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Cosmos Close-Up

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Informationen zum Autor Giles Sparrow studied Astronomy at University College London! and works as an editor specializing in popul... Weiterlesen
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Informationen zum Autor Giles Sparrow studied Astronomy at University College London! and works as an editor specializing in popular science. He is the author of - amongst other books - The Genius Test ! The Universe and How To See It ! The Stargazer's Handbook and Hubble: Window on the Universe and was a major contributor to Dorling Kindersley's Universe .


Giles Sparrow studied Astronomy at University College London, and Science Communication at Imperial College. He has acted as author, consultant and contributor on numerous popular science books, and is the author of, amongst others, The Universe and How To See It, Cosmos, The Stargazer's Handbook, Voyage Across the Cosmos and Hubble - Window on the Universe.


A stunning book showing beautiful panoramas of the universe in close-up. Uses a wealth of high-resolutions images collected by a fleet of telescopes, satellites and inter-planetary probes.


Introduction. Zooming in on the Universe. THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Introduction; Earth - Ocean planet; Earth - Tectonic crust; Earth - Mountain building; Earth's Moon - Sea of Tranquillity; Earth's Moon - Tsiolkovsky crater; Earth's Moon - The Lunar Apennines; Earth's Moon - Copernicus crater; The Sun - Our local star; The Sun - Surface activity; The Sun - Sunspots; Mercury - Caloris Basin; Mercury - Volcanic activity; Mercury - Shrinking planet; Venus - A volcanic world; Venus - Surface craters; Venus - Equatorial rifts; Mars - Valles Marineris; Mars - Olympus Mons; Mars - Polar ice; Mars - Victoria crater; Mars - Floodplains and rivers; Phobos; Asteroid 433 Eros; Asteroid 21 Lutetia; Jupiter - Atmosphere; Jupiter - Great Red Spot; Jupiter - Smaller spots; Io - Loki volcano; Io - Boosaule Montes; Europa - Icy crust; Europe - Mobile surface; Ganymede - A giant moon; Ganymede - Impact target; Callisto - Cratered moon; Saturn - Atmosphere; Saturn - Stormy weather; Saturn's rings - Fine structure; Saturn's rings - Particles; Mimas; Enceladus - Frosted world; Enceladus - Icy outbursts; Tethys; Dione; Rhea; Titan - Mysterious moon; Titan - Descent to the surface; Titan - Methane lakes; Hyperion; Iapetus - Moon of two halves; Iapetus - Equatorial ridge; Phoebe; Uranus; Rings of Uranus; Miranda; Neptune - Planet of storms; Neptune - High-speed clouds; Triton - An ice dwarf up close; Triton - Ice geysers; Pluto; Halley's Comet; Eris. OUR GALAXY: Introduction; Dark nebulae; Carina Nebula 1; Carina Nebula 2; Carina Nebula 3; Orion Nebula 1; Orion Nebula 2; Cone Nebula; Eagle Nebula 1; Eagle Nebula 2; Eagle Nebula 3; Lagoon Nebula; Bok globules; Proplyds; Stellar jets; Infant stars; The Trapezium; The Pleiades; Globular clusters; Omega Centauri; Multiple stars; Fomalhaut b; 2M 1207b; Red giants; Eta Carinae; Mira; V838 Monocerotis; Cat's Eye Nebula 1; Cat's Eye Nebula 2; Ring Nebula; Helix Nebula 1; Helix Nebula 2; Bug Nebula; White dwarves; Crab Nebula 1; Crab Nebula 2; Cassiopeia A; Neutron stars; Centre of the Milky Way; Sagittarius A*. BEYOND THE MILKY WAY: Introduction; Large Magellanic Cloud; LMC - Cluster R136; LMC - Supernova 1987A; LMC - NGC 2074; Small Magellanic Cloud; SMC - NGC 602; SMC - N66 Nebula; Andromeda Galaxy M31; Andromeda - Dust lanes; Triangulum Galaxy M33; Pinwheel Galaxy M101; Messier 74; Messier 66; Bode's Galaxy M81; Cigar Galaxy M82; Southern Pinwheel M83; Messier 87; Centaurus A; Cygnus A; Quasar 3C 321; ESO 97 G-13; Antennae galaxies; Hickson Compact Group 31; The 'Mice' galaxies; Stephan's Quintet; The Virgo Cluster; Abell 2667. DEPTHS OF THE UNIVERSE: Introduction; SDSSJ0946+1006; Abell 1689; Dark matter; Cepheid variables; Discovering dark energy; Hubble Deep Field; Hubble Ultra-Deep Field; The longest look; Cosmic Microwave Background. Solar System data. Satellite data. Glossary. Index. Credits/acknowledgements.


Titel: Cosmos Close-Up
EAN: 9780857383457
ISBN: 978-0-85738-345-7
Format: Fester Einband
Herausgeber: Quercus
Genre: Übrige Sachbücher & Sonstiges
Anzahl Seiten: 320
Gewicht: 1198g
Größe: H256mm x B192mm x T30mm
Jahr: 2011