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Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery

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This book, i. e. , LNAI vol. 4223, is the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discove... Weiterlesen
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This book, i. e. , LNAI vol. 4223, is the proceedings of the Third International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2006), jointly held with the Second International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2006, LNCS vols. 4221 and 4222) during September 24 28, 2006 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. FSKD 2006 successfully attracted 1274 submissions from 35 countries/regions(the joint ICNC-FSKD 2006received3189submissions). After rigorous reviews, 165 high-quality papers, i. e. , 115 long papers and 50 short papers,wereincludedintheFSKD2006proceedings,representinganacceptance rate of 13. 0%. ICNC-FSKD 2006 featured the most up-to-date research results in com- tational algorithms inspired from nature, including biological, ecological, and physical systems. It is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary area in which a wide rangeof techniques and methods arebeing studied for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems. The joint conferences also promoted cro- fertilization over these exciting and yet closely related areas, which had a s- ni?cant impact on the advancement of these important technologies. Speci?c areas included neural computation, quantum computation, evolutionarycom- tation, DNA computation, fuzzy computation, granular computation, arti?cial life, etc. , with innovative applications to knowledge discovery, ?nance, ope- tions research, and more. In addition to the large number of submitted papers, we were honored with the presence of six renowned keynote speakers.

Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, FSKD 2006

Presents 115 revised full papers and 50 revised short papers

Coverage includes neural computation, quantum computation, evolutionary computation, DNA computation, and more

