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Intelligent Robotics and Applications

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These two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applicatio... Weiterlesen
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These two volumes constitute the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, ICIRA 2008, held in Wuhan, China, in October 2008. The 265 revised full papers presented were thoroughly reviewed and selected from 552 submissions; they are devoted but not limited to robot motion planning and manipulation; robot control; cognitive robotics; rehabilitation robotics; health care and artificial limb; robot learning; robot vision; human-machine interaction & coordination; mobile robotics; micro/nano mechanical systems; manufacturing automation; multi-axis surface machining; realworld applications.

Keynote Speeches.- The Development of Robot Technology in China.- Obstacle Avoidance for Kinematically Redundant Manipulators Based on Recurrent Neural Networks.- Robot Motion Planning and Manipulation.- Nonlinear Disturbance Observer for Robot Manipulators in 3D Space.- Novel Design and Analysis of Magnetic Couplings Used for Vacuum Robot.- Property Identification of 6-3 Stewart Parallel Manipulators for Special Orientations.- Analysis of Dynamical Behavior of a Planetary Gear Train.- Trajectory Optimization of Flexible Mobile Manipulators Using Open-Loop Optimal Control Method.- Force Planning for Underground Articulated Robot.- Retracted: Formation Control of Multiple Mobile Robots Systems.- Dynamic Leg Motion Generation of Humanoid Robot Based on Human Motion Capture.- The Simulation Analysis of Humanoid Robot Based on Dynamics and Kinematics.- Design and Coordinated Motion Control of a Welding Robot for Large Scale Workpieces.- A New Expression to Construct Jacobian Matrix of Parallel Mechanism.- Fuzzy Behavioral Navigation for Bottom Collision Avoidance of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.- Orientation-Singularity and Orientation-Workspace Analyses of the Stewart Platform Using Unit Quaternion.- Dimensional Synthesis and Analysis of the 2-UPS-PU Parallel Manipulator.- Performance Analysis of a Forging Manipulator Based on the Composite Modeling Method.- A New View Planning Method for Automatic Modeling of Three Dimensional Objects.- An Method for Forward Kinematics of Stewart Parallel Manipulators.- Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Parallel Machine Tool with Redundant Actuation.- A Hybrid Intelligent System for Pipeline Robot Navigation in Unknown Environment.- Trajectory Planning of a Novel 2-DoF High-Speed Planar Parallel Manipulator.- Analysis on the Processing Dexterity of Parallel Robot Based on MATLAB.- 3 Points Calibration Method of Part Coordinates for Arc Welding Robot.- Multi-axis Path Planning for Hybrid Plasma Deposition and Milling Based on Slicing Characteristics.- Multi-robot Cooperative Pursuit Based on Task Bundle Auctions.- Optimization Design of Flapping Mechanism and Wings for Flapping-Wing MAVs.- Computing Contact Force and Deformation in the Heavy-Duty Gripping with Over-Constraint.- Robot Control.- Grey Self Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Flight Simulator Servo System.- Robot Navigation in a Networked Swarm.- Design and Analysis of Vacuum Robot for Cluster Tools.- RATTLE Method for Dissipative Constrained Hamiltonian Systems.- The Control Mechanism of a New Fish-Like Underwater Robot with Two Tails.- Research on Piezoelectric Six-Dimensional Heavy Force Sensor with Four-Point Supporting Structure.- Preliminary Design Method Study for the Space Deployable Articulated Mast.- Virtual Force Compensation for MIS Robot.- Kinematics and Task-Oriented Manipulability Measure for the Bionic Cricket Hopping Robot.- Parameter Design for a Central Pattern Generator Based Locomotion Controller.- Development of an Onboard Software System for Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on VxWorks.- Biped Robot Walking Using Three-Mass Linear Inverted Pendulum Model.