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Evidence-Based Emergency Care

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"The purpose of this book is to present relevant questions on diagnostic testing that arise in everyday emergency medicine practic... Weiterlesen
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"The purpose of this book is to present relevant questions on diagnostic testing that arise in everyday emergency medicine practice and to comment on the best available evidence"--Provided by publisher.

The ability to differentiate patients who need emergent treatment from those who do not is a vital skill in Emergency Medicine. Solid history-taking, a thorough physical examination, appropriate use of laboratory tests and imaging, and sound clinical judgement are all keys to making these decisions. However, determining which elements of the patient history, findings on the physical exam, and laboratory and imaging results to use can be challenging for emergency physicians and other providers in acute care settings. Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules will equip you with the information you need to: * Interpret and draw practical conclusions from published studies * Understand both bottom-line conclusions and limitations of the various studies on diagnostic testing and clinical decision rules * Learn how to make the best decision for your patient based on up-to-date evidence Part I provides an overview of the science of diagnostic testing, reviewing the process behind the development of clinical decision rules and exploring the increasing pressures to improve the efficiency of diagnostic test utilization faced by emergency practitioners. Subsequent chapters focus on practical questions that have been addressed through original research studies. The authors provide a review of the current literature on a specific question, an interpretation of the clinical question in the context of the literature (focusing on the actual data behind the studies being referenced) and, finally, how the evidence can be most appropriately applied to the care of emergency patients. More than ever, you need Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules, a trusted guide to the evidence on diagnostic testing in the emergency setting that will help you make

About the Authors, xi Foreword, xv Preface, xvii Acknowledgments, xix Section 1: The Science of Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules 1 Diagnostic Testing in Emergency Care, 3 2 Evidence-Based Medicine: The Process, 11 3 The Epidemiology and Statistics of Diagnostic Testing, 19 4 Clinical Decision Rules, 36 5 Appropriate Testing in an Era of Limited Resources: Practice and Policy Considerations, 44 6 Understanding Bias in Diagnostic Research, 54 Section 2: Trauma 7 Cervical Spine Fractures, 67 8 Cervical Spine Fractures in Children, 80 9 Cervical Spine Fractures in Older Adults, 86 10 Blunt Abdominal Trauma, 92 11 Acute Knee Injuries, 97 12 Acute Ankle and Foot Injuries, 102 13 Blunt Head Injury in Children, 107 14 Blunt Head Injury, 117 15 Blunt Chest Trauma, 128 16 Occult Hip Fracture, 135 17 Blunt Soft Tissue Neck Trauma, 141 18 Occult Scaphoid Fractures, 147 19 Penetrating Abdominal Trauma, 153 20 Penetrating Trauma to the Extremities and Vascular Injuries, 162 Section 3: Cardiology 21 Heart Failure, 173 22 Syncope, 181 23 Acute Coronary Syndrome, 189 24 Palpitations, 205 Section 4: Infectious Disease 25 Bacterial Meningitis in Children, 219 26 Serious Bacterial Infections in Children Aged 1-3 Months, 223 27 Necrotizing Fasciitis, 227 28 Infective Endocarditis, 232 29 Pharyngitis, 238 30 Rhinosinusitis, 243 31 Pneumonia, 248 32 Urinary Tract Infection, 255 33 Sepsis, 259 34 Septic Arthritis, 270 35 Osteomyelitis, 278 36 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), 288 37 Influenza, 295 38 Pediatric Fever in Children Aged 3-36 Months, 303 Section 5: Surgical and Abdominal Complaints 39 Acute, Nonspecific, Nontraumatic Abdominal Pain, 309 40 Small Bowel Obstruction, 317 41 Acute Pancreatitis, 324 42 Acute Appendicitis, 330 43 Acute Cholecystitis, 340 44 Aortic Emergencies, 347 45 Ovarian Torsion, 351 Section 6: Urology 46 Nephrolithiasis, 359 47 Testicular Torsion, 365 Section 7: Neurology 48 Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, 375 49 Acute Stroke, 381 50 Transient Ischemic Attack, 387 51 Seizure, 394 Section 8: Miscellaneous: Hematology, Ophthalmology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, and Geriatrics 52 Venous Thromboembolism, 403 53 Temporal Arteritis, 415 54 Intraocular Pressure, 421 55 Asthma, 430 56 Nontraumatic Back Pain, 441 57 Intravascular Volume Status, 450 58 Geriatric Syndromes, 457 Index, 471


Titel: Evidence-Based Emergency Care
Untertitel: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules
EAN: 9780470657836
ISBN: 978-0-470-65783-6
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Medizin
Anzahl Seiten: 500
Gewicht: g
Größe: H216mm x B216mm
Jahr: 2012
Auflage: 2. Aufl.



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