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The 2080s

  • Kartonierter Einband
  • 378 Seiten
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The 2080s Official Trailer. Cue music...'Woah. You're still alive,' said Zak.'Oh god Zak,' said Van, barely audible. 'I'm in terr... Weiterlesen
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The 2080s Official Trailer. Cue music...

'Woah. You're still alive,' said Zak.
'Oh god Zak,' said Van, barely audible. 'I'm in terrible pain.'
'Don't complain Van,' said Zak. He grinned, but it made his throat flare up.
Van tried to move, but his body just twitched, and he groaned again.
'Zak... Shoot me dead.'
'What! Get over it, we'll be finished in a few minutes.'
'No please. I'm in agony,' said Van, shuddering as he spoke.
'So am I,' said Zak. He stepped past Van, and started climbing the stairs again.


'Gran,' he said. 'Can I have a present?'
Everyone stared at Zak as if he had broken wind.
'Well dearie I'd love to give you something,' said Gran. 'but I don't have any boys' things?'
'How about that clock,' he said, pointing at the mantelpiece.
Gran shook her head.
'What would you want that old thing for?'
'Because I'm going to make you a promise,' said Zak. 'One day, I will return here and give it back to you.'


Suddenly, the whole room transformed. The strong colours and patterns swiftly faded, to be replaced throughout by a uniform grey.
Zak had experienced this in his own room when punished, but he'd never seen the effect on the rest of the house. He took a quick peek in the hallway and kitchen. Beforehand, every drop of colour had been dynamically displayed via the house computer. Now, carpets, stairs, worktops and all other surfaces were blank.
'I hardly recognise it as our house,' said Zak.
'I'm glad to see the back of that wallpaper,' said Skye, 'it was vile.'


Zak had noticed that the ladder continued down through another dark hole in the floor.
'Where does that go?' he asked with trepidation. 'Out into space?'
'I dunno, I never went down there,' said Ragboy, no longer grinning but looking as uneasy as Zak. 'But maybe we'd better try it.'
They had no time to debate options. They heard footsteps approaching from the rooftops. The hole was the only way out.


'Zahedi, Saltzmann! Where are you?' he roared.
There was no reply.
'Damn it!'
Krushkov ran up to a plant pot containing a two metre high palm, and kicked it over. The pot's seal cracked, letting stones and sand pour out onto the floor.
He pulled out his blaster and started running. Zak quickly realised he was heading for the Tech Room, but in no time Krushkov was breathing heavily and had to stop to mop his brow.
'Damn gravity,' he muttered. 'Still too high.'
After a deep breath he continued, striding with menacing purpose, blaster in hand.
Zak realised he needed to disappear.


Titel: The 2080s
EAN: 9781716472336
ISBN: 1716472334
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Genre: Lesen bis 11 Jahre
Anzahl Seiten: 378
Gewicht: 302g
Größe: H178mm x B108mm x T20mm
Jahr: 2020
Untertitel: Englisch