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Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery

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This book and its sister volume, LNAI 3613 and 3614, constitute the proce- ings of the Second International Conference on Fuzzy Sy... Weiterlesen
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This book and its sister volume, LNAI 3613 and 3614, constitute the proce- ings of the Second International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2005), jointly held with the First International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2005, LNCS 3610, 3611, and 3612) from - gust 2729, 2005 in Changsha, Hunan, China. FSKD 2005 successfully attracted 1249 submissions from 32 countries/regions (the joint ICNC-FSKD 2005 received 3136 submissions). After rigorous reviews, 333 high-quality papers, i. e. , 206 long papers and 127 short papers, were included in the FSKD 2005 proceedings, r- resenting an acceptance rate of 26. 7%. The ICNC-FSKD 2005 conference featured the most up-to-date research - sults in computational algorithms inspired from nature, including biological, e- logical, and physical systems. It is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary area in which a wide range of techniques and methods are being studied for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems. The joint conferences also promoted cross-fertilization over these exciting and yet closely-related areas, which had a signi?cant impact on the advancement of these important technologies. Speci?c areas included computation with words, fuzzy computation, granular com- tation, neural computation, quantum computation, evolutionary computation, DNA computation, chemical computation, information processing in cells and tissues, molecular computation, arti?cial life, swarm intelligence, ants colony, arti?cial immune systems, etc. , with innovative applications to knowledge d- covery, ?nance, operations research, and more.

Dimensionality Reduction.- Dimensionality Reduction for Semi-supervised Face Recognition.- Cross-Document Transliterated Personal Name Coreference Resolution.- Difference-Similitude Matrix in Text Classification.- A Study on Feature Selection for Toxicity Prediction.- Application of Feature Selection for Unsupervised Learning in Prosecutors' Office.- A Novel Field Learning Algorithm for Dual Imbalance Text Classification.- Supervised Learning for Classification.- Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Data Classification Using Double Parallel Feedforward Neural Networks.- Robust Nonlinear Dimension Reduction: A Self-organizing Approach.- An Effective Feature Selection Scheme via Genetic Algorithm Using Mutual Information.- Pattern Recognition and Trend Analysis.- Pattern Classification Using Rectified Nearest Feature Line Segment.- Palmprint Identification Algorithm Using Hu Invariant Moments.- Generalized Locally Nearest Neighbor Classifiers for Object Classification.- Nearest Neighbor Classification Using Cam Weighted Distance.- A PPM Prediction Model Based on Web Objects' Popularity.- An On-line Sketch Recognition Algorithm for Composite Shape.- Axial Representation of Character by Using Wavelet Transform.- Representing and Recognizing Scenario Patterns.- A Hybrid Artificial Intelligent-Based Criteria-Matching with Classification Algorithm.- Auto-generation of Detection Rules with Tree Induction Algorithm.- Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Fuzzy Algorithm and RDBMS for Post PC.- An Ontology-Based Method for Project and Domain Expert Matching.- Pattern Classification and Recognition of Movement Behavior of Medaka (Oryzias Latipes) Using Decision Tree.- A New Algorithm for Computing the Minimal Enclosing Sphere in Feature Space.- Y-AOI: Y-Means Based Attribute Oriented Induction Identifying Root Cause for IDSs.- New Segmentation Algorithm for Individual Offline Handwritten Character Segmentation.- A Method Based on the Continuous Spectrum Analysis for Fingerprint Image Ridge Distance Estimation.