Fuzzy Theory and Algorithms.- Theory Research on a New Type Fuzzy Automaton.- Practical Stability Analysis and Synthesis of a Class of Uncertain T-S Fuzzy Systems.- Robust H ??? Fuzzy Controller for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Delayed State.- Observer-Based H ??? Controller Designs for T-S Fuzzy Systems.- New Robust Stability Criterion for Uncertain Fuzzy Systems with Fast Time-Varying Delays.- Stability Analysis and Controller Design of Discrete T-S Fuzzy System.- Stabilization of Multirate Sampled-Data Fuzzy Systems Based on an Approximate Discrete-Time Model.- An Algorithm for High-Dimensional Traffic Data Clustering.- Hierarchical Clustering with Proximity Metric Derived from Approximate Reflectional Symmetry.- Fuzzy Clustering Based on Vague Relations.- The Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on AFS Topology.- Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm with Divergence-Based Kernel.- Variable Threshold Concept Lattice and Dependence Space.- Non-fragile Robust H ??? Fuzzy Controller Design for a Class of Nonlinear Descriptor Systems with Time-Varying Delays in States.- PWM Fuzzy Controller for Nonlinear Systems.- Youla Parameterization and Design of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Control Systems.- On the Markovian Randomized Strategy of Controller for Markov Decision Processes.- Improved Automatic Gain Control Circuit Using Fuzzy Logic.- Reliable Control of Fuzzy Descriptor Systems with Time-Varying Delay.- A Novel Fuzzy Approximator with Fast Terminal Sliding Mode and Its Application.- Robust Fuzzy Tracking Control of Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty Via T-S Fuzzy Model.- Adaptive Dynamic Surface Fuzzy Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.- Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression Model Based on LS-SVM in Feature Space.- Ranking Fuzzy Variables in Terms of Credibility Measure.- Controllability for the Semilinear Fuzzy Integrodifferential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions.- The Analysis and Design of IG_gHSOFPNN by Evolutionary Optimization.- A Note on the Handling of Fuzziness for Continuous-Valued Attributes in Decision Tree Generation.- Weighted Reduction for Decision Tables.- On Rough Fuzzy Set Algebras.- On Reduction of Morphological Covering Rough Sets.- Binary Relation Based Rough Sets.- On the Categorizing of Fully Symmetric Relations in Partial Four-Valued Logic.- Concept Lattice and AFS Algebra.- Integrating Multiple Types of Incomplete Linguistic Preference Relations in Multi-person Decision Making.- Fuzzy Dual Ideal in a BCK-Algebra.- Theory and Practice on Information Granule Matrix.- Fuzzy Topological Relations Between Fuzzy Spatial Objects.- On Properties and the Corresponding Problems of Triangular Fuzzy Number Complementary Preference Relations.- Knowledge Discovery Theory and Algorithms.- Knowledge Acquisition in Vague Objective Information Systems.- Multiple Documents Summarization Based on Genetic Algorithm.- Dynamic K-Nearest-Neighbor Naive Bayes with Attribute Weighted.- Efficiently Mining Both Association and Correlation Rules.- Estimating the Number of Clusters Using Multivariate Location Test Statistics.- Some Comments on Error Correcting Output Codes.- Pattern Recognition Using Evolutionary Classifier and Feature Selection.- Robust Discriminant Analysis of Latent Semantic Feature for Text Categorization.- Self-organizing Isometric Embedding Based on Statistical Criterions.- Intra-pulse Modulation Recognition of Unknown Radar Emitter Signals Using Support Vector Clustering.- Difference Similitude Method in Knowledge Reduction.- An Approach for Reversely Generating Hierarchical UML Statechart Diagrams.- A Novel Approach for Computing Partial Similarity Between 3D Models.- A New and Fast Method of Image Indexing.- A Novel Algorithm for Text Categorization Using Improved Back-Propagation Neural Network.- Image Retrieval Based on Similarity Score Fusion from Feature Similarity Ranking Lists.- A Novel Feature Weighted Clustering Algorithm Based on Rough Sets for Shot Boundary Detection.- An Effective Combination of Multiple Classifiers for Toxicity Prediction.- A Contourlet Transform Based Fusion Algorithm for Nighttime Driving Image.- Consistency Measures of Linguistic Preference Relations and Its Properties in Group Decision Making.- Adapting OLAP Analysis to the User's Interest Through Virtual Cubes.- Computational Grid-Based 3-tier ART1 Data Mining for Bioinformatics Applications.- Parallel Computing for Optimal Genomic Sequence Alignment.- Several Speed-Up Variants of Cascade Generalization.- An Improvement of Posteriori.- An Approach Based on Wavelet Analysis and Non-linear Mapping to Detect Anomalies in Dataset.- Classifying Noisy Data Streams.- FCM-Based Clustering Algorithm Ensemble for Large Data Sets.- Time Series Subsequence Searching in Specialized Binary Tree.- Research of Local Co-location Pattern in Spatial Event Sequences.- Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Classifier Based on Supervised Ellipsoid Clustering.- Mining Temporal Patterns from Sequence Database of Interval-Based Events.- Ontology-Based Framework of Robot Context Modeling and Reasoning for Object Recognition.- Extended Ontology Model and Ontology Checking Based on Description Logics.- A General Fuzzy-Based Framework for Text Representation and Its Application to Text Categorization.- Risk Assessment of E-Commerce Projects Using Evidential Reasoning.- A Service-Oriented Modeling Approach for Distributed Management of Multidisciplinary Design Knowledge in the Semantic Grid.- Batch Scheduling with a Common Due Window on a Single Machine.- A Secure and Efficient Secret Sharing Scheme with General Access Structures.- Content-Based Information Security Technique for Chinese Text.- Global Transaction Control with Multilevel Security Environments.- A Privacy Preserving Mining Algorithm on Distributed Dataset.- Improvement of Decision Accuracy Using Discretization of Continuous Attributes.- Model Inference of a Dynamic System by Fuzzy Learning of Geometric Structures.- Context Modeling with Bayesian Network Ensemble for Recognizing Objects in Uncertain Environments.- Mining Sequential Patterns in Large Datasets.- Fuzzy Applications.- EAST: Energy Alignment Search Tool.- A Fuzzy Advance Reservation Mechanism of Network Bandwidth in Video Grid.- Design and Implementation of a Patch Management System to Remove Security Vulnerability in Multi-platforms.