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Tick-Borne Diseases of Humans

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Tick-borne illnesses are extremely diverse, both biologically and clinically, and symptoms are often nonspecific, making recogniti... Weiterlesen
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Tick-borne illnesses are extremely diverse, both biologically and clinically, and symptoms are often nonspecific, making recognition and appropriate treatment challenging. The incidence of tick-borne diseases afflicting humans rises with increased travel and exposure to exotic environments.


Table of Contents I. Ticks, Their Interactions with Hosts, and the Diseases They Transmit 1. Overview of Tick-Borne Infections of Humans, David T. Dennis and Joseph F. Piesman 2. The Biology of Tick Vectors of Human Disease, Daniel E. Sonenshine 3. The Tick: a Different Kind of Host for Human Pathogens, Ulrike G. Munderloh, Steven D. Jauron, and Timothy J. Kurtti 4. Management of Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases, Howard S. Ginsberg and Kirby C. Stafford III 5. The Clinical Approach to the Patient with a Possible Tick-Borne Illness, Jesse L. Goodman 6. The Human Reaction to Ticks, Uwe U. Muller-Doblies and Stephen K. Wikel 7. Tick Systematics and Identification, James E. Keirans and Lance A. Durden II. Specific Diseases 8. Colorado Tick Fever and Related Coltivirus Infections, Anthony A. Marfin and Grant L. Campbell 9. Tick-Borne Encephalitis, Patricia A. Nuttall and Milan Labuda 10. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Felicity J. Burt and Robert Swanepoel 11. Lyme Borreliosis, Allen C. Steere, Jenifer Coburn, and Lisa Glickstein 12. Tularemia, Edward B. Hayes 13. Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis, Jesse L. Goodman 14. Human Monocytotropic Ehrlichiosis, J. E. Dawson, S. A. Ewing, W. R. Davidson, J. E. Childs, S. E. Little, and S. M. Standaert 15. Other Tick-Borne Ehrlichioses, Including Ehrlichia ewingii, Christopher D. Paddock, Allison M. Liddell, and Gregory A. Storch 16. Relapsing Fever, Alan G. Barbour 17. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Other Spotted Fever Group Rickettsioses, Kevin R. Macaluso and Abdu F. Azad 18. Mediterranean Spotted Fever and Other Tick-Borne Rickettsioses, Pierre-Edouard Fournier and Didier Raoult 19. Q Fever, Herbert A. Thompson, David T. Dennis, and Gregory Dasch 20. Human Babesiosis, Mary J. Homer and David H. Persing III. Color Atlases 21. Geographic Distributions of Tick-Borne Diseases and Their Vectors, Richard N. Brown, Robert S. Lane, and David T. Dennis Color Plates, prepared by J. Stephen Dumler and Christopher D. Paddock


Titel: Tick-Borne Diseases of Humans
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Herausgeber: American Society for Microbiology
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Jahr: 2005
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