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Horizontal Gene Transfer

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Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) events encompass a wide variety of processes. This volume sees expert researchers contribute an ove... Weiterlesen
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Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) events encompass a wide variety of processes. This volume sees expert researchers contribute an overview of HGT concepts as well as specific case histories that highlight the most current progress to inspire future work.

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) events encompass processes as varied as the exchange of genetic material between microbes coexisting in the same environment, between symbiotic bacteria and their eukaryotic hosts, and the evolution of organelles by symbiosis, in which whole genomes are acquired. In Horizontal Gene Transfer: Genomes in Flux, expert researchers contribute an overview of HGT concepts as well as specific case histories that highlight the most current progress to inspire future work. Divided into three sections, the volume begins with an overview of terminology, concepts and the implications of HGT on current evolutionary thought and philosophy, and continues with methods involving computer and bioinformatics analyses of genomic data as well as molecular biology techniques for identifying, quantifying, and differentiating instances of HGT. A section of case studies follows, which provides detailed accounts of how HGT has shaped evolution across the diversity of organisms and organismal lineages. As a volume of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology™ series, this work provides the kind of detailed description and implementation advice that is crucial for getting optimal results.

Cutting-edge and thoroughly detailed, Horizontal Gene Transfer: Genomes in Flux examines how HGT has contributed to genome evolution and how understanding HGT impacts our ability to accurately reconstruct and comprehend the web-like evolutionary history in order to aid scientists in furthering their own research.

Reviews both wetlab and in silico methods for assessing horizontal gene transfer

Brings together the often controversial viewpoints on the impact of HGT on the tree of life and microbial speciation

Provides an easily accessible reference volume for the current knowledge of the extent and impact of HGT

Covers a wide range of HGT detection methods

Covers everything from genome based analysis to integron biology and plasmid transfer in biofilms

Comprehensive guide to HGT detection and the study of HGT

Presents debates on how HGT effects speciation and concepts of microbial speciation

Contains contributions by the leading scientists working in the field

Part I: Introduction 1. Gene Transfer: Who Benefits? J. Peter Gogarten and Lorraine Olendzenski Part II: Definitions, Philosophy and Implications of HGT 2. Defining the Mobilome Janet Siefert 3. The Interplay of Homologous Recombination and Horizontal Gene Transfer in Bacterial Speciation Jeffrey G. Lawrence and Adam Retchless 4. Epistemological Impacts of Horizontal Gene Transfer on Classification in Microbiology Eric Bapteste and Yan Boucher 5. Persistence Mechanisms of Conjugative Plasmids Martin Iain Bahl, Lars Hestbjerg Hansen, and Søren J. Sørensen 6. The Integron/Gene Cassette System: An Active Player in Bacterial Adaptation Mauricio Labbate, Rebecca J. Case, and Hatch W. Stokes 7. Ancient Gene Transfer as a Tool in Phylogenetic Reconstruction Jinling Huang and Peter Gogarten 8. The Tree of Life Viewed Through the Contents of Genomes Christopher H. House 9. Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Evolution of Methanogenic Pathways Greg Fournier 10. Genome Acquisition in Horizontal Gene Transfer: Symbiogenesis and Macromolecular Sequence Analysis Lynn Margulis Part III: Methods 11. Detection and Quantitative Assessment of Horizontal Gene Transfer Olga Zhaxybayeva 12. Testing Composition-Based Methods to Identify Horizontal Gene Transfer Diego Cortez, Luis Delaye, Antonio Lazcano, and Arturo Becerra 13. Testing Phylogenetic Methods to Identify Horizontal GeneTransfer Maria S. Poptsova 14. Untangling Hybrid Phylogenetic Signals: Horizontal Gene Transfer and Artifacts of Phylogenetic Reconstruction Robert G. Beiko and Mark A. Ragan 15. Construction and Use of Flow Cytometry Optimized Plasmid-Sensor Strains Martin I. Bahl, Gunnar Oregaard, Søren J. Sørensen, and Lars Hestbjerg Hansen 16. Experimental Evolution of an Essential Bacillus Gene in an E. coli Host Maia Larios-Sanz and Michael Travisano 17. Mass Action Models Describing Extant Horizontal Transfer of Plasmids: Inferences and Parameter Sensitivities Barth F. Smets and Laurant Lardon Part IV: Case Studies 18. Intradomain Transfers of Sugar Transporters Overcome Barriers to Gene Expression Kenneth Noll and Kamolwan Thirangoon 19. The Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Photosynthesis, Oxygen Production, and Oxygen Tolerance Jason Raymond 20. Horizontal Gene Transfer in Cyanobacterial Signature Genes Shailaja Yerrapragada, Janet L. Siefert, and George E. Fox 21. Population Genomics and the Bacterial Species Concept Margaret A. Riley and Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski 22. A Critique of Prokaryotic Species Concepts R. Thane Papke 23. What Antimicrobial Resistance has taught us about Horizontal Gene Transfer Miriam Barlow 24. Potential for Horizontal Gene Transfer in Microbial Communities of the Terrestrial Subsurface Joanna M. Coombs 25. Horizontal Gene Transfer and Mobile Genetic Elements in Marine Systems Patricia Sobecky and Tracy Hazen 26. Horizontal Gene Transfer in Metal and Radionuclide Contaminated Soils Pat Sobecky and Jonna Coombs 27. Horizontal Gene Transfer between Microbial Eukaryotes Jan Andersson 28. Horizontal Gene Transfer in Eukaryotic Parasites: a Case Study of Entamoeba histolytica and Trichomonas vaginalis Cecilia M. Alsmark, Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten, Peter Foster, Robert P. Hirt, and Martin Embley 29. Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Evolution of Photosynthetic Eukaryotes and their Plastids Patrick J. Keeling 30. Role of Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Evolution of Plant Parasitism among Nematodes Makedonka Mitreva, Geert Smant, and Hans Helder


Titel: Horizontal Gene Transfer
Untertitel: Genomes in Flux
EAN: 9781617379185
ISBN: 1617379182
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Humana Press
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Größe: H280mm x B210mm x T30mm
Jahr: 2010
Auflage: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2009

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