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High-Performance Computing and Networking

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High-performance computing and networking (HPCN) is driven by several initiatives in Europe, the United States, and Japan. In Euro... Weiterlesen
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High-performance computing and networking (HPCN) is driven by several initiatives in Europe, the United States, and Japan. In Europe several groups encouraged the Commission of the European Communities to start an HPCN programme. This two-volume work presents the proceedings of HPCN Europe 1994. Volume 2 includes sections on: networking, future European cooperative working possibilities in industry and research, HPCN computer centers aspects, performance evaluation and benchmarking, numerical algorithms for engineering, domain decomposition in engineering, parallel programming environments, load balancing and performance optimization, monitoring, debugging, and fault tolerance, programming languages in HPC, compilers and data parallel structures, architectural aspects, and late papers.

High performance computing and networking for numerical weather prediction.- High Performance Computing and Networking as base element of the environmental information system UIS of Baden-Württemberg.- High speed networking for the research community in Europe.- The national information infrastructure testbed (NIIT).- Parallel knowledge processing in open networks.- Distributed file caching in parallel architectures utilizing high speed networks.- Application fundamentals of distributed, high-Performance computing and networking systems.- Massive parallelism with workstation clusters challenge or nonsense?.- Networking perspectives for collaborative supercomputing in European aerospace research and industry.- Future aerospace working scenarios using high speed networks and supercomputers applied to flow simulation for complete aircraft.- A software environment for cooperative simulation and visualization in the aerospace field.- Implementation of visualization tools in a distributed environment.- Networking issues in PAGEIN: The N of HPCN.- Wavelet interactive in-line analysis with Pégase.- European HPC competitiveness centres for industry.- An open high-performance computing infrastructure in industry.- A catalog of classifying characteristics for massively parallel computers.- Building a parallel computing environment from heterogenous resources.- A distributed computing center software for the efficient use of parallel computer systems.- InfoMall: A scalable organisation for the development of High Performance Computing And Communications software and systems.- Cluster management software for open object oriented systems.- Transmission rates and performance of a network of computers.- Measurement of communication rates on the cray T3D interprocessor network.- An evaluation of the Meiko CS-2 using the GENESIS Benchmark Suite.- A very high performance algorithm for NAS EP Benchmark.- Evaluation of Parallel Operating Systems.- JNNIE: Evaluation of Scalable Parallel Processing architectures.- Recent developments in hybrid CG methods.- The preconditioned conjugate gradient method on distributed memory systems.- Communication cost reduction for Krylov methods on parallel computers.- Parallel Arnoldi method for the construction of a Krylov subspace basis: An application in magnetohydrodynamics.- A scalable paradigm for effectively-dense matrix formulated applications.- Automatic Differentiation on distributed memory MIMD systems.- Optimisations for the memory hierarchy of a Singular Value Decomposition algorithm implemented on the MIMD architecture.- Parallelization and data locality of a multigrid solver on the KSR1.- On the parallel evaluation of recurrences.- Implementation of a parallel Euler solver with GRIDS.- Distributed mapping of SPMD programs with a generalized Kernighan-Lin heuristic.- Mesh decomposition and communication procedures for finite element applications on the Connection Machine CM-5 system.- CAPTools semiautomatic parallelisation of mesh based computational mechanics codes.- The MPI standard for message passing.- A comparison of the Iserver-Occam, parix, express, and PVM programming environments on a Parsytec GCel.- Message-passing-systems on workstation clusters and parallel computers the impact of software- and network-architectures on applications.- EASYPVM enhanced subroutine library for PVM.- DynamicPVM.- A large-scale metacomputer approach for distributed parallel computing.- Developing applications for multicomputer systems on workstation clusters.- System support for distributed computing.- Assembly environment for development of application parallel program.- MaX Investigating shared virtual memory.- Experiences with the Mether-NFS virtual shared memory system.- Adapting PICL and ParaGraph tools to transputer-based multicomputers.- Sciddle: A tool for large scale cooperative computing.- TRAPPER: A graphical programming environment for parallel systems.- Load leveling on the paragon multicomputer.- A data-parallel view of the load balancing experimental results on MasPar MP-1.- Distributed scheduling for multicomputers.- A tool for optimizing programs on massively parallel computer architectures.- A case study in the parallel implementation of functional languages using skeletons.- A dynamic task allocation scheme in Bene-type nonblocking networks.- A methodology for dimensioning SPMD distributed systems applied to industrial applications.- Do-Loop-Surface: An abstract performance data visualization.- A graphic distributed monitoring system for Unix-based architectures.- Parallel application design: The simulation approach with HASTE.- On-line distributed debugging on scaleable multicomputer architectures.- The FTMPS-project: Design and implementation of fault-tolerance techniques for massively parallel systems.- High performance Fortran Languages: Advanced applications and their implementation.- Evaluation of high performance fortran on some real applications.- Experiments with HPF compilation for a network of workstations.- High performance fortran.- Value-based distributions in Fortran D.- Basic linear operators in Fortran 90.- parLisp Parallel symbolic processing with Lisp on the distributed memory machine MANNA.- Parallelizing compilers: what can be achieved?.- A family of data-parallel derivations.- Automatic data distribution.- Some synthesis aspects for data parallel programming.- Influence of Fortran 90 features on performance on Cray vector computer systems.- Mapping of patterns The way of insight into multidimensional data structures.- The instruction systolic array Implementation of a low-cost parallel architecture as add-on board for personal computers.- The BBN butterfly family: An overview.- Architectural principles of the RPM.- Applications performance on intel paragon XP/S-15.- Status report on ESPRIT Project P7519 palace: Parallelization of GEANT.- A practical experience in parallelizing a large CFD code: The ENSOLV flow solver.


Titel: High-Performance Computing and Networking
Untertitel: International Conference and Exhibition, Munich, Germany, April 18 - 20, 1994. Proceedings. Volume 2: Networking and Tools
EAN: 9783540579816
ISBN: 3540579818
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Allgemein & Lexika
Anzahl Seiten: 548
Gewicht: 820g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T29mm
Jahr: 1994
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 1994

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