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Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Applications and Services

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The 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI Inter- tional 2007, was held in Beijing, P.R. China, 22-27 Ju... Weiterlesen
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The 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI Inter- tional 2007, was held in Beijing, P.R. China, 22-27 July 2007, jointly with the Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2007, the 7th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, the 4th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, the 2nd International Conf- ence on Virtual Reality, the 2nd International Conference on Usability and Inter- tionalization, the 2nd International Conference on Online Communities and Social Computing, the 3rd International Conference on Augmented Cognition, and the 1st International Conference on Digital Human Modeling. A total of 3403 individuals from academia, research institutes, industry and g- ernmental agencies from 76 countries submitted contributions, and 1681 papers, judged to be of high scientific quality, were included in the program. These papers address the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. The papers accepted for presentation th- oughly cover the entire field of Human-Computer Interaction, addressing major - vances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas. This volume, edited by Julie A. Jacko, contains papers in the thematic area of - man-Computer Interaction, addressing the following major topics: • Business Applications • Learning and Entertainment • Health Applications • Work and Collaboration Support • Web-Based and Mobile Applications and Services • Advanced Design and Development Support

I: Business Applications.- The Experiential Preferences of the Online Consumers in Different Internet Shopping Lifestyles Towards Online Shopping Websites.- Guidelines of Quality for Industrial Online Tourism.- Provide Context-Aware Advertisements with Interactivity.- Skills Matter: A Tale of the Anxious Online Shopper.- ATM Advertisement and Financial Preferences with Sensory Analysis.- Multi-users and Multi-contextuality A Mobile Tourism Setting.- My Money in E-Purse Searching Problems in Self Service User Interface.- Traffic Classification - Towards Accurate Real Time Network Applications.- First Impressions with Websites: The Effect of the Familiarity and Credibility of Corporate Logos on Perceived Consumer Swift Trust of Websites.- Online Ad Intrusiveness.- An Examination of Online Product Comparison Service: Fit Between Product Type and Disposition Style.- Measuring Service Quality of Online Bookstores with WebQual.- Designing Product List on E-tailing Websites: The Effect of Sorting on Consumer Decision.- Analysis of Web Page Complexity Through Visual Segmentation.- An Investigation of Online Group-Buying Institution and Buyer Behavior.- Challenges and Solutions of Multilingual and Translingual Information Service Systems.- The Antecedents of Online Consumers' Perceived Usefulness of Website: A Protocol Analysis Approach.- A Study on the Characteristics for the Day and Night Time Consumer Groups of Internet Shopping Malls.- II: Learning and Entertainment.- Interaction Design Patterns for Classroom Environments.- Predicting the Outcome of a Computer Literacy Course Based on a Candidate's Personal Characteristics.- An Essay About the Relevance of Educational Interactive Systems in the Learning Process.- Interacting PlayDesign as a Metaphor for Developing Interactive Games.- Usability Assessment of an E-Learning Courseware for Basic Cataloging.- Suppressing Competition in a Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning System.- A Study of Acteme on Users Unexpert of Videogames.- A Natural Language Interface for a 2D Networked Game.- Detecting Learning Difficulties on Ubiquitous Scenarios.- Synchronous Reading in Real-Time Environments.- Design and Development of Mixed Mobile Education System Based on SIFT Algorithm.- The Effects of Visual Versus Verbal Metaphors on Novice and Expert Learners' Performance.- The Effect of Tangible Pedagogical Agents on Children's Interest and Learning.- An Entertainment System for Improving Motivation in Repeated Practice of Musical Instruments.