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Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery. Pt.1

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This book and its sister volume, LNAI 3613 and 3614, constitute the proce- ings of the Second International Conference on Fuzzy Sy... Weiterlesen
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This book and its sister volume, LNAI 3613 and 3614, constitute the proce- ings of the Second International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD 2005), jointly held with the First International Conference on Natural Computation (ICNC 2005, LNCS 3610, 3611, and 3612) from - gust 2729, 2005 in Changsha, Hunan, China. FSKD 2005 successfully attracted 1249 submissions from 32 countries/regions (the joint ICNC-FSKD 2005 received 3136 submissions). After rigorous reviews, 333 high-quality papers, i. e. , 206 long papers and 127 short papers, were included in the FSKD 2005 proceedings, r- resenting an acceptance rate of 26. 7%. The ICNC-FSKD 2005 conference featured the most up-to-date research - sults in computational algorithms inspired from nature, including biological, e- logical, and physical systems. It is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary area in which a wide range of techniques and methods are being studied for dealing with large, complex, and dynamic problems. The joint conferences also promoted cross-fertilization over these exciting and yet closely-related areas, which had a signi?cant impact on the advancement of these important technologies. Speci?c areas included computation with words, fuzzy computation, granular com- tation, neural computation, quantum computation, evolutionary computation, DNA computation, chemical computation, information processing in cells and tissues, molecular computation, arti?cial life, swarm intelligence, ants colony, arti?cial immune systems, etc. , with innovative applications to knowledge d- covery, ?nance, operations research, and more.

Fuzzy Theory and Models.- On Fuzzy Inclusion in the Interval-Valued Sense.- Fuzzy Evaluation Based Multi-objective Reactive Power Optimization in Distribution Networks.- Note on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set.- Knowledge Structuring and Evaluation Based on Grey Theory.- A Propositional Calculus Formal Deductive System of Universal Logic and Its Completeness.- Entropy and Subsethood for General Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets.- The Comparative Study of Logical Operator Set and Its Corresponding General Fuzzy Rough Approximation Operator Set.- Associative Classification Based on Correlation Analysis.- Design of Interpretable and Accurate Fuzzy Models from Data.- Generating Extended Fuzzy Basis Function Networks Using Hybrid Algorithm.- Analysis of Temporal Uncertainty of Trains Converging Based on Fuzzy Time Petri Nets.- Interval Regression Analysis Using Support Vector Machine and Quantile Regression.- An Approach Based on Similarity Measure to Multiple Attribute Decision Making with Trapezoid Fuzzy Linguistic Variables.- Research on Index System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Passenger Satisfaction.- Research on Predicting Hydatidiform Mole Canceration Tendency by a Fuzzy Integral Model.- Consensus Measures and Adjusting Inconsistency of Linguistic Preference Relations in Group Decision Making.- Fuzzy Variation Coefficients Programming of Fuzzy Systems and Its Application.- Weighted Possibilistic Variance of Fuzzy Number and Its Application in Portfolio Theory.- Another Discussion About Optimal Solution to Fuzzy Constraints Linear Programming.- Fuzzy Ultra Filters and Fuzzy G-Filters of MTL-Algebras.- A Study on Relationship Between Fuzzy Rough Approximation Operators and Fuzzy Topological Spaces.- A Case Retrieval Model Based on Factor-Structure Connection and ?Similarity in Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning.- A TSK Fuzzy Inference Algorithm for Online Identification.- Histogram-Based Generation Method of Membership Function for Extracting Features of Brain Tissues on MRI Images.- Uncertainty Management in Data Mining.- On Identity-Discrepancy-Contrary Connection Degree in SPA and Its Applications.- A Mathematic Model for Automatic Summarization.- Reliable Data Selection with Fuzzy Entropy.- Uncertainty Management and Probabilistic Methods in Data Mining.- Optimization of Concept Discovery in Approximate Information System Based on FCA.- Geometrical Probability Covering Algorithm.- Approximate Reasoning.- Extended Fuzzy ALCN and Its Tableau Algorithm.- Type II Topological Logic and Approximate Reasoning.- Type-I Topological Logic and Approximate Reasoning.- Vagueness and Extensionality.- Using Fuzzy Analogical Reasoning to Refine the Query Answers for Relational Databases with Imprecise Information.- A Linguistic Truth-Valued Uncertainty Reasoning Model Based on Lattice-Valued Logic.- Axiomatic Foundation.- Fuzzy Programming Model for Lot Sizing Production Planning Problem.- Fuzzy Dominance Based on Credibility Distributions.- Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Capital Budgeting Problem with Fuzzy Decisions.- Genetic Algorithms for Dissimilar Shortest Paths Based on Optimal Fuzzy Dissimilar Measure and Applications.- Convergence Criteria and Convergence Relations for Sequences of Fuzzy Random Variables.