path, relationships and responses, we would also be left without the choice to experience genuine love. Love is the root of what we each strive for, and love without choice is counterfeit.

In an effort to release free will to do good in the world and to change the way we connect with those we love, but struggle to understand, this work was born. This book is a practical guide designed to bring about heart-level changes for the life long process of being a positive force in our relationships. Filled with much more than just "tips," this book strives to create systematic methods to alter your perspective, which in turn alters your mind, heart and eventually your behavior.
No book can help you avoid difficult people, or complications, but it will help you deal with the struggles you face with integrity. Don't waste valuable time struggling with your relationships when you could be enjoying them. Life is too short to remain stuck in patterns of communication that destroy instead of build up. Read this book, engage with the insights and then effectively put feet to what you learn! Start living a life based on values and integrity that shines through to all of your connections. Be the light and the change that you have been waiting for in your relationships. Engage your free will for the good and start now!


Titel: Between a Rock and a Scarred Place
Untertitel: Relationship Recovery for Hurting Hearts
EAN: 9780991142002
ISBN: 0991142004
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Anzahl Seiten: 288
Gewicht: 253g
Größe: H178mm x B127mm x T15mm
Jahr: 2013



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