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Information Networking

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the International Conference on Information Networking, ICOIN 20... Weiterlesen
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the International Conference on Information Networking, ICOIN 2003, held at Cheju Island, Korea in February 2003.

The 100 revised full papers presented were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and revision. The papers are organized in topical sections on high-speed network technologies, enhanced Internet protocols, QoS in the Internet, mobile Internet, network security, network management, and network performance.

High-Speed Network Technologies.- Providing Delay Guarantee in Input Queued Switches: A Comparative Analysis of Scheduling Algorithms.- Performance Analysis of a VC Merger Capable of Supporting Differentiated Services in an MPLS over ATM Switch.- Design of Load-Adaptive Queue Management for Internet Congestion Control.- Performance Analysis of an IP Lookup Algorithm for High Speed Router Systems.- Scalable IP Routing Lookup in Next Generation Network.- A Constrained Multi-path Finding Mechanism Considering Available Bandwidth and Delay of MPLS LSP.- A High Speed ATM/IP Switch Fabric Using Distributed Scheduler.- Scalable Packet Classification for IPv6 by Using Limited TCAMs.- Delayed Just-Enough-Time Scheduling: An Approach to Improve Efficiency of WDM Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Double EIM and Scalar BPM Analyses of Birefringence and Wavelength Shift for TE and TM Polarized Fields in Bent Planar Lightwave Circuits.- Performance Analysis of Degree Four Topologies for the Optical Core of IP-over-WDM Networks.- Analysis of End-to-End Recovery Algorithms with Preemptive Priority in GMPLS Networks.- An Efficient Restoration Scheme Using Protection Domain for Dynamic Traffic Demands in WDM Networks.- Enhanced Protocols in Internet.- Periodic Communication Support in Multiple Access Networks Exploiting Token with Timer.- An Adaptive Contention Period Control in HFC Networks.- An Extension of Scalable Global IP Anycasting for Load Balancing in the Internet.- ATFRC: Adaptive TCP Friendly Rate Control Protocol.- Energy-Efficient Communication Protocols for Wireless Networks.- Adaptation of IPv6 and Service Location Protocol to Automatic Home Networking Service.- Router-Assisted TCP-Friendly Traffic Control for Layered Multicast.- The Stability Problem of Multicast Trees in Layered Multicast.- RAMRP Protocol for Reliable Multicasting in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Environments.- An MPLS Broadcast Mechanism and Its Extension for Dense-Mode Multicast Support.- Error Recovery Algorithm for Multimedia Stream in the Tree-Based Multicast Environments.- Study on Merge of Overlapped TCP Traffic Using Reliable Multicast Transport.- Multicast Datagram Delivery Using Xcast in IPv6 Networks.- Efficient Multicast Supporting in Multi-rate Wireless Local Area Networks.- Theoretical Throughput/Delay Analysis for Variable Packet Length in the 802.11 MAC Protocol.- A Bluetooth Scatternet Formation Algorithm for Networks with Heterogeneous Device Capabilities.- CERA: Cluster-Based Energy Saving Algorithm to Coordinate Routing in Short-Range Wireless Networks.- A Mobility Management Strategy for UMTS.- A Cluster-Based Router Architecture for Massive and Various Computations in Active Networks.- Shortest-Path Mailing Service Using Active Technology.- Design of Security Enforcement Engine for Active Nodes in Active Networks.- A Least Number of Stream Used(LSU) Algorithm for Continuous Media Data on the Proxy Server.- Enhancing the Quality of DV over RTP with Redundant Audio Transmission.- Function Extensible Agent Framework with Behavior Delegation.- Robust Audio Streaming over Lossy Packet-Switched Networks.- An XML-Based Mediation Framework for Seamless Access to Heterogeneous Internet Resources.- Internet Camera Selections in Response to Location-Based Requests from Multiple Users.- Implementation of Third Party Based Call Control Using Parlay Network API in SIP Environment.- A Location Transparent Multi-agent System with Terminal Mobility Support.- Efficient Handover Scheme with Prior Process for Heterogeneous Networking Environment.- Personal Server Model for Real-Space Networking.- Socket Level Implementation of MCS Conferencing System in IPv6.- QOS in Internet.- An Extended Multimedia Messaging Service Architecture for Efficiently Providing Streaming Services.- A Look-Ahead Scheduler to Provide Proportional Delay Differentiation in Wireless Network with a Multi-state Link.