- Non-fragile Reliable Guaranteed Cost Control of an Interval System with Actuator Failures and Application to Flight Control Testing.- Dynamic Modeling and Control of Rigid-Flexible Constrained Robot with Three Links.- Robust Control of Linear Continuous-Time Polytopic Systems and Application to an Electro-Hydraulic Servo System.- System Identification and Profile Planning for High Accuracy Servo System.- Research on Nonlinear Dynamics of Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Robot.- Research on the Sensors Condition Monitoring Method for AUV.- Global Optimization of Robot Control System Via Generalized Geometric Programming.- Travel Speed Prediction Using Fuzzy Reasoning.- Cognitive Robotics.- Syntactic Approach to Cognitive Interpretation of Medical Patterns.- An Improved Method for Circle Detection.- Feature-Based Image Fusion Quality Metrics.- The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Constructing Virtual Machining Workshop.- Representing and Selecting Landmarks in Autonomous Learning of Robot Navigation.- A Fuzzy Set Semantics for Qualitative Fluents in the Situation Calculus.- Enhancing Plan Execution in Dynamic Domains Using Model-Based Reasoning.- Health Care and Artificial Limb.- Design of Human-Like Leg-Foot for Human-Assisted Biped Walking.- A Novel DGO Based on Pneumatic Exoskeleton Leg for Locomotor Training of Paraplegic Patients.- A Multi-layered Interaction Architecture for Elderly Companion Robot.- Analysis of Mechanism and Application Research for 4-PTT Parallel Mechanism Manipulator.- Embedded Control System of Digital Operating Table.- Modeling and Optimizing of Human Upper Limb Posture of Mechanical System Human-Machine Interface.- Simulation and Experimental Study of Human Riding Comfort in Dynamic Man-Automobile System.- A Hybrid Robot System Guided by Computer Tomography for Percutaneous Lung Cancer Cryosurgery.- Super Under-Actuated Humanoid Robot Hand with Gear-Rack Mechanism.- Mechanical Damage Evaluation of Living Tissue in Vascular Therapy.- Robot Learning.- Modeling and Simulation of Inchworm Mode Locomotion.- Face Recognition Using Cortex Mechanism and SVM.- Study of Cooperation Strategy of Robot Based on Parallel Q-Learning Algorithm.- Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on Bayes and SVR.- The Application of Hybrid Distributed Reinforcement Learning Algorithm in RoboCup 2D Soccer Simulation System.- Shadow Detection and Removal from Solo Natural Image Based on Retinex Theory.- Dynamic Grasp Recognition Using Time Clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models and Hidden Markov Models.- A Skill-Based Autonomous Control Method for Robotic Teleoperation.- Lunar Rover's Behavior Fusion Learning Based on Nonholonomic Dynamics.- Study on the Non-expandability of DNF and Its Application to Incremental Induction.- Robot Vision.- Detection of Local Mura Defects in TFT-LCD Using Machine Vision.- Qualitative Spatial Scene Modeling for Ambient Intelligence Environments.- A Polygon Detection Algorithm for Robot Visual Servoing.- System Calibration and Error Rectification of Binocular Active Visual Platform for Parallel Mechanism.- An Efficient Method to Realize Space Registration in Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Surgery.- Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement Using Maar Wavelet Transform.- Design of Multi-resolution 3D Measurement System Using Light Sectioning Method and Multi-sensor Data Fusion Techniques.- The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Vision Denoising Method of Surfacelet Based on Sample Matrix.- Based on the Multi-scale Integration Face Image Detection Technology Research.- An Improved Algorithm of Hand Gesture Recognition under Intricate Background.- Contour Based Multi-object Classification Technology.- Mobile Robotics.- A New Genetic-Fuzzy Algorithm for Mobile Robot Way-Finding in Environments with Any Types of Concave Obstacle.- Kinematics of Robot with Castered-and-Cambered Wheels with Respect to Drive Configuration Topology.- Dynamic Route Construction for Mobile Collectors in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Body Posture Control of Wheeled Foot Quadruped Robot Based on Virtual Suspension Model.