- Hybrid Genetic-SPSA Algorithm Based on Random Fuzzy Simulation for Chance-Constrained Programming.- Random Fuzzy Age-Dependent Replacement Policy.- A Theorem for Fuzzy Random Alternating Renewal Processes.- Three Equilibrium Strategies for Two-Person Zero-Sum Game with Fuzzy Payoffs.- Fuzzy Classifiers.- An Improved Rectangular Decomposition Algorithm for Imprecise and Uncertain Knowledge Discovery.- XPEV: A Storage Model for Well-Formed XML Documents.- Fuzzy-Rough Set Based Nearest Neighbor Clustering Classification Algorithm.- An Efficient Text Categorization Algorithm Based on Category Memberships.- The Integrated Location Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Identification and Data Fusion with Signal Decomposition.- A Web Document Classification Approach Based on Fuzzy Association Concept.- Optimized Fuzzy Classification Using Genetic Algorithm.- Dynamic Test-Sensitive Decision Trees with Multiple Cost Scales.- Design of TS Fuzzy Classifier via Linear Matrix Inequality Approach.- Design of Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier: Pruning and Learning.- Fuzzy Sets Theory Based Region Merging for Robust Image Segmentation.- A New Interactive Segmentation Scheme Based on Fuzzy Affinity and Live-Wire.- Fuzzy Clustering.- The Fuzzy Mega-cluster: Robustifying FCM by Scaling Down Memberships.- Robust Kernel Fuzzy Clustering.- Spatial Homogeneity-Based Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm for Image Segmentation.- A Novel Fuzzy-Connectedness-Based Incremental Clustering Algorithm for Large Databases.- Classification of MPEG VBR Video Data Using Gradient-Based FCM with Divergence Measure.- Fuzzy-C-Mean Determines the Principle Component Pairs to Estimate the Degree of Emotion from Facial Expressions.- An Improved Clustering Algorithm for Information Granulation.- A Novel Segmentation Method for MR Brain Images Based on Fuzzy Connectedness and FCM.- Improved-FCM-Based Readout Segmentation and PRML Detection for Photochromic Optical Disks.- Fuzzy Reward Modeling for Run-Time Peer Selection in Peer-to-Peer Networks.- KFCSA: A Novel Clustering Algorithm for High-Dimension Data.- Fuzzy Database Mining and Information Retrieval.- An Improved VSM Based Information Retrieval System and Fuzzy Query Expansion.- The Extraction of Image's Salient Points for Image Retrieval.- A Sentence-Based Copy Detection Approach for Web Documents.- The Research on Query Expansion for Chinese Question Answering System.- Multinomial Approach and Multiple-Bernoulli Approach for Information Retrieval Based on Language Modeling.- Adaptive Query Refinement Based on Global and Local Analysis.- Information Push-Delivery for User-Centered and Personalized Service.- Mining Association Rules Based on Seed Items and Weights.- An Algorithm of Online Goods Information Extraction with Two-Stage Working Pattern.- A Novel Method of Image Retrieval Based on Combination of Semantic and Visual Features.- Using Fuzzy Pattern Recognition to Detect Unknown Malicious Executables Code.- Method of Risk Discernment in Technological Innovation Based on Path Graph and Variable Weight Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation.- Application of Fuzzy Similarity to Prediction of Epileptic Seizures Using EEG Signals.- A Fuzzy Multicriteria Analysis Approach to the Optimal Use of Reserved Land for Agriculture.- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for the Optimal Management of Responding to Oil Spill.- Information Fusion.- Fuzzy Fusion for Face Recognition.- A Group Decision Making Method for Integrating Outcome Preferences in Hypergame Situations.- A Method Based on IA Operator for Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making with Uncertain Linguistic Information.- A New Prioritized Information Fusion Method for Handling Fuzzy Information Retrieval Problems.- Multi-context Fusion Based Robust Face Detection in Dynamic Environments.- Unscented Fuzzy Tracking Algorithm for Maneuvering Target.- A Pixel-Level Multisensor Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic.- Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.- Approximation Bound for Fuzzy-Neural Networks with Bell Membership Function.- A Neuro-Fuzzy Method of Forecasting the Network Traffic of Accessing Web Server.- A Fuzzy Neural Network System Based on Generalized Class Cover Problem.- A Self-constructing Compensatory Fuzzy Wavelet Network and Its Applications.- A New Balancing Method for Flexible Rotors Based on Neuro-fuzzy System and Information Fusion.- Recognition of Identifiers from Shipping Container Images Using Fuzzy Binarization and Enhanced Fuzzy Neural Network.- Directed Knowledge Discovery Methodology for the Prediction of Ozone Concentration.- Application of Fuzzy Systems in the Car-Following Behaviour Analysis.- Fuzzy Control.- GA-Based Composite Sliding Mode Fuzzy Control for Double-Pendulum-Type Overhead Crane.- A Balanced Model Reduction for T-S Fuzzy Systems with Integral Quadratic Constraints.- An Integrated Navigation System of NGIMU/ GPS Using a Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Kalman Filter.- Method of Fuzzy-PID Control on Vehicle Longitudinal Dynamics System.- Design of Fuzzy Controller and Parameter Optimizer for Non-linear System Based on Operator's Knowledge.- A New Pre-processing Method for Multi-channel Echo Cancellation Based on Fuzzy Control.- Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.