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Information Networking. Networking Technologies for Broadband and Mobile Networks

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The papers in this book were prepared for and presented at the International ConferenceonInformationNetworking2004(ICOIN2004),whic... Weiterlesen
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The papers in this book were prepared for and presented at the International ConferenceonInformationNetworking2004(ICOIN2004),whichwasheldfrom February 18 to 20, 2004 at Busan, Korea.It was organizedby the KISS (Korean Information Science Society) SIG-IN in Korea and the IPSJ (Information P- cessing Society of Japan) SIG-IN. The papers were selected through two steps: (1)referralbyTPCmembersand reviewers;and(2)on-sitepresentationreviews by session chairs and conference participants. The theme of ICOIN 2004 was Convergencein Broadband and Mobile N- working , considering high-speed mobile networks. Even though it seems that a kind of slow-speed mobile Internet service is to be provided in the market sooner or later, it would not be an ultimate solution for the users, who require more QoS-rich services. In the near future, mobile services will adopt hi- speed networking technology. At the same time, mobile service users will anti- pate that a reasonable level of quality of service and security is provided. Based onthis,ICOIN2004requestedpapersontechnologiesformobility,qualityofs- vice,security,broadbandaccess,andapplications,focusingonenhancedInternet protocolsandalgorithms,their implementation, and the convergencetechnology required to support wired and wireless Internet. This book contains articles on the following subjects related to information networking from the low-layer transmission technologies to the higher-layer p- tocols and services. Mobility Internet and Ubiquitous Computing: Concerned with mobile ad hoc networking, mechanisms for ubiquitous environments, routing in mobile networks, and mobile IP protocols. QoS, Measurement and Performance Analysis: Concerned with QoS-related routingalgorithmsand protocols,QoS provisioningInternet protocols,m- elling and analysis, and performance measurement. High-Speed Network Technologies: Concerned with multicast in high-speed networks, advanced algorithms and protocols, and switching and routing.


protocols,m- elling and analysis, and performance measurement. - High-Speed Network Technologies: Concerned with multicast in high-speed networks, advanced algorithms and protocols, and switching and routing.