- A Method Based on the Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Fingerprint Image Segmentation.- Unsupervised Speaker Adaptation for Phonetic Transcription Based Voice Dialing.- A Phase-Field Based Segmentation Algorithm for Jacquard Images Using Multi-start Fuzzy Optimization Strategy.- Dynamic Modeling, Prediction and Analysis of Cytotoxicity on Microelectronic Sensors.- Generalized Fuzzy Morphological Operators.- Signature Verification Method Based on the Combination of Shape and Dynamic Feature.- Study on the Matching Similarity Measure Method for Image Target Recognition.- 3-D Head Pose Estimation for Monocular Image.- The Speech Recognition Based on the Bark Wavelet Front-End Processing.- An Accurate and Fast Iris Location Method Based on the Features of Human Eyes.- A Hybrid Classifier for Mass Classification with Different Kinds of Features in Mammography.- Data Mining Methods for Anomaly Detection of HTTP Request Exploitations.- Exploring Content-Based and Image-Based Features for Nude Image Detection.- Collision Recognition and Direction Changes Using Fuzzy Logic for Small Scale Fish Robots by Acceleration Sensor Data.- Fault Diagnosis Approach Based on Qualitative Model of Signed Directed Graph and Reasoning Rules.- Visual Tracking Algorithm for Laparoscopic Robot Surgery.- Toward a Sound Analysis System for Telemedicine.- Other Topics in FSKD Methods.- Structural Learning of Graphical Models and Its Applications to Traditional Chinese Medicine.- Study of Ensemble Strategies in Discovering Linear Causal Models.- The Entropy of Relations and a New Approach for Decision Tree Learning.- Effectively Extracting Rules from Trained Neural Networks Based on the New Measurement Method of the Classification Power of Attributes.- EDTs: Evidential Decision Trees.- GSMA: A Structural Matching Algorithm for Schema Matching in Data Warehousing.- A New Algorithm to Get the Correspondences from the Image Sequences.- An Efficiently Algorithm Based on Itemsets-Lattice and Bitmap Index for Finding Frequent Itemsets.- Weighted Fuzzy Queries in Relational Databases.- Study of Multiuser Detection: The Support Vector Machine Approach.- Robust and Adaptive Backstepping Control for Nonlinear Systems Using Fuzzy Logic Systems.- Online Mining Dynamic Web News Patterns Using Machine Learn Methods.- A New Fuzzy MCDM Method Based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy AHP and Hierarchical Fuzzy Integral.- Fast Granular Analysis Based on Watershed in Microscopic Mineral Images.- Cost-Sensitive Ensemble of Support Vector Machines for Effective Detection of Microcalcification in Breast Cancer Diagnosis.- High-Dimensional Shared Nearest Neighbor Clustering Algorithm.- A New Method for Fuzzy Group Decision Making Based on ?-Level Cut and Similarity.- Modeling Nonlinear Systems: An Approach of Boosted Linguistic Models.- Multi-criterion Fuzzy Optimization Approach to Imaging from Incomplete Projections.- Transductive Knowledge Based Fuzzy Inference System for Personalized Modeling.- A Sampling-Based Method for Mining Frequent Patterns from Databases.- Lagrange Problem in Fuzzy Reversed Posynomial Geometric Programming.- Direct Candidates Generation: A Novel Algorithm for Discovering Complete Share-Frequent Itemsets.- A Three-Step Preprocessing Algorithm for Minimizing E-Mail Document's Atypical Characteristics.- Failure Detection Method Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Integrated Navigation System.- Product Quality Improvement Analysis Using Data Mining: A Case Study in Ultra-Precision Manufacturing Industry.- Two-Tier Based Intrusion Detection System.- SuffixMiner: Efficiently Mining Frequent Itemsets in Data Streams by Suffix-Forest.- Improvement of Lee-Kim-Yoo's Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards.- Mining of Spatial, Textual, Image and Time-Series Data.- Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion Based on a Fast TBL Algorithm in Mandarin TTS Systems.- Clarity Ranking for Digital Images.- Attribute Uncertainty in GIS Data.- Association Classification Based on Sample Weighting.