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Fumonisins in Food

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St. George's Hospital Medical School, London.The contents of this book are the proceedings of the ACS symposium, "Fumonisins in Fo... Weiterlesen
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St. George's Hospital Medical School, London.

The contents of this book are the proceedings of the ACS symposium, "Fumonisins in Food," which was held April 4-6, 1995, at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Anaheim, CA. This symposi"Qm, which was international in scope, brought together researchers from diverse backgrounds in academia, government, and industry. Thirty-three speakers discussed topics ranging from the analysis offumonisins to toxicology and regulatory aspects. The fumonisins became the spotlight of mycotoxin research in 1988, when re searchers at the South African Medical Research Council isolated and structurally charac terized the fumonisins. Since 1988, there has been an explosion in the numbers of papers dealing with fumonisin-related topics. The interest in the fumonisins has arisen for several reasons. First, fumonisins are found in measurable concentrations in corn grown throughout the world. Second, these compounds have been implicated as the causative agents in a variety of naturally occurring animal diseases. Finally, there is speCUlation that fumonisins may in part be responsible for the high incidence of esophageal cancer in regions of the world in which corn is the staple grain.

St. George's Hospital Medical School, London.

Occurrence of Fumonisins in Foods and Feeds: Fumonisins: History, Worldwide Occurrence and Impact; W.F.O. Marasas Occurrence of Fumonisins in the US Food Supply; A.E. Pohland Occurrence of Fusarium and Fumonisins on Food Grains and in Foods; L.B. Bullerman Occurrence and Fate of Fumonisins in Beef; J.S. Smith, R.A. Thakur Analytical Aspects of Fumonisins: Analytical Determination of Fumonisins and Other Metabolites Produced by Fusarium moniliforme and Related Species on Corn; R.D. Plattner, et al. Quantitation and Identification of Fumonisins by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry; S.M. Musser NMR Structural Studies of Fumonisin B1 and Related Compounds from Fusarium moniliforme; B.A. Blackwell, et al. Determination of Underivatized Fumonisin B1 and Related Compounds by HPLC; J.G. Wilkes; et al. Analysis of Fumonisin B1 in Corn by Capillary Electrophoresis; C.M. Maragos, et al. Isolation and Purification of Fumonisin B1 and B2 from Rice Culture; F.I. Meredith, et al. Immunochemical Methods for Fumonisins; F.S. Chu Microbiological Aspects of Fumonisins: Introductory Biology of Fusarium moniliforme; J.F. Leslie Genetic and Biochemical Aspects of Fumonisin Production; A.E. Desjardins, et al. Fusaric Acid and Pathogenic Interactions of Corn and Noncorn Isolates of Fusarium moniliforme: A Nonobligate Pathogen of Corn; C.W. Bacon, D.M. Hinton Fumonisins in Maize Genotypes Grown in Various Geographic Areas; A. Visconti Liquid Culture Methods for the Production of Fumonisin; S.E. Keller, T.M. Sullivan Biosynthesis of Fumonisin and AAL Derivatives by Alternaria and Fusarium inLaboratory Culture; C.J. Mirocha, et al. Metabolism and Toxicity of Fumonisins: Fumonisin Toxicity and Metabolism Studies at the USDA; W.P. Norred, et al. The Mycotoxin Fumonisin Induces Apoptosis in Cultured Human Cells and in Livers and Kidneys of Rats; W.H. Tolleson, et al. Fumonisin B1 Toxicity in Male SpragueDawley Rats; G. Bondy, et al. Biological Fate of Fumonisin B1 in Foodproducing Animals; D.B. Prelusky, et al. Hepatotoxicity and Carcinogenicity of the Fumonisins in Rats: A Review Regarding Mechanistic Implications for Establishing Risk in Humans; W.C.A. Gelderblom, et al. Fumonisin Toxicity and Sphingolipid Biosynthesis; A.H. Merrill Jr, et al. Effects of Processing on Fumonisins: Distribution of Fumonisins in Food and Feed Products Prepared from Contaminated Corn; G.A. Bennett, et al. Effect of Processing on Fumonisin Content of Corn; P.A. Murphy, et al. Reduction of Risks Associated with Fumonisin Contamination in Corn; D.L. Park, et al. Effect of Thermal Processing on the Stability of Fumonisin; L.S. Jackson, et al. Regulatory Aspects of Fumonisins: Regulatory Aspects of Fumonisins in the United States; T.C. Troxell 4 additional articles. Index.


Titel: Fumonisins in Food
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