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COMPETE Training Journal (Tangerine Edition)

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Praise for the Believe Training Journal SeriesFrom real-life biffies (and professional runners) Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGetti... Weiterlesen
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Praise for the Believe Training Journal Series

From real-life biffies (and professional runners) Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas, this new Compete Training Journal in the pairs Believe I Am series is a lovely way to keep race-specific training on track. Women's Running

[Compete Training Journal is] the most perfect logbook I've come across. It's comprehensive, yet simple, encourages healthy competition and motivates runners of all levels.This logbook is perfect Grab a copy, pick a race and get after it, one week at a time and, as the authors note, compete for you. Run Oregon

Believe Training Journal is more than just your typical training logA comprehensive, well-designed bookOur favorite training log yet. If you're in the marketing for a new physical training log and you need a little more inspiration to get out the door every day, try Believe Training Journal. Runner's World

Fleshman and McGettigan-Dumas have successfully meshed two beneficial training concepts: a way to log your daily miles and space to write and reflect on your runner selfFor runner girls in need of a new coach, travel companion, or run bud that never complains, this leather-bound journal is a perfect choice. Competitor magazine

Record progress alongside daily inspiration and tips from pro women runners. SELF

Just started dating a sporty woman? Go for something low-key yet thoughtful like this inspirational [Believe I Am] training journal. If she's training for her very first 5K or her 10th marathon, she can track her progress on the cute illustrated pages. With goal-setting tips and worksheets, motivational advice from female athletes, and blank pages for her to record her thoughts about running, or just life in general, this comprehensive diary will make getting to the finish line way more fun. Men's Fitness

"A journal that's dedicated to her day-to-day training. Sorry, boyfriend woes. This journal is strictly for documenting the ups and downs of training. Packed with photographs, practical advice, and inspiration, the running log also includes tips from its authors, two professional female runners." Glamour

Believe Training Journal is a workbook and training log that also includes notes, photos, plus pro tips and secrets, all in a gorgeous format. Sweet. Fit Bottomed Girls

This book reveals that it is something a little bit different. It is definitely a unique and well thought-out format. A book by runners, for runners. Athletics Weekly

Folks who love monitoring every last detail of their workouts will dig this training-focused journal[which is] a guidebook focused on helping female athletes get their bodies and minds on the same page when it comes to setting running goals. Whether you want to run a 5K or complete your first marathon, this journal will help you figure out your blind spots and avoid race day anxiety. DailyBurn.com

Give your runner the training secrets of Olympians. Designed by pro runners Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan, the Believe I Am Training Journal encourages runners to think holistically about their training. The inspiring visual cues, tips, goal-setting worksheets and 'bigger picture' pages make this a training log like no other. Active.com

While everybody is oohing and aahing over Apple's newest release, we're salivating over the new Believe Training Journal. Written and illustrated by the witty, insightful, and talented Ro McGettigan and Lauren Fleshman, this journal helps you beautifully document your workouts, as well as your goals, your setbacks, your achievements, your life. AnotherMotherRunner.com

Anyone who's committing to run a race in 2013 will benefit from this cute Believe I Am Training Journal. Designed by pro athletes Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan, not only is the format ideal for a training diary, but it's also thin enough to toss in any purse or gym bag when you're on the go! Fit Sugar

We were simply smitten with the Believe I Am Training Journal. We review a lot of different workout products, but this one really stood out for doing more than just tracking facts and miles. It gives women a place to dream, feel and doodle. It gives them a place to not just reach their fitness goalsbut to feel proud about themselves inside and out! Fit Bottomed Girls

Amazing quotes and great info! Paula Radcliffe, marathon world record holder, 3-time London Marathon winner, 2005 marathon world champion

2015 dreaming starts now. Thanks for the inspiration to keep moving forward! Linsey Corbin, professional triathlete with 24 podium finishes at Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races

I've kept a running log for the last 11 years and the Believe I Am Training Journal has been my favorite. It's not just a space to log miles but a journal to map out the year's plans, details, and dreams while encouraging a positive mind-set along the way! Molly Huddle, U.S. Olympian and 5K record holder

I keep my Believe I Am Training Journal to track my training and progress. Keeping a journal allows me to gain confidence when I look back on what I have done and shows how I have prepared for a racing season. It also allows me to look back and take note if there are periods when I didn't feel as good so I can recognise this and adjust accordingly. Mary Cullen, NCAA Champion and European Medalist

