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RT Essentials
Jesse Vincent , Robert Spier , Dave Rolsky

Collects 34 essays from leading security and human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers on authentication, privacy and anonymity... Weiterlesen
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Collects 34 essays from leading security and human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers on authentication, privacy and anonymity, secure systems, commercialization, and more.


Jesse Vincent is the author of RT and the founder of Best Practical Solutions, LLC, a company dedicated to open source tools to help people and organizations keep track of what needs doing, when it gets done, and who does it. Before founding Best Practical, Jesse worked as the systems lead for a now-defunct dotcom and a software designer at Microsoft. Robert Spier is a software engineer who has been working with RT for almost 7 years. When not managing other engineers at his day job, he moonlights as Best Practical's lead trainer, and maintains the perl.org infrastructure. Dave Rolsky is a programmer, author, and activist with a background in music composition, and an obsession with Hong Kong films and the works of author Gene Wolfe. He has been actively developing Free Software (Perl) for several years and is a member of the Mason core development team. Darren Chamberlain is system adminisitrator and recovering programmer living and working in the Boston area. Richard Foley is a Munich based Perl and Oracle developer who spends most of his time programming, when he could be spending quality time with his family, walking or skiing in the nearby Alps. He has a technical illustration background, and has developed applications for the Aerospace, Internet and Banking industries. Responsible for maintaining the perlbug database, from 1997 to 2001, he was co-organiser of YAPC::Europe::2002 and is a member of the YAPC::Europe committee, the group responsible for organizing Perl conferences in Europe.


In a typical organization, there's always plenty that to do such as: pay vendors, invoice customers, answer customer inquiries, and fix bugs in hardware or software. You need to know who wants what and keep track of what is left to do. This is where a ticketing system comes in. A ticketing system allows you to check the status of various tasks: when they were requested, who requested them and why, when they were completed, and more. RT is a high-level, open source ticketing system efficiently enabling a group of people to manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users. RT Essentials, co-written by one of the RT's original core developers, Jesse Vincent, starts off with a quick background lesson about ticketing systems and then shows you how to install and configure RT. This comprehensive guide explains how to perform day-to-day tasks to turn your RT server into a highly useful tracking tool. One way it does this is by examining how a company could use RT to manage its internal processes. Advanced chapters focus on developing add-on tools and utilities using Perl and Mason. There's also chapter filled with suggested uses for RT inside your organization. No matter what kind of data your organization tracks--from sales inquiries to security incidents or anything in between--RT Essentials helps you use RT to provide order when you need it most.


1. Preface Part. Realigning Usability and Security 1. Psychological Acceptability Revisited Matt Bishop 2. Usable Security M. Angela Sasse and Ivan Flechais 3. Design for Usability Bruce Tognazzini 4. Usability Design and Evaluation for Privacy and Security Solutions Clare-Marie Karat, Carolyn Brodie, and John Karat 5. Designing Systems That People Will Trust Andrew S. Patrick, Pamela Briggs, and Stephen Marsh Part. Authentication Mechanisms 6. Evaluating Authentication Mechanisms Karen Renaud 7. The Memorability and Security of Passwords Jeff Yan, Alan Blackwell, Ross Anderson, and Alasdair Grant 8. Designing Authentication Systemswith Challenge Questions Mike Just 9. Graphical Passwords Fabian Monrose and Michael K. Reiter 10. Usable Biometrics Lynne Coventry 11. Identifying Users from Their Typing Patterns Alen Peacock, Xian Ke, and Matt Wilkerson 12. The Usability of Security Devices Ugo Piazzalunga, Paolo Salvaneschi, and Paolo Coffetti Part. Secure Systems 13. Guidelines and Strategies for Secure Interaction Design Ka-Ping Yee 14. Fighting Phishing at the User Interface Robert C. Miller and Min Wu 15. Sanitization and Usability Simson Garfinkel 16. Making the Impossible Easy: Usable PKI Dirk Balfanz, Glenn Durfee, and D.K. Smetters 17. Simple Desktop Security with Chameleon A. Chris Long and Courtney Moskowitz 18. Security Administration Tools and Practices Eser Kandogan and Eben M. Haber Part. Privacy and Anonymity Systems 19. Privacy Issues and Human-Computer Interaction Mark S. Ackerman and Scott D. Mainwaring 20. A User-Centric Privacy Space Framework Benjamin Brunk 21. Five Pitfalls in the Design for Privacy Scott Lederer, Jason I. Hong, Anind K. Dey, and James A. Landay 22. Privacy Policies and Privacy Preferences Lorrie Faith Cranor 23. Privacy Analysis for the Casual User with Bugnosis David Martin 24. Informed Consent by Design Batya Friedman, Peyina Lin, and Jessica K. Miller 25. Social Approaches to End-User Privacy Management Jeremy Goecks and Elizabeth D. Mynatt 26. Anonymity Loves Company: Usability and the Network Effect Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson Part. Commercializing Usability: The Ventor Perspective 27. ZoneAlarm: Creating Usable Security Products for Consumers Jordy Berson 28. Firefox and the Worry-Free Web Blake Ross 29. Users and Trust: A Microsoft Case Study Chris Nodder 30. IBM Lotus Notes/Domino: Embedding Security in Collaborative Applications Mary Ellen Zurko 31. Achieving Usable Security in Groove Virtual Office George Moromisato, Paul Boyd, and Nimisha Asthagiri Part. The Classics 32. Users Are Not the Enemy Anne Adams and M. Angela Sasse 33. Usability and Privacy:A Study of KaZaA P2P File Sharing Nathaniel S. Good and Aaron Krekelberg 34. Why Johnny Can't Encrypt Alma Whitten and J. D. Tygar Index


Titel: RT Essentials
Untertitel: Managing Your Team and Projects with Request Tracker
Autor: Jesse Vincent Robert Spier Dave Rolsky
EAN: 9780596006686
ISBN: 978-0-596-00668-6
Format: Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Herausgeber: o'Reilly & Assoc Inc
Genre: Netzwerke
Anzahl Seiten: 200
Gewicht: 363g
Größe: H178mm x B231mm x T13mm
Jahr: 2005


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