Mobile Internet and Ubiquitous Computing.- Node Configuration Protocol Based on Hierarchical Network Architecture for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.- Vote-Based Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Load Balanced Onion Relay for Prevention of Traffic Analysis in Ad Hoc Networks.- Performance of New Broadcast Forwarding Criteria in MANET.- A Simple Load-Balancing Approach in Secure Ad Hoc Networks.- An Energy-Efficient Reliable Transport for Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Ubiquitous Streaming Framework for Multimedia Broadcasting Services with QoS Based Mobility Support.- A Reflective Approach to Dynamic Adaptation in Ubiquitous Computing Environment.- Personal Service on Application Level Active Network for Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- A New Directional Flooding Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.- An Efficient Scheduling Scheme for Bluetooth Scatternets Using the Sniff Mode.- Efficient Route Discovery for Reactive Routing Protocols with Lazy Topology Exchange and Condition Bearing Route Discovery.- Chumcast in Two-Tier Networks.- A Routing Strategy for Metropolis Vehicular Communications.- On Demand Routing Protocol to Support Unidirectional Links in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- On Reducing Paging Cost in IP-Based Wireless/Mobile Networks.- An Enhanced Handoff Mechanism for Cellular IP.- A State-Based Fast Handover Scheme for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6.- An Efficient Handoff Mechanism with Reduced Latency in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6.- A Study on Availability of Mobility Databases.- Dynamic Bandwidth Adaptation Using Mobile IP in Hybrid Cellular Networks.- A Dynamic Incentive Pricing Scheme for Relaying Services in Multi-hop Cellular Networks.- A Mobility-Based Mobile Multicast with Flexible Range.- SIP Signaling Performance Evaluation for Supporting Mobility in Cellular-IP Integrated Wireless Networks.- Performance of Voice Traffic over Mobile Ad Hoc Network.- The Two-Tiered Proxy System for Seamless Multimedia Service in Mobile Computing Environment.- Auto-Networking Technologies for IPv6 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- New Binding Update Method in Mobile IPv6.- Dynamic Agent Advertisement of Mobile IP to Provide Connectivity between Ad Hoc Networks and Internet.- A Transport Layer Mobility Support Mechanism.- Secured Anonymous ID Assignment Support for LIN6.- Distributed Collision-Free/Collision-Controlled MAC Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Hidden Terminals.- QoS, Measurement and Performance Analysis.- Interaction between TCP Reno and TCP Vegas in End-to-End Congestion Control.- Enhancements to the Fast Recovery Algorithm of TCP NewReno.- Route Reinforcement for Efficient QoS Routing Based on Ant Algorithm.- A Study of Internet Packet Reordering.- Policy-Based Differentiated QoS Provisioning for DiffServ Enabled IP Networks.- Deterministic Edge-to-Edge Delay Bounds for a Flow in a DiffServ Network Domain.- An Efficient Preemption-Based Service Differentiation Scheme for OBS Networks.- Multiple Metric QoS Routing in Differentiated Services Networks Using Preference Functions Measurement Concepts.- Improvments for Dynamic Sub-mesh Restoration Scheme in Dense WDM Networks.- Analysis and Modeling of Traffic from Residential High Speed Internet Subscribers.- Multi-constrained End-to-End Admission Control in Core-Stateless Networks.- Quality of Service for the Zone on the Internet.- Efficient Algorithm for Reducing Delay Variation on Bounded Multicast Trees.- Virtual Routing and Management Algorithm for QoS and Security in Internet.- HDR Forward Link Scheduler Supporting Service Differentiation with Fairness Bound.- A Fast Method to Estimate Loss Rate.- On Generating Random Network Structures: Connected Graphs.- Structures of Human Relations and User-Dynamics Revealed by Traffic Data.- Parallel Fair Round Robin Scheduling in WDM Packet Switching Networks.- Post-dialing Delay of Multimedia Sessions in 3G Mobile Networks.- Decision Point of AAL2 Multiplexing for Voice and Data Services in 3G WCDMA Network.- An Adaptive Resource Allocation Scheme Based on Renegotiation for QoS Provisioning in Wireless Mobile Networks.- Practical Considerations in Trunk Engineering for Cellular Service.- Differentiation Mechanisms over IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN for Network-Adaptive Video Transmission.- Design of ABEL Route Recording System Base on BGP for Network Management and Application Software.- High-Speed Network Technologies.- Multicast Algorithms Using Status of Receivers in WDM Broadcast Network for CDN.- Improving Data Distribution in Branching Point Based Multicast Protocols.- Hierarchical Overlay Data Delivery Tree Construction Adopting Host Group Model and Topology-Awareness.- A New TCP Congestion Control for High-Speed Long-Distance Networks.- A Scalable Parallel Lookup Framework Avoiding Longest Prefix Match.- Admission Control and Resource Allocation with Improved Effective Bandwidth/Buffer Calculation Method.- Distributed Scheduling Policies for Networks of Switches with a Configuration Overhead.- Location Management with Dynamic Anchor Scheme in Wireless ATM Networks.- Throughput and Delay Bounds for Input Buffered Switches Using Maximal Weight Matching Algorithms and a Speedup of Less than Two.- Research on Protection Mechanisms of Resilient Packet Ring Network.- An Efficient Video Prefix-Caching Scheme in Wide Area Networks.- A Hierarchical LSP Management Architecture for MPLS Traffic Engineering.- Resource Reconfiguration Scheme Based on Temporal Quorum Status Estimation in Computational Grids.- Double-Link Failure Recovery in WDM Optical Torus Networks.- Multi-Wavelength-Minimum Interference Path Routing Algorithm for Establishing Optimal Optical-LSPs in OVPN.- The Effect of Burst Assembly on Performance of Optical Burst Switched Networks.- Optical Hybrid Switching Combined Optical Burst Switching and Optical Circuit Switching.- Performance Assessment of Signaling Protocols in Optical Burst Switching Mesh Networks.- Next Generation Internet Architecture.- A Network Processor-Based Fault-Tolerance Architecture for Critical Network Equipments.- A Mean-Field Theory of Cellular Automata Model for Distributed Packet Networks.- Constructing an Overlay Using a Shared Object Set for Streaming Services on a P2P Network.- Cost-Effective Design of GMPLS Networks with Sparse Multi-granularity Optical Cross-Connect.- Experiments with SCTP Multi-path Access for Single-Homed Hosts.- A Route Optimization Mechanism Using an Extension Header in the IPv6 Multihoming Environment.- A Novel TCP-Friendly Congestion Control with Virtual Reno and Slack Term.- Offset-Time Based Scheduling Algorithm for Burst Control Packet in Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Security.- Fast Classification, Calibration, and Visualization of Network Attacks on Backbone Links.- On Layered VPN Architecture for Enabling User-Based Multiply Associated VPNs.- SVAM: The Scalable Vulnerability Analysis Model Based on Active Networks.- On the Security Effect of Abnormal Traffic Controller Deployed in Internet Access Point.- Design of Traceback System Using Selected Router.- Construct Efficient Hyper-alert Correlation for Defense-in-Depth Network Security System.- Rethinking of Iolus: Constructing the Secure Multicast Infrastructure.- A DRM Framework for Secure Distribution of Mobile Contents.- Analysis and Countermeasure on Vulnerability of WPA Key Exchange Mechanism.- Optimizing Authentication Mechanisms Using ID-Based Cryptography in Ad Hoc Wireless Mobile Networks.- Robust Remote User Authentication Scheme.- A Combined Data Mining Approach for DDoS Attack Detection.- Detecting Traffic Anomalies Using Discrete Wavelet Transform.- The Causality Analysis of Protocol Measures for Detection of Attacks Based on Network.- Network Processor Based Network Intrusion Detection System.- Internet Application.- A SIP-Based Voice-Mail System with Voice Recognition.- Network and Application Security in Mobile e-Health Applications.- Internet-Based Device Communication Protocol with the Client/Server Role Exchange.- FSL3/4 on NEDIA (Flow Separation by Layer 3/4 on Network Environment Using Dual IP Addresses).- An Analysis of the End System Heterogeneity in Many-to-Many Application Layer Multicast.- MARE: A Fault-Tolerant Mobile Agent System.


Titel: Information Networking. Networking Technologies for Broadband and Mobile Networks
Untertitel: International Conference ICOIN 2004, Busan, Korea, February 18-20, 2004. Revised Selected Papers
EAN: 9783540230342
ISBN: 978-3-540-23034-2
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1048
Gewicht: 1674g
Größe: H72mm x B237mm x T72mm
Jahr: 2004
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2004. 2004

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