- Using Fuzzy Logic for Automatic Analysis of Astronomical Pipelines.- On the On-line Learning Algorithms for EEG Signal Classification in Brain Computer Interfaces.- Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Chinese News Documents.- A New Model of Document Structure Analysis.- Prediction for Silicon Content in Molten Iron Using a Combined Fuzzy-Associative-Rules Bank.- An Investigation into the Use of Delay Coordinate Embedding Technique with MIMO ANFIS for Nonlinear Prediction of Chaotic Signals.- Replay Scene Based Sports Video Abstraction.- Mapping Web Usage Patterns to MDP Model and Mining with Reinforcement Learning.- Study on Wavelet-Based Fuzzy Multiscale Edge Detection Method.- Sense Rank AALesk: A Semantic Solution for Word Sense Disambiguation.- Automatic Video Knowledge Mining for Summary Generation Based on Un-supervised Statistical Learning.- A Model for Classification of Topological Relationships Between Two Spatial Objects.- A New Feature of Uniformity of Image Texture Directions Coinciding with the Human Eyes Perception.- Sunspot Time Series Prediction Using Parallel-Structure Fuzzy System.- A Similarity Computing Algorithm for Volumetric Data Sets.- Extraction of Representative Keywords Considering Co-occurrence in Positive Documents.- On the Effective Similarity Measures for the Similarity-Based Pattern Retrieval in Multidimensional Sequence Databases.- Crossing the Language Barrier Using Fuzzy Logic.- New Algorithm Mining Intrusion Patterns.- Dual Filtering Strategy for Chinese Term Extraction.- White Blood Cell Segmentation and Classification in Microscopic Bone Marrow Images.- KNN Based Evolutionary Techniques for Updating Query Cost Models.- A SVM Method for Web Page Categorization Based on Weight Adjustment and Boosting Mechanism.- Fuzzy Systems in Bioinformatics and Bio-medical Engineering.- Feature Selection for Specific Antibody Deficiency Syndrome by Neural Network with Weighted Fuzzy Membership Functions.- Evaluation and Fuzzy Classification of Gene Finding Programs on Human Genome Sequences.- Application of a Genetic Algorithm Support Vector Machine Hybrid for Prediction of Clinical Phenotypes Based on Genome-Wide SNP Profiles of Sib Pairs.- A New Method for Gene Functional Prediction Based on Homologous Expression Profile.- Analysis of Sib-Pair IBD Profiles and Genomic Context for Identification of the Relevant Molecular Signatures for Alcoholism.- A Novel Ensemble Decision Tree Approach for Mining Genes Coding Ion Channels for Cardiopathy Subtype.- A Permutation-Based Genetic Algorithm for Predicting RNA Secondary StructureA Practicable Approach.- G Protein Binding Sites Analysis.- A Novel Feature Ensemble Technology to Improve Prediction Performance of Multiple Heterogeneous Phenotypes Based on Microarray Data.- Fuzzy Systems in Expert System and Informatics.- Fuzzy Routing in QoS Networks.- Component Content Soft-Sensor Based on Adaptive Fuzzy System in Rare-Earth Countercurrent Extraction Process.- The Fuzzy-Logic-Based Reasoning Mechanism for Product Development Process.- Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Fuzzy Precedence Delays and Fuzzy Processing Times.- Fuzzy-Based Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation System.- Self-localization of a Mobile Robot by Local Map Matching Using Fuzzy Logic.- Navigation of Mobile Robots in Unstructured Environment Using Grid Based Fuzzy Maps.- A Fuzzy Mixed Projects and Securities Portfolio Selection Model.- Contract Net Protocol Using Fuzzy Case Based Reasoning.- A Fuzzy Approach for Equilibrium Programming with Simulated Annealing Algorithm.- Image Processing Application with a TSK Fuzzy Model.- A Fuzzy Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Distributed Interactive Applications.- Intelligent Automated Negotiation Mechanism Based on Fuzzy Method.- Congestion Control in Differentiated Services Networks by Means of Fuzzy Logic.- Fuzzy Systems in Pattern Recognition and Diagnostics.- Fault Diagnosis System Based on Rough Set Theory and Support Vector Machine.- A Fuzzy Framework for Flashover Monitoring.