- What Makes Game Players Want to Play More? A Mathematical and Behavioral Understanding of Online Game Design.- Breaking the Traditional E-Learning Mould: Support for the Learning Preference Approach.- KaLeSy-CJ: Kanji Learning System Focusing on Differences Between Chinese and Japanese.- Towards an Effective Evaluation Framework for IMS LD-Based Didactic Materials: Criteria and Measures.- Mobile Game-Based Methodology for Science Learning.- Group Collaboration and Learning Through Online Assessments: Comparison of Collaborative and Participatory Online Exams.- A New Framework of Usability Evaluation for Massively Multi-player Online Game: Case Study of World of Warcraft Game.- A Study of Learners' Perceptions of the Interactivity of Web-Based Instruction.- Perceived Usefulness and Usability of Weblogs for Collaborating Learning.- Support Case-Based Authentic Learning Activities: A Collaborative Case Commenting Tool and a Collaborative Case Builder.- The Practice of Combining Cinematic Narrative with 3D Gameplay.- Creating Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Activities with IMS LD.- Face to Face Communications in Multiplayer Online Games: A Real-Time System.- III: Health Applications.- Human Factors: User Experience Design Guidelines for Telecare Services.- Usability Issues in the Development of a User Interface for an Alerts and Reminders System for a Nursing Documentation Application.- Managing Group Therapy Through Multiple Devices.- Challenge for Preventing Medication Errors -Learn from Errors- : What Is the Most Effective Label Display to Prevent Medication Error for Injectable Drug ?.- A Study on Display to Improve the Visibility of PTP Sheets.- Persuasive Interaction Strategy for Self Diet System: Exploring the Relation of User Attitude and Intervention by Computerized Systematic Methods.- Augmented Virtual Reality for Laparoscopic Surgical Tool Training.- Integrating Technology into the Medical Environment of a Developing African Country.- The Analysis of Near-Miss Cases Using Data-Mining Approach.- Ergonomic Study of Medicament Packages for the Improvement of Safety in Use.- Industrial Design and Human Factors: Design Synergy for Medical Devices.- How New Technologies Can Help Create Better UI's for Medical Devices.- The Usability Assessment of Pharmaceutical Package.- The Practices of Scenario Observation Approach in Defining Medical Tablet PC Applications.- Interfacing Safety and Communication Breakdowns: Situated Medical Technology Design.- Medication Errors Caused by Order Entry System and Prevention Measures.- Motivation in Home Fitnessing: Effects of Immersion and Movement.- Dependability and Security in Medical Information System.- IV: Work and Collaboration Support.- A Role-Based Multiple View Approach to Distributed Geo-Collaboration.- The Project Browser: Supporting Information Access for a Project Team.- Design and Implementation of a Personalized Business Activity Monitoring System.- Visual Feedback: Its Effect on Teleconferencing.- Document Management and Information Organizing Method Using RFID Tags.- Affordance Table - A Collaborative Smart Interface for Process Control.- Experimental Effect Estimation of an Integrated Decision Support System to Aid Operator's Cognitive Activities for Nuclear Power Plants.- Designing an Ergonomic Computer Console on the Ship.- A Human-Centered Systems Approach to Ship Facility Design.- UX Office. A New Software Application for User Experience Services.- Some Empirical Results on a Multimedia Work Support System.- Experimenting Wearable Solutions for Workers' Training in Manufacturing.- Excellence in Ease of Use with Rich Functionality How Enterprise Software Applications with Rich Functionality Can Be Built to Excel in Ease of Use.- Perspectives on Reuse Process Support Systems for Document-Type Knowledge.- ICT-Mediated Synchronous Communication in Creative Teamwork: From Cognitive Dust to Semantics.- Project Evaluation by E-Mail Communication Pattern.- E-Stores Design: The Influence of E-Store Design and Product Type on Consumers' Emotions and Attitudes.- Design Discussion of the [braccetto] Research Platform: Supporting Distributed Intensely Collaborating Creative Teams of Teams.- Augmented Desk System: The Information Table of Collaborative and Cooperative (InfoTable).