- Intelligent Fuzzy Systems for Aircraft Landing Control.- Scheduling Design of Controllers with Fuzzy Deadline.- A Preference Method with Fuzzy Logic in Service Scheduling of Grid Computing.- H ??? Robust Fuzzy Control of Ultra-High Rise / High Speed Elevators with Uncertainty.- A Dual-Mode Fuzzy Model Predictive Control Scheme for Unknown Continuous Nonlinear System.- Fuzzy Modeling Strategy for Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.- Intelligent Digital Control for Nonlinear Systems with Multirate Sampling.- Feedback Control of Humanoid Robot Locomotion.- Application of Computational Intelligence (Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Programming) to Active Networking Technology.- Fuel-Efficient Maneuvers for Constellation Initialization Using Fuzzy Logic Control.- Design of Interceptor Guidance Law Using Fuzzy Logic.- Relaxed LMIs Observer-Based Controller Design via Improved T-S Fuzzy Model Structure.- Fuzzy Virtual Coupling Design for High Performance Haptic Display.- Linguistic Model for the Controlled Object.- Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.- Fuzzy Control of Nonlinear Pipeline Systems with Bounds on Output Peak.- Grading Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control in AC Servo System.- A Robust Single Input Adaptive Sliding Mode Fuzzy Logic Controller for Automotive Active Suspension System.- Construction of Fuzzy Models for Dynamic Systems Using Multi-population Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizer.- Human Clustering for a Partner Robot Based on Computational Intelligence.- Fuzzy Switching Controller for Multiple Model.- Generation of Fuzzy Rules and Learning Algorithms for Cooperative Behavior of Autonomouse Mobile Robots(AMRs).- UML-Based Design and Fuzzy Control of Automated Vehicles.- Fuzzy Hardware.- Design of an Analog Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller.- VLSI Implementation of a Self-tuning Fuzzy Controller Based on Variable Universe of Discourse.- Knowledge Visualization and Exploration.- Method to Balance the Communication Among Multi-agents in Real Time Traffic Synchronization.- A Celerity Association Rules Method Based on Data Sort Search.- Using Web Services to Create the Collaborative Model for Enterprise Digital Content Portal.- Emotion-Based Textile Indexing Using Colors and Texture.- Optimal Space Launcher Design Using a Refined Response Surface Method.- MEDIC: A MDO-Enabling Distributed Computing Framework.- Time and Space Efficient Search for Small Alphabets with Suffix Arrays.- Optimal Supersonic Air-Launching Rocket Design Using Multidisciplinary System Optimization Approach.- Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Numerical Visualization of Flow Instability in Microchannel Considering Surface Wettability.- A Interactive Molecular Modeling System Based on Web Service.- On the Filter Size of DMM for Passive Scalar in Complex Flow.- Visualization Process for Design and Manufacturing of End Mills.- IP Address Lookup with the Visualizable Biased Segment Tree.- A Surface Reconstruction Algorithm Using Weighted Alpha Shapes.- Sequential Data Analysis.- HYBRID: From Atom-Clusters to Molecule-Clusters.- A Fuzzy Adaptive Filter for State Estimation of Unknown Structural System and Evaluation for Sound Environment.- Preventing Meaningless Stock Time Series Pattern Discovery by Changing Perceptually Important Point Detection.- Discovering Frequent Itemsets Using Transaction Identifiers.- Incremental DFT Based Search Algorithm for Similar Sequence.- Parallel and Distributed Data Mining.- Computing High Dimensional MOLAP with Parallel Shell Mini-cubes.- Sampling Ensembles for Frequent Patterns.- Distributed Data Mining on Clusters with Bayesian Mixture Modeling.- A Method of Data Classification Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm.- Rough Sets.- Rough Computation Based on Similarity Matrix.- The Relationship Among Several Knowledge Reduction Approaches.- Rough Approximation of a Preference Relation for Stochastic Multi-attribute Decision Problems.- Incremental Target Recognition Algorithm Based on Improved Discernibility Matrix.- Problems Relating to the Phonetic Encoding of Words in the Creation of a Phonetic Spelling Recognition Program.- Diversity Measure for Multiple Classifier Systems.- A Successive Design Method of Rough Controller Using Extra Excitation.- A Soft Sensor Model Based on Rough Set Theory and Its Application in Estimation of Oxygen Concentration.- A Divide-and-Conquer Discretization Algorithm.- A Hybrid Classifier Based on Rough Set Theory and Support Vector Machines.- A Heuristic Algorithm for Maximum Distribution Reduction.- The Minimization of Axiom Sets Characterizing Generalized Fuzzy Rough Approximation Operators.- The Representation and Resolution of Rough Sets Based on the Extended Concept Lattice.- Study of Integrate Models of Rough Sets and Grey Systems.


Titel: Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery. Pt.1
Untertitel: Second International Conference, FSKD 2005, Changsha, China, August 27-29, 2005, Proceedings
EAN: 9783540283126
ISBN: 978-3-540-28312-6
Format: Kartonierter Einband
Herausgeber: Springer, Berlin
Genre: Informatik
Anzahl Seiten: 1334
Größe: H235mm x B235mm x T155mm
Jahr: 2005
Untertitel: Englisch
Auflage: 2005

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