- Feature Recognition Technique from 2D Ship Drawings Using Fuzzy Inference System.- Transmission Relay Method for Balanced Energy Depletion in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Logic.- Validation and Comparison of Microscopic Car-Following Models Using Beijing Traffic Flow Data.- Apply Fuzzy-Logic-Based Functional-Center Hierarchies as Inference Engines for Self-Learning Manufacture Process Diagnoses.- Fuzzy Spatial Location Model and Its Application in Spatial Query.- Segmentation of Multimodality Osteosarcoma MRI with Vectorial Fuzzy-Connectedness Theory.- Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics and Bio-medical Engineering.- A Global Optimization Algorithm for Protein Folds Prediction in 3D Space.- Classification Analysis of SAGE Data Using Maximum Entropy Model.- DNA Sequence Identification by Statistics-Based Models.- A New Method to Mine Gene Regulation Relationship Information.- Knowledge Discovery in Expert System and Informatics.- Shot Transition Detection by Compensating for Global and Local Motions.- Hybrid Methods for Stock Index Modeling.- Designing an Intelligent Web Information System of Government Based on Web Mining.- Automatic Segmentation and Diagnosis of Breast Lesions Using Morphology Method Based on Ultrasound.- Composition of Web Services Using Ontology with Monotonic Inheritance.- Ontology-DTD Matching Algorithm for Efficient XML Query.- An Approach to Web Service Discovery Based on the Semantics.- Non-deterministic Event Correlation Based on C-F Model.- Flexible Goal Recognition via Graph Construction and Analysis.- An Implementation for Mapping SBML to BioSPI.- Knowledge-Based Faults Diagnosis System for Wastewater Treatment.- Study on Intelligent Information Integration of Knowledge Portals.- The Risk Identification and Assessment in E-Business Development.- A Novel Wavelet Transform Based on Polar Coordinates for Datamining Applications.- Impact on the Writing Granularity for Incremental Checkpointing.- Using Feedback Cycle for Developing an Adjustable Security Design Metric.- ?-LLC: Weighted Low-Energy Localized Clustering for Embedded Networked Sensors.- Energy Efficient Dynamic Cluster Based Clock Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Network.- An Intelligent Power Management Scheme for Wireless Embedded Systems Using Channel State Feedbacks.- Analyze and Guess Type of Piece in the Computer Game Intelligent System.- Large-Scale Ensemble Decision Analysis of Sib-Pair IBD Profiles for Identification of the Relevant Molecular Signatures for Alcoholism.- A Novel Visualization Classifier and Its Applications.- Active Information Gathering on the Web.- Automatic Creation of Links: An Approach Based on Decision Tree.- Extraction of Structural Information from the Web.- Blog Search with Keyword Map-Based Relevance Feedback.- An One Class Classification Approach to Non-relevance Feedback Document Retrieval.- Automated Knowledge Extraction from Internet for a Crisis Communication Portal.- Neural and Fuzzy Computation in Cognitive Computer Vision.- Probabilistic Principal Surface Classifier.- Probabilistic Based Recursive Model for Face Recognition.- Performance Characterization in Computer Vision: The Role of Visual Cognition Theory.- Generic Solution for Image Object Recognition Based on Vision Cognition Theory.- Cognition Theory Motivated Image Semantics and Image Language.- Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System to Learn Expert Decision: Between Performance and Intelligibility.- Fuzzy Patterns in Multi-level of Satisfaction for MCDM Model Using Modified Smooth S-Curve MF.- Erratum.- An Effective Feature Selection Scheme via Genetic Algorithm Using Mutual Information.


Titel: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery
Untertitel: Second International Conference, FSKD 2005, Changsha, China, August 27-29, 2005, Proceedings, Part II
EAN: 9783540283317
ISBN: 3540283315
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1372
Gewicht: 2044g
Größe: H235mm x B155mm x T72mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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