- A Framework for Mobile Services Supporting Mobile Non-office Workers.- Process-Oriented User Support for Workflow Applications.- Decentralized Information Aggregation and Central Control in Networked Production Environments.- With User Interface Design from Socio-Cultural Trend to a Innovative Office Phone Generation.- Complexity in Enterprise Applications vs. Simplicity in User Experience.- Focus+Roles: Socio-Organizational Conflict Resolution in Collaborative User Interfaces.- Information Complexity in Air Traffic Control Displays.- HOPE: Extensible System for Automatic & Periodic Diagnosis of Offshore Software Project.- Playwright Agent as Adaptive Scripts for Organization-Communication.- A User-Oriented Assessment of Enterprise Information Systems.- The Role of Cognitive Styles in Groupware Acceptance.- V: Web-Based and Mobile Applications and Services.- Effect of Physical Consistency of Web Interface Design on Users' Performance and Satisfaction.- A Semiotic-Based Framework for the Development of Tailorable Web Applications.- Travelling Stories: Mobile Applications for Storytellers.- Analysis of Internet Users' Interests Based on Windows GUI Messages.- Deconstructing Web Experience: More Than Just Usability and Good Design.- Report on Project to Identify Excellent Local Government Web Sites An Attempt to Educate Web Systems Developers on the Importance of Human-Centered Design Processes.- A Survey of Factors Influencing People's Perception of Information Security.- Towards Web Services Oriented Unified Supervisory HCI.- Everyday Storytelling: Supporting the Mediated Expression of Online Personal Testimony.- Chat-Robot Based Web Content Presentation Interface and Its Evaluation.- Understanding Influence of Mobile Internet Services on Life Behavior of Mobile Users.- Interactive Design of Memory Sharing Applications for Families.- Personal Life Logger and Belonging Monitor Using Reliable ZigBee Networks.- A Three-Level Approach for Analyzing User Behavior in Ongoing Relationships.- Relevance Measurement on Chinese Search Results.- Multiple Viewed Search Engine for an e-Journal - A Case Study on Zoological Science.- Exploring Multi-dimensional Conceptualization of Social Presence in the Context of Online Communities.- Does the Web Design Disconnect the Emotional Connection?.- Ideas for Mobile Services Created and Explored in an Ethnographical Study.- The Effects of Mobile Service Quality and Technology Compatibility on Users' Perceived Playfulness.- Emotional Web Usability Evaluation.- A Successful Field Test of a Mobile and Multilingual Information Service System COMPASS2008.- Love Dimensions on the Web.- VI: Advanced Design and Development Support.- A Replicated CSCW Framework for Multi-user Interaction in 3D Collaborative Design.- A Review of Possibilistic Approaches to Reliability Analysis and Optimization in Engineering Design.- An Interactive Evolutionary Design System with Feature Extraction.- Verification of Development of Scenarios Method and Visual Formats for Design Process.- A Camera-Based Multi-touch Interface Builder for Designers.- Design of Change-Absorbing System Architecture for the Design of Robust Products and Services.- A Multifunctional VR-Simulator Platform for the Evaluation of Automotive User Interfaces.- Stripe-Cache: An Efficient Cache Scheme for Building Multimedia Oriented RAID System.- DiFac: Digital Factory for Human Oriented Production System.- INT-MANUS: Interactive Production Control in a Distributed Environment.- 3D Modeling and Design Supported Via Interscopic Interaction Strategies.- Capturing User Interface Events with Aspects.- Research of Distributed Data Mining Association Rules Model Based on Similarity.- Applications of Virtual Reality in Product Design Evaluation.- Performance Evaluation for Automatic Protection Switching in a CDMA-TDD Wireless Communication System.- A Routing Algorithm for Random Error Tolerance in Network-on-Chip.


Titel: Human-Computer Interaction. HCI Applications and Services
Untertitel: 12th International Conference, HCI International 2007, Beijing, China, July 22-27, 2007, Proceedings, Part IV
EAN: 9783540731092
ISBN: 3540731091
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Jahr: 2007
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2007

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