- A Practical QoS Network Management System Considering Load Balancing of Resources.- A QoS-Aware Framework for Resource Configuration and Reservation in Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- SAP: On Designing Simple AQM Algorithm for Supporting TCP Flows.- A VoIP Traffic Modeling for the Differentiated Services Network Architecture.- CORBA Extensions to Support QoS-Aware Distributed Systems.- Class-Based Fair Intelligent Admission Control over an Enhanced Differentiated Service Network.- Optimal QoS Routing Based on Extended Simulated Annealing.- Adaptive Playout Algorithm Using Packet Expansion for the VoIP.- Dynamic Quality of Service on IP Networks.- Mobile Internet.- An Efficient Wireless Internet Access Scheme.- An Experimental Performance Evaluation of the Stream Control Transmission Protocol for Transaction Processing in Wireless Networks.- TCP Recovering Multiple Packet Losses over Wireless Links Using Nonce.- UMTS Implementation Planning on GSM Network.- A Mobile-Node-Assisted Localized Mobility Support Scheme for IPv6.- The In-vehicle Router System to Support Network Mobility.- Independent Zone Setup Scheme for Re-configurable Wireless Network.- Information-Theoretic Bounds for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Routing Protocols.- History-Aware Multi-path Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- A Load-Balancing Approach in Ad-Hoc Networks.- Minimizing Both the Number of Clusters and the Variation of Cluster Sizes for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Name Service in IPv6 Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.- CMDR: Conditional Minimum Drain Rate Protocol for Route Selection in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Medium Access Control Protocol Using State Changeable Directional Antennas in Ad-Hoc Networks.- Reliable Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Network Security.- An Efficient Hybrid Cryptosystem Providing Authentication for Sender'S Identity.- Network-Based Intrusion Detection with Support Vector Machines.- A Conference Key Distribution Scheme in a Totally-Ordered Hierarchy.- Efficient Bit Serial Multiplication in GF(2 m ) for a Class of Finite Fields.- New Approach for Configuring Hierarchical Virtual Private Networks Using Proxy Gateways.- A Key Management Scheme Integrating Public Key Algorithms and GATE Operation of Multi-point Control Protocol (MPCP) for Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) Security.- New Security Paradigm for Application Security Infrastructure.- Network Packet Filter Design and Performance.- Network Management.- Design and Implementation of Information Model for Configuration and Performance Management of MPLS-TE/VPN/QoS.- Definition and Visualization of Dynamic Domains in Network Management Environments.- A Framework for Hierarchical Clustering of a Link-State Internet Routing Domain.- Characteristics of Denial of Service Attacks on Internet Using AGURI.- Dynamic Configuration and Management of Clustered System with JMX.- An Optimal Algorithm for Maximal Connectivity of HFC Network.- A Network Management Architecture Using XML-Based Policy Information Base.- A Policy-Based QoS Management Framework for Differentiated Services Networks.- Network Performance.- Do Not Trust All Simulation Studies of Telecommunication Networks.- Satellite Link Layer Performance Using Two Copy SR-ARQ and Its Impact on TCP Traffic.- Survivable Network Design Using Restricted P-Cycle.- Taming Large Classifiers with Rule Reference Locality.- Analytic Models of Loss Recovery of TCP Reno with Packet Losses.- Impact of FIFO Aggregation on Delay Performance of a Differentiated Services Network.- A New Cell Loss Recovery Scheme for Data Services in B-ISDN.- Some Improvements of TCP Congestion Control.- Flow Allocation Algorithms for Traffic Engineering.- Dynamic Load Distribution in MPLS Networks.- Distributed Transport Platform for TCP-Friendly Streaming.- Directory-Based Coordinated Caching in Shared Web Proxies.- Characterization of Web Reference Behavior Revisited: Evidence for Dichotomized Cache Management.


Titel: Information Networking
Untertitel: Networking Technologies for Enhanced Internet Services, International Conference, ICOIN 2003, Cheju Island, Korea, February 12-14, 2003, Revised Selected Papers
EAN: 9783540408277
ISBN: 978-3-540-40827-7
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1043
Gewicht: 1612g
Größe: H59mm x B235mm x T158mm
Jahr: 2003
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2003

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