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Free Radicals, Lipoproteins, and Membrane Lipids

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Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Ile de Bendor, Bandol, France, October 5-8, 1988This book contains the proceedings of the ARW NA... Weiterlesen
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Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Ile de Bendor, Bandol, France, October 5-8, 1988

This book contains the proceedings of the ARW NATO Conference on "Action of Free Radicals and Active Forms of Oxygen on Lipoproteins and Membrane Lipids: Cellular Interactions and Atherogenesis", held in Bendor, France, October 5-8,1988. Since the pioneer work of Mc Cord and Fridovitch, growing interest has been focused on the study of the role of oxyradicals role in pathology. This interest is reflected in the exponential increase in the number of papers on free radicals, the success of specialized journals and books on this theme, and the organization of national and international meetings. These meetings have discussed, from.a broad point of view, the problems concerning the mechanisms of production of free radicals, their effects on cell CO!1$tituants (lipids, proteins, nucleic acids) and cell function, the methods of analysis of these phenomena, the pathological states in which free radicals may be involved, natural biological defense systems, and the design of "antiradical" therapies. But it is now well established that the most common target of oxy free radicals are membrane lipids because of their chemical nature (cholesterol in saturation, malonic linkage of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA» and of their regular structural arrangement (monolayers in lipoproteins, bilayers in cell membranes). Thus the analysis of the products resulting from the action of oxy free radicals on PUFA is considered the best tool to indirectly evaluate the effects of tissue peroxidations, although the analytical basis for doing so is very questionable.


Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Ile de Bendor, Bandol, France, October 5-8, 1988

Proceedings of a NATO ARW held in Ile de Bendor, Bandol, France, October 5-8, 1988

Free Radical Production Mechanisms.- Radical Mechanisms in Fatty Acid and Lipid Peroxidation.- Lipid Peroxidation by Phagocytes.- Triggering and Regulation of the Free Radical Production by Phagocytes.- Two Structurally Unrelated PAF Antagonists, BN 52021 and BN 52111, Partially Inhibit TNF-Induced Superoxide Release by Human Neutrophils.- Membrane Glycoproteins in Superoxide Release from Neutrophils.- Free Radical Production by the Mitochondrion.- Hemoglobin as a Promotor of Central Nervous System Damage.- Role of Xanthine Oxidase and Granulocytes in Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury.- Evidence for Free Radical Generation in Vivo during Cardiac Ischemia and Reperfusion.- Superoxide Generation by Clastogenic Factors.- Chemistry of Free Radical Effects.- Degradation of Membrane Phospholipids by a Direct Nucleophilic Action of Superoxide Anion.- Mechanisms of Formation of Oxysterols: A General Survey.- Role of Oxygen and of Superoxide Radical in the Mechanisms of Monoelectronic Activation of Various Xenobiotics: A Radiolysis Study.- Methods of Measurements.- Methods of Measuring Lipid Peroxidation in Biological Systems: An Overview.- The Measurement of Superoxide and Superoxide Dismutase by Electron Spin Resonance and Chemiluminescence Assay.- Pentane Measurement, an Index of in Vivo Lipoperoxidation: Applications and Limits of the Method.- Action on Model Systems and Cellular Structures.- Action of Aldehydes Derived from Lipid Peroxidation on Isolated Liver Plasmamembranes.- Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Oxidative Stress at the Level of Liver Golgi Apparatus: Effect on Lipoproteins Secretion.- Oxidized Lipoproteins and Atherogenesis.- Role of Low Density Lipoprotein Oxidation in Foam Cell Formation.- In Vitro Oxidation of Low Density Lipoproteins.- Paradoxical Effects of Vitamin E: Oxidized Lipoproteins, Prostanoids and the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis.- The Role of Oxidative Metabolism and Antioxidants in Low-Density Lipoprotein structure and Metabolism.- A New Model System for Studying the Cytotoxicity of Peroxidized Lipoproteins in Cultured Cells.- Biological Effects.- Molecular Mechanisms of Oxidative Cell Damage.- Decompartmentalized Iron, Microbleeding and Membrane Oxidation.- Mutagenic Effects of Oxidized Lipids.- Biological Effects of Oxysterols.- Mechanisms of Hydroperoxide-Induced Broncho- and Vasoconstriction in the Perfused Rat Lung.- Pathophysiological Relevance of Free Radicals to the Ethanol-Induced Disorders in Membrane Lipids.- Lipid Peroxidation in Experimentally Produced Liver Injury, Liver Tumors and in Liver Regeneration.- Lipid Peroxidation and Cellular Functions: In Vitro Models and Relation to in Vivo Observations.- Biochemical Mechanisms of Oxidant-Induced Cell Injury.- Defence Mechanisms.- Cytochrome P-450 and Vitamin E Free Radical Reductase: Formation of and Protection against Free Radicals.- Free Radical Formation and Antioxidant Protection in Extracellular Fluids.- Quinone Redox Cycling and the Protective Effect of DT Diaphorase.- Vitamin E Vitamin C Synergistic Effect Towards Peroxyl Radicals: Influence of Dehydro-Ascorbic Acid.- Contributors.- Author Index.


Titel: Free Radicals, Lipoproteins, and Membrane Lipids
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