- Fuzzy Logic Anomaly Detection Scheme for Directed Diffusion Based Sensor Networks.- An Entropy-Based Stability QoS Routing with Priority Scheduler in MANET Using Fuzzy Controllers.- Design of a Multi-model Fuzzy Controller for AQM.- Fuzzy Optimization for Security Sensors Deployment in Collaborative Intrusion Detection System.- Objective Evaluation for Compressed Video Quality Based on Fuzzy Synthetic Judgment.- The Generalization of ?-Fuzzy Measures with Application to the Fuzzy Option.- An Interval Semi-absolute Deviation Model For Portfolio Selection.- A New Dictionary Learning Method for Kernel Matching Pursuit.- Facial Expression Recognition Using Fuzzy Kernel Discriminant Analysis.- A Classifier Ensemble Method for Fuzzy Classifiers.- A Hybrid Soft Computing Approach to Link Travel Speed Estimation.- Wigner-Ville Distribution Based on EMD for Faults Diagnosis of Bearing.- Active Learned Multi-view Face Detection Tree Using Fuzzy Cluster Validity Analysis.- A Novel Fourier Descriptor for Shape Retrieval.- Tracking Control of a Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Using a Fuzzy-Based Approach.- Implementation of the Avoidance Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Fuzzy Rules.- Fuzzy Likelihood Estimation Based Map Matching for Mobile Robot Self-localization.- Research on Attitude Law of Mass Moment Missile.- Multiple Models Fuzzy Decoupling Controller for a Nonlinear System.- EWFCM Algorithm and Region-Based Multi-level Thresholding.- Feature-Oriented Fuzzy Shock-Diffusion Equation for Adaptive Image Resolution Enhancement.- Fuzzy Edge-Sensitive Filter for Noise Reduction.- Fusing Color and Texture Features for Background Model.- Texture Segmentation by Fuzzy Clustering of Spatial Patterns.- Uncertainty Analysis Using Geometrical Property Between 2D-to-3D Under Affine Projection.- Novel Prediction Approach Quantum-Minimum Adaptation to ANFIS Outputs and Nonlinear Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity.- Parallel-Structure Fuzzy System for Sunspot Cycle Prediction in the Railway Systems.- An Improved Fuzzy Approach to Planning and Scheduling Problems in Hybrid Distributed MES.- Fuzzy Modeling Technique with PSO Algorithm for Short-Term Load Forecasting.- A Fuzzy Symbolic Inference System for Postal Address Component Extraction and Labelling.- A New Fuzzy MADM Method: Fuzzy RBF Neural Network Model.- A Fuzzy Contrast Model to Measure Semantic Similarity Between OWL DL Concepts.- A Fuzzy Trust Model Using Multiple Evaluation Criteria.- A Context-Aware Music Recommendation System Using Fuzzy Bayesian Networks with Utility Theory.- Application of Fuzzy Logic in Safety Computing for a Power Protection System.- Fuzzy Multiple Attributive Group Decision-Making for Conflict Resolution in Collaborative Design.- Fuzzy Performance Modeling Aligned with Process and Organization Model of Integrated System in Manufacturing.- Chance Constrained Programming with Fuzzy Parameters for Refinery Crude Oil Scheduling Problem.- Fuzzy Random Chance-Constrained Programming for Quantifying Transmission Reliability Margin.- The Fuzzy Weighted k-Cardinality Tree and Its Hybrid Genetic Algorithm.- A Fuzzy Method for Evaluating Suppliers.- Knowledge Discovery Applications.- Hierarchical ?Octree for Visualization of Ultrasound Datasets.- Neural Based CAD and CAP Agent System Framework for High Risk Patients in Ubiquitous Environment.- Transcription Factor Binding Sites Prediction Based on Sequence Similarity.- On the Society of Genome: Social Affiliation Network Analysis of Microarray Data.- Prediction of MHC Class I Binding Peptides Using Fourier Analysis and Support Vector Machine.- Clustering and Classification Based Anomaly Detection.- Blind Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coded MC-CDMA System.- A Polyclonal Selection Clustering for Packet Classification.- Analyzing Fault Monitoring Policy for Hierarchical Network with MMDP Environment.- Using Meta-Level Control with Reinforcement Learning to Improve the Performance of the Agents.- Intrusion Detection Based on Clustering Organizational Co-Evolutionary Classification.- Clustering Based Stocks Recognition.- Stock Time Series Categorization and Clustering Via SB-Tree Optimization.- Similarity Classifier with Generalized Mean; Ideal Vector Approach.- A Novel Algorithm for Identification of Body Parts in Medical Images.- Improvement of Grey Relation Analysis and Its Application on Power Quality Disturbances Identification.- Eigen Palmprint Authentication System Using Dimension Reduction of Singular Vector.- Towards Security Evaluation Based on Evidence Collection.- Optical Camera Based Pedestrian Detection in Rainy Or Snowy Weather.- Real Time Face Detection System Based Edge Restoration and Nested K-Means at Frontal View.- A Context-Aware Music Recommendation Agent in Smart Office.- A Decision Tree-Based Method for Speech Processing: Question Sentence Detection.- Application of Chaotic Recurrence Plot Analysis to Identification of Oil/Water Two-Phase Flow Patterns.- A Clustering Model for Mining Consumption Patterns from Imprecise Electric Load Time Series Data.- Sequence Outlier Detection Based on Chaos Theory and Its Application on Stock Market.- Fuzzy-neuro Web-Based Multilingual Knowledge Management.- A Maximum Entropy Model Based Answer Extraction for Chinese Question Answering.- A Learning Based Model for Chinese Co-reference Resolution by Mining Contextual Evidence.- MFC: A Method of Co-referent Relation Acquisition from Large-Scale Chinese Corpora.- Location-Aware Data Mining for Mobile Users Based on Neuro-fuzzy System.- Biomedical Named Entities Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields Model.- Spam Behavior Recognition Based on Session Layer Data Mining.- A Face Detection Using Multiple Detectors for External Environment.- An Intelligent Decision Support System for IT Outsourcing.- Fuzzy Support Vector Machines Regression for Business Forecasting: An Application.- Applying Sensitivity Analysis in Structure Damage Identification.- Evaluation Function for Siguo Game Based on Two Attitudes.


Titel: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery
Untertitel: Third International Conference, FSKD 2006, Xi'an, China, September 24-28, 2006, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540459163
ISBN: 3540459162
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1400
Gewicht: 2085g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T74mm
Jahr: 2006
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2006

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