- Path Planning for Mobile Robot Based on Improved Framed-Quadtree.- Research on Navigation for Search and Rescue Robot Based on Traversability.- Vehicle Control Strategy on High Speed Obstacle Avoidance under Emergency.- Real-Time Control of Full Actuated Biped Robot Based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control.- Evolutionary Computation for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Based on Topological Map of a Mobile Robot.- A Nonlinear Adaptive Variable Structure Trajectory Tracking Algorithm for Mobile Robots.- A Method of Landmark Visual Tracking for Mobile Robot.- Dynamic Modeling, Control and Simulation with Slip for an Omnidirectional Mobile Microrobot.- Leaving Flatland: Realtime 3D Stereo Semantic Reconstruction.- Dynamic Model and Analysis of the Flexible Two-Wheeled Mobile Robot.- Reinforcement Learning Based Precise Positioning Method for a Millimeters-Sized Omnidirectional Mobile Microrobot.- A Method to Estimate the Basin of Attraction of the System with Impulse Effects: Application to the Biped Robots.- Mobile Robot Localization Method Based on Adaptive Particle Filter.- A Wheeling-Hopping Combination Scout Robot.- Modeling and Control of a Link-Based Dolphin-Like Robot Capable of 3D Movements.- Gait Analysis of the Passive Dynamic Walker with Knees.- A Robust Pose Estimation Algorithm for Mobile Robot Based on Clusters.- Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Flexible Two-Wheeled Balancing Robot.- Body-Deformation Steering Approach to Guide a Multi-mode Amphibious Robot on Land.- Research on a Tri-axial Differential-Drive In-Pipe Robot.- Design of Pneumatic Cable Maintenance Robot.- Research of Dynamic Model and Control Ling of Flexible Two-Wheel Upright Self-balance Humanoid Robot.- A Research on Dynamics of a Hexapod with Closed-Loop Legs.- Biological Characteristics Analysis and Mechanical Jumping Leg Design for Frog Robot.- Path Planning Algorithm for Robot in 3D Environment Based on Neural Network.- Development of Hanging-Arm Inspection Robot for High-Voltage Transmission Line.- Mobile Manipulators' Object Recognition Method Based on Multi-sensor Information Fusion.- Effect of Slip on Tractive Performance of Small Rigid Wheel on Loose Sand.- Observation-Based Multi-robot Cooperative Formation Control.- A Fuzzy Neural Network Based on T-S Model for Mobile Robots to Avoid Obstacles.- A 3-D Locomotion Biomimetic Robot Fish with Information Relay.- A Solar-Powered Amphibian Robot for Aquatic Monitoring Network.- Traction Control on Loose Soil for a Redundantly Actuated Mobile Robot.- Flocking Motion of Mobile Agents with a Leader Based on Distance-Dependent Adjacency Matrix.- A Dynamic Control Allocation Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Multiple Control Effectors.- The Dynamic Modeling of Snake-Like Robot by Using Nominal Mechanism Method.- Motion Planning of Non-collision Obstacles Overcoming for High-Voltage Power Transmission-Line Inspection Robot.- Probability-PSO Algorithm for Multi-robot Based Odor Source Localization in Ventilated Indoor Environments.- Further Research and Comparison of Gaits for Compass-Like Biped and Kneed Passive Dynamic Walker.- Tanbot: A Self-reconfigurable Robot Enhanced with Mobility.- Formation Control for Multi-robots Based on Flocking Algorithm.- Human-Machine Interaction and Coordination.- The Use of Robots for Advanced Fixing Operations in Difficult-to-Access Areas.- HLA Based Multidisciplinary Collaborative Simulation Framework for Forging and Manipulating Process.- A Novel Virtual Reality Robot Interface for Isoglide3 Parallel Robot.- Erratum.- Erratum: Formation Control of Multiple Mobile Robots Systems.


Titel: Intelligent Robotics and Applications
Untertitel: First International Conference, ICIRA 2008 Wuhan, China, October 15-17, 2008 Proceedings, Part I
EAN: 9783540885122
ISBN: 978-3-540-88512-2
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1284
Größe: H44mm x B237mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2008
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2008

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