Their instruction [in Believe Training Journal] is completely void of elitist rhetoric, and comes across more like that one trusted friend and training partner who has the guts to say what you need to hear. TriEdge.net

My Believe I Am Training Journal is an easy way to plan, track, and achieve my goals! It has an open format that easily captures the day-to-day progress with additional sections to plan and elaborate. Jen Bingham, The Local Elite

I love that the Believe I Am Training Journal helped me realize that I have some non-fitness goals I need to focus on first before ramping up my fitness goals again. Laura Williams, Girls Gone Sporty

Step it up with the new COMPETE Training Journal from pro runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigen-Dumas. Let them coach you through your racing season as you strive for your best performance.


Lauren Fleshman is considered one of the greatest middle-distance runners in American history and one of the most influential women in running. She is a former professional runner, running coach, writer and co-author of five books, and cofounder of Picky Bars, maker of real food performance snacks. On her popular blog, Ask Lauren Fleshman, she answers questions about being a pro runner, giving advice to runners of all abilities on battling injuries and overcoming plain old bad luck.

Fleshman won state championships and earned 5 NCAA titles, 15 All-American honors, and a spot in the Hall of Fame. Her professional racing career brought two USA Championships and five World Championship berths for Team USA.

Lauren's pro racing career has been defined by a series of injuries and comebacks. These obstacles shaped her philosophical exploration of running, human potential, and transformation. Her mark on the sport has been defined by her authenticity, activism, and a desire to inspire confidence and connection through sport and creative expression.

In 2015, Fleshman won the Best Athlete Shorty Award for her social media presence and was named one of the most powerful women in running by Runner's World and Women's Running magazines. She has been affiliated with Runner's World, Oiselle, Strava, Roka, Jaybird, and Stance. Lauren lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband Jesse and their kids Jude and Zadie.



The call to achieve a goal pulls you away from the normal grind to an athletic journey filled with unknowns, physical and mental training, self-improvement, highs and lows, growth in mind and body, challenges and dark nights of the soup, encounters and hurdles, connection and loneliness, peaks and valleys. The road ahead leads to battles royal with yourself and others. Whether you started this journal due to inspiration or desperation, you're choosing sport. You'll be glad you did.


Nothing makes a runner feel quite so alive as the pre-race jitters. Racing is when you find out what works for you and what holds you back, when you find out how you stack upand where you want to go next.

Whether your next race is a 5K or an ultramarathon, the Compete Training Journal will transform your approach to competing and make sure that race day brings out the best in you. New racers will get a fast-track road map to racing success while experienced competitors will deepen all aspects of their mental game for even better performances.

Drawing from their two decades of professional racing experience, runners Lauren Fleshman and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas will guide you to:

· Set goals you can achieve.

· Map out the steps to achieve your goals.

· Log your workouts.

· Keep it realand avoid harmful obsession with outcomes.

· Make racing an expression of your training.

· Set smart race strategies.

· Relax! And train with intention.

· Emphasize the process instead of the goals.

· Avoid comparing yourself to others.

· Get in the zone the week before your race.

· Own your strengthsand root out your weaknesses.

· Build up the mental case to enable success.

· Keep it fun.

· Reflect on your season and consider the next challenge.

Racing should make you sweat in a good way. With Compete Training Journal, you'll look at competition in a new way and find new reward from the running you love.

Includes space for goal setting, workout log space for two seasons of racing (spring/fall), race plans and reviews, a race calendar, pace charts for 200m to 26.2 mi.



Why Compete?

Racing with Integrity

Tools for Goal Setting: Vision, Season Goal, Supporting Goals

Make a Plan

Tools for Planning Your Training: Yearly Calendar, Monthly Plans

Free Yourself to Fly

Self-Assessment: Perspective

A Simple Guide to Good Racing

Tools for Competing: Starter Race Strategies for 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2, Race Strategy

The Power of Presence

The Way to Winning

The Comparison Trap

Get in Your Zone

Self-Assessment: Your Zone

Personality Power

Self-Assessment: SWOT Analysis

Making the Case for Yourself

Self-Assessment: Build Your Case

Keep Joy in the Game

Self-Assessment: Find Balance

The Belief Effect

Tools for Competing: Race Plan, Race Review, Race Calendar

Self-Assessment: Reflect

7 Truths About Competition

Tool: Pace Chart


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